Some of my gifts?

  • there are times when by simply looking at a person i feel like i totaly undersand thier... i dont know what to call it. its like i step outside of myself for a minute and i can feel thier perspective on life, how theyr feeling and before it goes away i feel like i totally understand said person/people, like deeply.. ive had dreams come true and predicted events consistenly for months, i find that the latter 2 have one thing in common. they involve people i care about. aka-girlfriend cheating and with whom and when, a friend getting in deep trouble ect. another one that i just recently picked up on is the deep conection between me and my best friend. if i want a smoke hes outside his house haveing one, i dont know if its just because of the 4 year ive known him but i can usually tell you what hez going to say before he says it ect... and another one that confuses me is when i concentrate deeply i get this light ringing sound in the back of my skull and when that happens at night in a dark room, shadows start to morf, move, grow, take shapes all over the walls or if my eyes are closed i see what appears to be blurry outlines of seemingly random things or what i can only describe as pulseateing patterns that sometimes take on colors like flourecent green, red, blue ect... ive never heard of that one specifically from anyone, can anyone shed some more light on this for me?

  • I posted an answer to your first post but I am not sure if it went through, contact me at this screen name @ hotmail

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