The Next Wave

  • a message from Allison Rae

    How will you spend the end of time? Silently, this week, a new wave of consciousness is forming. Off in the distance, the mother drum sounds, heartbeat of creation. In rhythmic overtones, she heralds a new beginning.

    Beating......beating...... The drum builds to a crescendo through the Equinox in March, on though a volatile mid-year eclipse series and beyond, toward an infinite moment of divine splendor.

    The end begins now.

    A radical and profound interpretation of the sacred Mayan calendar pinpoints March 9 through October 28, 2011, as the ninth and final wave of consciousness expansion in the current evolutionary cycle that began 16.4 billion years ago.

    The interpretation is offered by Mayan scholar Carl Johan Calleman, who's been tracking this ancient timekeeping system for several decades. His research diverges from the commonly held belief that the Mayan calendar ends in December 2012.

    In Carl's view, a cosmic, evolutionary process is encoded in the Mayan system. Through a simultaneous series of nine underworlds, the drama of life unfolds, each phase building on the last and accelerating by a factor of 20 until we reach the highest plateau. Because of the acceleration encoded in the pyramid structure, the ninth underworld is the shortest, lasting only from March 9 through October 28.

    This is a time of awakening and rapid evolution, the seeding of a new paradigm we're creating together with every breath.

    A deeper, felt experience of time is emerging as we align with the rhythms of creation. Within this phase, our concept of linear time collapses and we become more aware of the cyclical nature of time.

    On this wave, we have a new and rare opportunity to merge with the quantum field of infinite possibility, the realm of God(dess) and, ultimately, the conscious manifestation of reality. We begin to experience true time, the eternal now that encompasses past, present and future.

    All that's needed to attain this next evolutionary level is the intent to ascend in consciousness.

    Rhythms of creation

    Throughout the ninth underworld, cosmic energies pulse in 18-day waves made up of nine ascending days of light and nine descending days of darkness. This 18-day rhythm builds throughout the cycle, culminating near the end of October, according to Carl's calculation. (The link to download the Ninth Wave calendar shown to the right is included below.)

    Waves of creation flow in increasing intensity as the evolution of consciousness accelerates. Structures, forms and beliefs collapse, and time seems to speed up. Individually and collectively, we'll experience an acceleration of the chaotic energies that have already become familiar in recent years. The revolutionary wave spreading through the Mid-east will travel around the world.

    I've been sitting with this concept since I learned about it in 2001, journeying with the rhythms Carl has discovered. It feels right and real to me, although I don't perceive that the truth of Carl's interpretation negates the truth of other day counts or interpretations, or other timekeeping systems. Carl doesn't have all the answers, but I do believe he's discovered something important that helps us make our way through a tumultuous transition.

    Turning into one

    In Carl's interpretation, the ninth and final phase that begins this week is called the Universal Underworld. We're completing the Galactic Underworld, which began in 1999. Think of the transformation you've experienced since then, and you'll get an idea of how much change will be packed into the next six months or so. Wow, right?

    Through the galactic portal, we access the universal. "Universe" means, literally, "turned into one." And unity consciousness is what the Ninth Wave is about. This idea of "oneness" isn't just an awareness that we're all brothers and sisters and need to live in harmony with each other and the Earth. It's the attainment of divine consciousness. You might call it God consciousness or enlightenment, Christhood or Buddhahood, yoga or union with Source.

    As I wrote in my book, Cosmic Time, the Mayan calendar tells of the possibility of a direct, personal experience of the divine, the awakening of humanity to its unlimited evolutionary potential.

    We've been assimilating the galactic energies pulsing through the eighth wave, and this week we begin the climb toward our evolutionary destiny as divine souls embodied on Earth. This is a journey that lasts through late October, on through 2012 and beyond.

    What to expect

    Reality as we've known it is dissolving in this end of time.

    In my 2011 Astro Forecast, published back in December, I wrote: "As we all know by now, the game has changed on Earth. Economies, governments, businesses, education, social systems, the arts, sciences, technology and medicine all look radically different than they did just a few years ago. Incoming cosmic frequencies are speeding up the changes. In 2011, ramped-up evolutionary forces shift into overdrive. The reconfiguration is just beginning."

    We’ve reached a tipping point. By focusing on love and abundance and holding a higher vision for the future, we can seize the moment and become empowered co-creators manifesting a compelling destiny aligned with our true purpose.

    If you're going the empowered route, don't trust anyone who tells you what's going to happen during this highly volatile, highly creative time. The whole point of the next evolutionary wave is for each of us to take responsibility for creating the future. We incarnated to grow through this experience. Why give your power away to channels and psychics who make predictions?


    You and I and everyone else have an opportunity to directly access - even merge with - the consciousness of all creation in this next level of evolutionary expansion.

    There are many ways to attune to the natural rhythms pulsing through this wave. Among my favorites are silence, unplugging from technology, spending time in nature, drumming, chanting, sacred movement, gardening, aromatherapy and other integrative body-mind-spirit practices.

    Pretend you know nothing. Be like a child, no conditioning, no expectations. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the miracle that is life.

    Stillness is a necessity. Periodically throughout the day, and in preparation for sleep, I like to center, close my eyes and breathe with the forces of creation.

    In these moments, I'm brought back to a simple awareness, the remembrance of love. Love is the organizing principle of the universe. Through love we conceive. Through love we create. Love is all. And it's all, now, as we awaken beyond time.

    On March 9, you may enjoy breathing with others around the world who are consciously choosing to actualize the potential of the Mayan Ninth Wave. You're invited to join in the Universal Breathing Room from your location (details below).

    Other potent alignments include:

    Equinox - March 20

    Spring Lunar Festivals - April 17, May 17 and June 15 (which is a total lunar eclipse)

    Eclipses - June 1 and 15, July 1

    Solstice - June 21

    Equinox - September 22/23

    Eclipses - November 24 and December 10

    Solstice - December 21

    These and others are detailed in my 2011 Astro Forecast mp3 audio recording and PDF document (links below). I'm also putting together a special global teleconference for March 20 to explore, play and create with the energies of 2011-2012 and beyond. Details will be announced shortly.

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