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  • Hi Asia118X

    I appreciate your desire to seek answers to the many questions that you have regarding your break up. I'd love to be able to give you a great answer that resolves everything for you. Unfortunately love lives are not my forte. From a personal stand point I would answer your questions in this manner, I think the guy sadly is either bi-polar or hiding a lot. I fully believe this is not the answer you want from me but it is the only one I can offer. His jumping around from place to place in my opinion means he either has no intention of staying put which is probably why things worked when it was long distance and he didn't have to be accountable for his time otherwise. Or that he has something to hide and believe me if he needs to pick up and move from state to state on such short notice that may be reason enough to avoid being around him.

    You handled things the best way you could under the circumstances that were thrown at you.

    Now as I've said I'm no love expert far from it but it just seems to me he doesn't know what he wants or he doesn't want you to know who he really is and what is really happening in his life. As my mom would say it just seems fishy.

    Please do not take offense to this response I am simply doing as you asked and giving you my opinion in answer to your questions.

    I hope for your sake the move did not disrupt your opportunities to get the education you desired and I hope that you continue to have the support of a loving family to guide you as you move forward from this circumstance. Healing takes time. No one likes to be hurt or used or misunderstood, I can only say this sometimes things don't work out as we planned and believe it or not it may be for the best. I wish you much success in school and in the future. Don't let the pain of this break up take you down with it, you deserve better.

  • I have to say I agree with you RCDreamer the breakup made no sense to me and I think thats why (even though Im moving on alright the best way I know how) I think about it sometimes and ask questions. Ive been through alot in my life not with this breakup but just alot of things growing up and while being with my ex I was maturing (even though I was pretty mature) its just I dont know if I was ready for something like that (he was my first boyfriend-he seemed pretty mature and wasnt as stupid as most teens) I dont know what happened and I think one of the reasons I was hurt because I didnt get to go to my dream school in NY because he moved. I was disappointed but I transfered over to the same school in richmond just to tie everything together-I was going to school and I had my bf.

    But life is working out alright for me now, the school in NYC is nearly as good as the one im going to in Miami (ITs the same school with wayyy better credentials) Its the Miami International University of Art and Design!!!! Ive been getting into excercising modeling and writing my new script for this screenwriting contest you know just gettng into myself. So life is going great, its just surprisingly I need more time to heal thats why I get on forums. I dont want to continously ask my mother (who has so much going on in her life) with such questions because I dont want her to see me as someone that broods or someone weak. Thank you so much RCDreamer and btw I never would take offense to what you say you're trying to help, thank you so much, god bless 😉

  • And also I think he probably had something to hide and he was possibly protecting me from something because the relationship worked out fine when we physically saw each other (4 months on/off) besides minor issues and it worked during our long distance stage. Do you think he would ever contact me to explain anything?

  • I suspect he would not contact you. It feels to me like he has turned tail and run as my mom would have said. Don't take offense to that, consider a blessing in disguise.

  • Thanks RCDreamer! cannot believe he took such a coward way out lol! But hey I do life will work out for me no matter how I feel about this, its all about me at this point and thinking positive helps me in the end. Hopefully he his guilt is eating him because he and I both know Im a good person and I dont deserve that at all lol. Do you think he feels like crap lol?

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  • Oh thank you so much for you input and really I would appreciate it if you gave me some insight to my situation. Ive been so confused even though Im moving on by doing positive things, I just have unanswered questions. If you could please may you answer my questions in the forum entitle Taurus Girl Confused about Feelings?

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  • Thanks for checking in and its in the Love and Relationships section

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