Libra girl Taurus boy love story... sad?

  • I am a libra girl and I met a taurus boy in university. We were classmates for a couple of months. When I first saw him I aleady liked him... he was tall, blonde, blue eyes who wears glasses, always sits straight, quiet, and serious, and me the chinese doll.. white skin, long black hair, brown eyes, red lips girl. But I never ever had any intention of getting that far, I was just fond of looking at him secretly (when he does not know) and thats it. But since we were classmates we cant avoid not talking to each other and thats when I noticed something strange. Once we were assigned a classroom group work and I saw him turning his head sideways many times just to take a short glance of me. I find it very strange. Then I was assigned to a chair infront of him, then the glances became hidden stares of everyday occurence. I can feel he would stare at me when I get up from the chair, when I move around... it was scary at first but I got used to it. After a few weeks he asked for my number, telling me that he might call me for homework, etc. I called him the following week for the same reason, and once I was absent he phoned later that day to tell me what Ive missed in class. Eventually we would talk during class breaks, about music (both of us play instruments and in a band before). Everytime there was class group work I would look at him and he already grabbed a chair for me, like he wanted me to sit beside him all the time. And during group discussions we would look into each other's eyes most of the time. I could never forget the eyes...his eyes were almost penetrating mine and if I was candy right there I would melt. I have to look down or look away sometimes because I cannot take the intensity. It was fleeting. And he would just smile like a little boy. Every end of class he does not talk but before he leaves the room he would just look at me and smile. The last few weeks of our class he was just there everywhere I go... I would go to the vendo machine and he was there to talk to me, I would go to buy something outside and he would join me. He also surprised me when one time he brought me to a shop where to buy some music stuff, and he brought me something also that I am supposed to buy from him the ff week but it was already with him the next day. He is quiet all the time but very unpredictable.

    Last week we talked on the phone and I told him I liked him. He said he likes me too. And now (after a week) were not communicating. What happened? =(

  • I would like to close this topic... coz the taurus boy has fallen for me! I led him... now he is leading!

    Now we'll just wait and see...

  • Congratulations, wish you two all the best ^^

  • Thank you so much Daisai! You have a taurus man in your life? How is it? Im in a new chapter of this love thing and still know little about the bull...

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