Can anyone reccomend a spiritual healer?

  • I have been having some really bad luck lately, and on top of that was told by a total stranger that she could see that I had been cursed. I am looking to clear any negativity that might be attached to me so things in my life can start to improve. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

  • Dear littlej,

    Oh come on. That is what your angels are saying. You surely don't believe in curses do you? They only "live" because of your belief in them. You are MUCH STRONGER than any curse could ever be. Bad luck? It's in the eye of the beholder. How about life lessons? Growing stronger because of your adversities. Here is what your angels say to tell you about changing negativity right now.

    You don't need some healer. You need to change your thinking and your thought patterns. Instead of focusing on the negative, and what has been done "to" you, they say to focus on your blessings. You forget those and that is the very focus you should be having. Write down a list of your blessings that you can acknowledge. Then thank your higher power for each and every one of them. Call on Archangel Michael to come to your side and help you through this period of fear you live in. He can handle any and all "curses" or semblances thereof. Don't believe in them for an instant. The complete stranger you mention is quite fearful and is spreading lies. CURSES are not real. They prey on your fears and if you give them your energy, they become real because you believe them to be real.

    Enough. Move on. You control your destiny and you are not listening to us. You, instead, think you know better. As you've seen, that hasn't worked out so give us a chance. Open your mind and start listening to the little voice. You know who we are talking about. That is your divine guidance. Trying to heal you...spiritually and emotionally and physically. Take time to listen. Take time to feel from your heart. And healing you will have.

    Angel blessings to you littlej,

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you Miss Beth.

  • You're welcome littlej.

    From me to you...what do you have to lose by asking your angels into your life. They will change it for the better...but they can't help until you give them your permission. One of those Universal laws. You have quite a few angels, actually, around you, and they come and go throughout your life. Take a dose of Angels they say. And your world will change for the better.


  • Beth,

    How do I do that? I have prayed everynight before I go to bed and throughout the day on those really bad days where I feel like I am really in need of help but I have never gotten the feeling that they have come to my aid.

  • Dear Littlej,

    Angels are with you every single day and night of your life. So the fact that you don't "feel" them just means you are not in tune with them yet. Keep talking to them. Ask for their guidance. Even if you feel silly doing it. And ask them for signs that they are with you. They can take many different forms, but they do give you signs that you will understand. It may be the name Angel or some derivative of it in print or on a sign. You may see a truck go by with the name Angel on it. Or a license plate on a car. They also send you feathers. A feather will appear and be totally out of place. Also a pathway of coins. They send clouds in the sky that are shaped like angels -- you just "happen" to look up and there one is. Start there. If you don't see a sign, it's not that they didn't send it, it's just that you didn't catch it. So ask again. Ask them to be more obvious. You may turn on a song on the radio and it's about angels. They are quite creative and will make you smile.

    Once you get a sign, and then another, you never question their presence again. Don't worry that you can't "see" them, or "hear" them, or "feel" them. Those come with time and practice. Do remember to thank your angels for any sign you receive. They love to be thanked and they love to help you!

    Keep me posted if you would. I want to start a thread I think on just angel signs. How fun would that be!

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Thanks, I will keep you posted.

  • sorry to pop in littlej, but miss Beth has given me advice by reading your post. It was a question that weighed heavily on my heart...and there you were with your thread...:)

    Love and light littej


  • Little i do not mean to intrude but i could not help but respond and Miss Beth has given you some good advice.

    But i would like to ask why would anyone want to put a curse on you and what kind of curse do you think they put on you .

    Sometimes our actions towards others can cause harm maybe you need to look and see if you have caused harm and how and why of it .

    In the past i caused a lot of harm to others but i didn't think so at the time i always felt it was justified but when i turned my life around i had to get honest with me and what part i played not the other person but me .Then i had to see why i did those things and what they stemmed from and i put this all down on paper so i could see the truth as it unfolded then i had to be willing to make amends to those i had harmed and it was not important that they forgive me or not what matters is that i do it and once i had done this that fear of them doing or someone finding out was gone i cleaned up my side of the street and this is how we get rid of fears but we do ask for the strength to go threw this from the Angels and our guides and the power greater than our self.

    I do not know of any one who goes around putting curses on someone for no reason ?


  • My Journey, happy to help in anyway, even if it is just by having the same questions.

    Delbertc, I think that because it has been told to me on more than once. I have had numerous readings and have been told that by the people giving them to me, and I have started to suffer from depression out of no where so I believe that to be something dark inside me. I do not claim to perfect but I try to live my life in a positive way and not do to others anything I wouldnt want done to myself but then again like I said I am not perfect. I prayed to the angels last night before I went to bed and wokeup feeling lighter and more at peace for a little while untill the stress and worry caught up with me. But it is progress, so I am happy with it.

  • Dear littlej,

    Your stress and worry stem from your fears (as all of ours do). Here is the way to view them. You are not in charge. You are not in "control". God -- your higher power -- your creator is. You know peace, because you know turmoil. Angels will help you find that peace. When you can't find it on your own. One day you will, but for now, don't just pray at night to your angels, a one time event. Instead, talk to them all day long if you need to. They are a wonderful sounding board, and even if you feel kind of silly, just talk. They don't need you to talk outloud in the middle of a grocery store to them. Instead, talk silently in your head to them. You do it now anyway, but you are talking to yourself, stirring the pot they say. So redirect those thoughts to them, and unload as much as you need to. Then, ask them for their guidance and thank them for it. We are human. We make mistakes. That is how we learn. Just as our children learn by making mistakes...we do as well. Don't beat yourself up over them. The main thing is...did you learn from them. And yes you did I am told. And you have LONG AGO been forgiven because in the eyes of God and the eyes of your angels, there is nothing to forgive. You did...and have done...the best you knew how to do. And that is all anyone can ever hope to do. Some things work out...some things don't...but more will work out when you invite your angels to be in your life on a daily basis.

    When the stress hits, call on your angels. Baby steps they say to tell you. Each day baby steps.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

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