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  • In December I had a major heart attack and have a lot of anxiety/fears since. I know the doctors did well by me but I still cannot shake the fear/anxieties that they say are normal after such an event in one's life. Can you let me know what you see for me health wise in my future? Thank you so much?

  • Dearest Healthquestion,

    Thank you for your posting. First, I'm so very sorry about your heart attack, and your anxiety and fears are totally natural. We are human after all and don't have a crystal ball we can just look at and know at any moment in time what our future holds. I do know that Captain and Blmoon have great insights, as do many others here on the forum. My communication is with our angels and I will ask them what messages they have for you regarding your health. My gift is that I hear our angels, and then repeat back to you what I'm told to tell you.

    Here is their message for you today:

    "Dearest child of God, and daughter with a heart of pure gold...there is magic in the words we just used. Your heart is pure gold. Impenetrable long term. Yes, you did have a bit of a hiccup along the way...a major case of indigestion where the heart is concerned...but let's analyze it a bit shall we?

    First, your heart was broken. Emotionally. You've had many upheavals in your life, have you not? And while you are a vocal southern gal, you are also one to hold your emotions inside. Those feelings of loneliness, of sadness, of wondering how you fit in...those all were tearing your heart apart. Do you remember saying "you break my heart"? Those words held true and manifested physically for you. And that is what you experienced. What you tell the Universe in words comes back to you unless you guard yourself with our divine light of protection to help shield you from not only "outward" influences but also your own internal influences as well.

    You are on the right road dearest. You got a scare. And that is all it was. But most importantly, you are living the word of God in your daily life these days. Sometimes it takes a major wake up call before we can get our message through and understood. Do not fear your future. At all. Your heart is in a much better place these days. Emotionally and physically. Don't you feel a lighter sense in your heart since your surgery? While it may seem that you would feel a heavyness, it's actually a lightness because your heart has healed. That broken heart has been mended.

    In matters of the heart, you suffer. Our hearts are our barometer. And definitely so in your case. Your entire life, how you view it, how you gauge what is true for you, is all measured through that wonderful gilded gold filled heart of yours. It's the very component that makes you...well you. So rejoice in your new heart. Rejoice in your second chance at life. Embrace it. Love yourself. Live for yourself and for your glorious path that is looming in front of you. Use your heart to help mankind. Don't be selfish and keep it for yourself. Let it reach outwards to touch the lives of many more people.

    We see you holing yourself up...afraid to venture out because of your fears. You are what-iffing your life right now. Just stop. Banish the thoughts from your mind. For it's all just flutter. We love you dearest one, you are going to be just go spread some of that gold around and we'll watch you shine. Our love forever to you and your family."

    Angel blessings and love to you healthquestion.

    Miss Beth

  • Healthquestion, my impression of you before the heart attack is of someone racing around trying to do a million things at once as if your life and those of the people around you depended on it. The multi-tasker to beat all multi-taskers - but really it's an effort by you to be everything to everyone. Not possible. Stop taking on so much responsibility and duties - learn to delegate! You need to slow down and relax more or else you will, yes, risk another heart problem. The journey is the important thing, not the destination as they say. When some major health problem emerges like this, it is a warning that you must change your lifestyle and attitude in a major way, as they are not healthy for you. Cut out what is unnecessary and outdated in your life (even people), simplify, lighten your load. Appreciate the important things and forget the rest. If you heed the warning, there will be no recurrence of your heart problem.

  • Great points Captain! Thank you because the angels say the exact same thing. We cause so many of our own illnesses ourselves...through stress and just our self-talk. The phrase "you are killing me" is said in various forms...and they manifest. This is a lesson we can all learn from. And, I have learned myself...if I catch myself worrying about sometihng, or stressing over something...

    1. Catch yourself doing it, that's the first step.

    2. Stop your train of thought in mid-sentence. No more negativity.

    3. Immediately ask your angels (I always call on St. Michael/Archangel Michael because he is our protector) to come to your side and shield your comments or worries or stress from entering the universe.

    4. Thank him in advance for doing it.

    Of course, I can confirm it and I hear "it is done". So trust that it is done for you as well.

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Miss Beth and Captain,

    Thank you so very much! What you both have said is so true and Captain you are right on about me trying to do and be everything for everyone. I am working on all that now. I am also working on releasing the negative thoughts and fears. The words you both wrote mean a great deal to me and I will probably keep coming back to them from time to time until I get myself trained to "let go and Let God." Thank you both again so very much!

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