Captin, a question

  • Hello Captin,

    I am ne w to this website and I see people really come to you for guidence. Are you psychic?

  • I prefer to think of myself as intuitive. What are you concerned about in your life?

  • I am concerned about my love life over all.

  • Littlej, you have your own unique way of seeing the world that is right for you. You try to give order to events and situations that occur, to think things through and intellectualise them with reason and logic. Unfortunately some people are not like that and these types attract you because they are so different to you. It is more a curiosity thing than a love thing. Yes, you can learn a lot from emotional, earthy or impulsive people but you will never feel entirely comfortable with or understood by them. That's not to say you can't receive an education from them but they will not be people with whom you have very great friendships or love affairs. You will not really love them deep down although you will be attracted to their 'differences'. You will feel more at home with people who share your own mindset and beliefs. You should definitely mix with a broad variety of people to expand your awareness and understanding, but those closest to you will be your own 'kind' and you will trust them more.

  • Thank you, that definatley sounds about right!

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