Kiba and Mikyo Taurus Girl In Need Of Those Readings

  • Thanks alot guys for you opinions in the other forum I posted, and I would like some readings on me and my ex the ones that you guys promised. Im May 6th 1992 (9:28 pm) and he is November 1st 1991

    Also I have further questions for you two:

    Do you think he stilll cares but just very self absored at the time because something major is going on (he told me their are things I dont tell you because you get mad...and I also told him I hate the fact that he is secretive about some things especially when I share alot of things with you.)

    What i dont get is he was becoming more and more loving throughout the relationship and when this happened he became something else. Im on my road to recovery and Ive been doing well but this bothers me from time to time. It seems as if he was trying to protect me from something because everywhere he went he tried to convince me to go (ie like telling me to go to VA instead because NY is too dangerous) but in this case he told me to stay there its better for you.

    Some weeks ago, I saw that he recently got a facebook (I had a feeling I needed to type his name in that day) after he always said he never wanted one or was even interested.

    Neither one of us had contacted each other in 3 months do you think he might contact me?

    What do you think is his deal and do you think he got the facebook because of me (he knew I had one lol)?

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