Need Scorpio Womans Advice how to break up with someone you don't wanna destroy

  • Need Scorpio Womans Advice:

    How to break up with someone you don't wanna destroy ?

    If your not a Scorpio you'll not understand fully, thats why I need another Scorpio womans advice. I need to let my man go he's not good for me but I do love him and don't want to hurt him too much when I leave. He is a Cancer. And, the last Cancer I dated did not end well for him I really broke his heart and don't want to do that to this man.

    Thank you!

    Peace and Love

  • Wow it seems like you really do care for him. To start off I know Im not a Scorpio (Taurus) but I do know plenty of Cancers including my father and I do have to say there is no way their feelings cant be ruffled. They are very sensitive and hold on to things pretty long. I think the best thing for you to do is possibly be as gentle as possibly, tell him kindly and honestly why you cannot be together. Hope this helps, god bless 😉 and also could you give me some insight to my situation as well. Its entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings, and I would really love your insight since your a Scorpio. Thank you so much Id really appreciate it! 😉

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