Bad Choices....AGAIN - Help>>Please and Thank you!

  • Hi, all....well in my ongoing search for a perfect, no make that decent job I've done two interviews - one is for a parttime activity director which I had turned down a second interview last summer on due to low hours, but this time with more hours - it's more service oriented but the people are just so brusk for Interfaith Ministries to me - very by the book and very little supervision once you get the job - you sink or swim on your own and they advertise openings often!. The other is managing a manf. home community but that girl is quitting because of issues she has with previous manager who still lives would be work I'm very familiar with, tho.

    Yes/no tarot says I will get the offer - or offers - but to pass this one by gladly on BOTH!!!

    Argh - I have to choose, anyone have any insights to help me - appreciate it mucho!!!



  • Hi jlina angel what do your gut instincts tell you about the jobs? It hasbeen my experience that if they keep posting job openings no matter what you do you will be unhappy.

    the 1st one doesnt seem like it would be very stable from what you said

    the 2nd job you have the knowledge & if it is a former manager giving the girl grief you would have to very politely but firmly let the previous mrg know that you run the community. It would also probably be more beneficial to you in the long run. prop managers are in high demand

    good luck & let us know what you decide

  • jlinangel

    I sense that the second job would suit your needs more so than the first one. Why? You will get along with the manager much more so than the person before you.

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  • OK girl - what is the WORST that can happen if they throw you an offer and you accept? 🙂

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  • Perhaps they are always advertising because of the sink or swim thing you mentioned. Many people have to have their hands held but if you are the kind that can just go with it, perhaps it will work out. What they may ultimately be looking for is someone who can jump in and hold the reins so to speak. Can you do that? Also, would you be working with children there?

    Release your expectations and trepidations, go see them, hear what they have to say and see how you feel about it then. As with the other interview, what comes out from them will reveal whether you should take it.

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