What do these blue crysals mean?

  • I had a dream of flying, and was directed to a place to look for something and what I found was these very large beautiful glowing blue crystals. I can even remember about where I flew over to locate them. But what do these crystals mean or what are they?? More info in "dreams/ visions journal" topic.

  • Light blue or dark blue?

    and can you tell me the country or place?

  • It was not either dark or light blue, but like a neon azure blue. And I found them in the country hidden in a garden brhind a house about 50-60 miles west of peoria, indiana. In my dream, I started out from Peoria in search of them, flying low as to not miss whatever it was I was to find. I live in Ohio and was home in my own bed. But the light from these was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

  • Hello fellow buckeye!

    Fluurite is the state mineral (crystal) of Illnois

    Fluorite Formerly called fluorspar, it has a wide range of colors including yellow, blue, pink purple and green. Often more than one color occurs in a single stone. Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Fluorite is known as the "Genius Stone" it increases concentration, helps in decision-making. It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. It helps with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas. It fortifies bones, improves arthritic or other joint ailments. It can be laid directly on the body.

    Please note:

    Fluorite is frequently fluorescent and, like its normal light colors, its fluorescent colors are extremely variable. Typically it fluoresces blue but other fluorescent colors include yellow, green, red, white and purple.

    I have included some pictures of it including one under UV to show the fluorescence.

  • Yes! It was very much like that! But these were as tall as a man and at least a foot and a half wide. And glowing like in the bottom picture. But not "chunky" like that one. I had never seen anything like it before, so why would these show up in a" flying" dream???

  • 1. look at the meanings or uses of the fluorite and see if you find any correlation to your dream or feelings.

    2. It could be just a reference to the place you were flying over.

    Fluorite althought the state mineral, is mostly mined in the south eastern area of the state and bears little reference to the area where you were stating the dream went.

    So I can't tell whether the fluorite was a validation about the area as the state mineral saying yes you are in Illinois or Illinois refrence was pointing you in the direction of identifying the crystal?

    The one thing significant about Peoria is it is famous as a representation of the average American city because of its demographics and its perceived mainstream Midwestern culture. The question "Will it play in Peoria?" has now become a metaphor for whether something appeals to the American mainstream public.

    But as you were west of Peoria, you may want to see if there is something in that area that is significant as well.

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