Lost cause?

  • Hi! This is my first post! Thanks for reading.

    I was seeing a guy:

    Sun: Sag

    Moon: Aqua

    rising: Scorp


    Merc, Mars: Sag

    After about a month, he wants to have a talk and reveals to me how he doesn't know how he feels yet and how he has this self-imposed pressure that he should know by now. I reassure him that I'm in no hurry and that he def doesn't need to know already and that we're still just getting to know each other and having fun. So I decide to give him some space. Wouldn't want him feeling unnecessary pressure. But then he does a complete 180 and is wanting to hang out all the time and txting constantly, etc. for about a week.

    End of that week, I'm super confused as to what the hell happened to Mr. I-don't-know-how-I-feel, and I start to push him away. This whole time he is def initiating most of the time, not really me. Then I tell him that I want to talk and that I'm sorry for pushing him away. that I guessed it was me starting to feel things and kind of resisting my feelings due to fear, etc... Then 2 days later, he wants a talk and says the last week of high intensity was (he realized in hindsight) his way of desparately trying to feel something for me and discovering that he just doesn't. And to be fair, despite our awesome sex, that he thought it best to end things.

    My question: should I take his words at face value and let this go? Or did I turn him off or make him feel rejected because I had some reservations about jumping in so quickly and not matching his intensity? I want to match him. I just need a lot of reassurance of his feelings before I am able to fully let myself fall.


    sun: aqua

    merc: pisces

    venus: aries

    mars: virgo

    (don't know my time of birth)

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate any insight! 🙂

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