Being The Best

  • Have you ever felt second best?

    Have you felt like you were smart but never the smartest?

    Have you ever felt pretty but never the prettiest?

    I loathe the feeling. It's one of the worse feelings that one can feel.

    I get told I'm pretty but there are always people prettier than me.

    I know I'm a beautiful on the inside. 🙂 That's one quality in me that I am quite sure of.

    I also know that no one will ever meet a person like me and that I'm one of a kind.

    List 5 or 10 facts about yourself.

  • I don't remember feeling second best as a kid maybe.

    I knew I was smart but someone is always smarter, faster, etc, (It's all good).

    Beauty on the inside is the only Beauty that matters.

    Facts about me.

    I'm a Scorpio.

    I like everybody if not ( love their soul).

    Love to Read, Cook, Eat.

    Love to Meditate.

    Love to meet new People,

    Love to Travel.

    Love History.

    Love Reggae Music.

    Love Spiritual Growth!

  • ReeseReese, P.S.- We can't worry about who is better, or smater, takes too much energy, focus on the Positive. The world is big enought for everybody, there is somebody for everybody, live your best life for you and yours and the rest will take care of itself, for sure. 🙂

  • Don't let anyone put you down either, you are beautiful, we all are beautiful, beauty is skin deep but ugly is too the bone, remember that saying. It's true. You are who YOU THINK YOU ARE!

  • I’m a red/brunette, emphasis on the red and the temperament to prove it.

    Capricorn: diligence and perseverance bolstered by the redhead temperament



    Optimistic/pessimist Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Working on being just optimistic. (the preparing while sounding like good advice, sometimes holds me back)

    Love to try new things, too much so, as I end up distracted…”Oh look, a butterfly, what was I saying?”

    Good warm loving heart but Blunt “working real hard on that one.” Posting on the forums are helping me, uh…I think, I hope.

    Love nature/Earth/all living things.

    Believe in people not types or labels

    Collector of many things and ideas. Always learning.

  • Beautiful Beth! We are all under construction in one way or another, something can always be improved, I can be very blunt sometimes too, my mom would say: "IM GONNA TELL YA LIKE IT I S IS! I SPACE S SPACE.

  • Beth, I just had to sit and watch your butterflies for a spell.

    Love em.

  • Yeah, you should see me and the Mandalas, they fascinate me.

  • @poetic555: I've tried meditating before. It usually doesn't end well because I have a short attention span but I do have other methods that I use to relax. I usually just read to relax. I don't know how to grow spiritualy.

    @Ibeleive: I have the same problem. I start doing so many things that I can never finish them. I have about 5 stories that I have started and never finished.


    I'm a Pisces.

    I love writing about different things.

    I am very odd. (In a good way)

    I am a "mixed bag." You never know what you're going to pull out. I am different every day and full of surprises.

    I love solitude but also enjoy the company of others.

    I love singing even though I am tone deaf. 🙂


    Last but not least, I am told I am very mysterious.

    Oh, and I have a HUGE imagination.

  • I'd like to jump in!


    I am a Pisces with a Gemini moon (logical emotion) and scorpio rising (never get a correct first impression!)

    I'm open to many new things... but I also keep strong opinions.

    During chaos or confusion, I keep tabs on the things I have control over and I accept what will happen to the things I can't control.

    I am happily single! Not even exaggerating... It's easier and much more fun for me!

    I love searching for the answers to my personal questions... So reflecting, I suppose.

    I love hearing and sharing spiritually inspirational messages.

    I used to think people would be put off if I was so open with those TRUE things I value, just because there is so much in the world that is merely superficial in value. But I've found the more TRUE I am to myself, the stronger I feel inside. You cannot rely on others for approval all the time. It's about YOU, yourself.

    So nice to hear about you all! ❤


  • 🙂

    @Angela: I can't accept what happens to things I can't control. I always have to try to find a way around it. Then I get fustrated when things don't work out. I love searching for the truth about me also.

  • I understand getting frustrated, believe me! The main reason I cry is from frustration, actually.

    I've been getting much better at reasoning with myself and accepting the difficulties and why I must get through them.

  • I usually don't cry from the fustration. I start to get angry after that and then it's all down hill from there. I just lie to myself a lot. That's what really makes me spill the tears.

    I'm going to try doing that. I've got to learn to just roll with the punches.

  • It really helps... Not saying that frustration and anger aren't warranted at times, but it eases a LOT of stress when you find effective ways to reduce frustration and anger.

    I actually used to lie to myself a lot too! It was mainly to cope with my lack of confidence... I would be pessimistic and call it realistic and then I would mask all my emotions with the "realistic" outlook I had. Like I filled up my spare time with work because it got me money and I couldn't see a real reason to have time for myself. I thought it seemed selfish to "waste" time that way and would make me seem lazy... Lies like that really didn't seem that big of a deal to me! I didn't even know they were lies!

    One day, everything clicked into place (like an electric shock, actually...) and I realized that life is SO MUCH MORE than what others think or what society expects. You can only be you in this life, and if you don't love that, then how do you truely love anything else?

    Anywho! Thanks for letting me express that.. I needed a pick-me-up for this drab day... And I'm having a 1-day fast, so I'm irritated that I can't eat!


  • I try to meditate but that just goes by unsucessful because I get bored easily.

    I only lie to myself about my feelings. I would get depressed because of other people but I just say it's my fault. I don't want to blame other people for my feelings even though they do play a big part.

    If you lie enough to yourself, you will start to believe them,

    I understand. Everything starts on the inside.

    You're welcome.

    Wow, I cant do that.

    I've been feeling sick all day.

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