Feedback on previous pendulum readings

  • hi - I am just wondering if there is anyone around who I did pendulum readings for last fall

    who might be able to give me some feedback. Positive or Negative. Just wondering how I did.

    I was thinking about trying again. thanks! TD

  • I can't remember if you did one for me or not! I know I was playing with a pendulum last fall but when it comes to myself, I found that I could influence it so I've put it down for now. :0) Have you tried searching for your name and/or pendulum and see if you can find the threads??

  • Pendulum readings awesome. No you did not do one for me as I am new here. I have a pendulum but I have not used it in a very long time. I know you have to stand very still and ask your question. I forget how it goes. If it swings from side to side the answer is yes? if it swings in a circle the answer is no. I use to use a needle and a thread back in the olds to find out when one was prego to see if they were having a boy or a girl. I think side to side was a boy and around in a circle was a girl. Lots of fun in those days.

    Happy pendulum reading,

    Your friend,


  • Hi - Each pendulum and each person is different. You have to find a pendulum that works for you. You have to ask it to show you a yes and show you a no. You have to have someone ask you to ask questions they know the answer to and see which way it swings for yes and which way it swings for no. Some pendulums can even be held over a board and give you "maybe" answers or "degreees of chance" answers. But I don't do that. Yes I have learned that if I want it to gve me a specific answer, I can definitely influence which way it swings even if I hold is rock solid and very still. Its kind of creepy actually.

  • Creepy and interesting all the I had a pendulum that went backwards from what everyone else's did...then I ended up getting another one that seemed to have the 'normal" for yes and no.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi turtle dust,

    I thought of you the other day... I remembered the question I asked, on whether we were moving or not, and then we spent time trying to figure where... out of california or not.

    anyhoots... I would say it was not accurate. we have not moved, at this point it does not even remotely look we will move. additionally I asked if my husband would find a job before end of last year... he is still looking for work.

    we also experimented a bit further and asked where I would move to. it was the town of Ojai or a town with the letter O. my eldest sister lives in Ojai, CA, and she and I have been estranged for years. so far, the pendulum read was not accurate for me.

    I have to warn you about pendulums.... when you do it for yourself it is even less accurate, because it will tune into your vibrations, and pretty much tell you what you want to hear. I've learned that for me it's not a reliable tool for honest answers.

    about 7 years ago, a reader named Joan was a pendulum user, I met at a spiritual shop told me I would be moving to Sedona, Arizona within a 3 year period. it's 7 years later, and we have not moved. lol

    I stopped using my pendulum years ago, and I also stopped asking for readings. apparently my life is too unpredictable for any reader to predict the future. lol just saying...

    thank you for your time, I sincerely appreciate it


  • Ms Sunny, can you tell me your msn or you got other email? i need to talk to you

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