• Hi there,

    I would like to get other interpretations of this reading of mine that I did for myself on Saturday. I asked a few different questions, and the cards I got... wow. I just have to know if I am not interpreting things right or if it really is what it looks like.

    1st question was my life in general over the next couple months.

    6 wands R

    page of pentacles

    4 pentacles

    5 swords

    knight wands R

    king wands

    page of swords

    king swords

    knight pentacles

    Then, I asked about my love life for this year. (I am unhappily married).

    5 wands

    2 wands

    2 swords


    10 cups


    4 pentacles

    3 cups

    page swords

    the star

    the devil

    page cups

    king pentacles

    Then I asked if I was getting divorced this year.

    4 pentacles

    3 cups

    3 pentacles

    5 cups


    10 pentacles

    page pentacles

    queen wands

    6 pentacles

    knight pentacles

    ace wands

    high priestess

    10 wands

    Then (this is the last question, I swear) My husband's love life this year.

    The world

    8 swords

    2 cups

    the empress

    3 swords

    5 cups

    4 wands

    page wands

    The hierophant

    king cups

    page swords

    5 swords

    ace swords

    knight cups

    The layout that works the very best for me is the random/ stait timeline layout where thye cards pulled are layed out in a strait line from left to right, signifying events and happenings in a simple chronological order. I would just love to get feedback on this reading. I know it's a lot, but I am very thankful for anybody's input here.

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