Can I get a reading please?

  • I going through some doubts about a man I met recently.

    I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a reading about him and me, love, and our future.

    What do the cards say about our future (relationship) is there hope for romantic evolvement?

    my birthday 20/feb/85 and I dont know his date of birth only year and he is a gemini.

    I also appologise on spelling mystakes, english is not my first language.

    Also, I would like to ask - contacting him, good idea or no or let him contact me?

    Thank you

  • Bump

    Will he get intouch with me?

    someone please

  • I don't see a "future" between you and this man but I do see him coming back to you on and off. I would advice you stay away from him and move on but I don't think you are ready to take that step.

    Should you contact him? No , let him contact you.

  • Thank you gypsydreams

    When (aprox) do you see him coming back/contacting me ?

  • This post is deleted!

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