Please help me find my engagement ring!

  • soontobemrs, YOU MIGHT HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS BUT HERE I GO...oops caps sorry,

    as soon as you and AngelBoots mentioned the oven this came to me..I know you said you took a screwdriver to the oven, but have you pulled the oven out completely from the wall and also is your fridge next to the oven...If so pull your fridge out from the wall also...

    Love and Light


  • Hi Sheila and Piscanhealer,

    My oven is built in to the kitchen so it can't be pulled out. But I have certainly looked behind the fridge and washing machine, and I have taken the kickboards out from under my cupboards - nothing at all 😞

    I am heartbroken only because it is my engagement ring and a symbol of something so important to me - it is a one off that I saw in a shop window ages ago and that my fiance went back to get for me. I'm not a materialistic person it's just the most special thing I have ever been given. It evokes happy memories and wonderful feelings and without it I am miserable. I had the silly idea of giving it to my grandchildren one day and I feel like I have let my fiance down somehow.

  • @soontobemrs, no not silly at all, and i feel your saddness...

    I'll go back to the beginning of your thread, maybe something might trigger my imagination:)

    love and light


  • Check the pockets, on what you were wearing that night, when we put things down in a familiar place like when washing dishes cooking etc...that plays a big part in our minds...focus on other places you have taken it off in the past...Hope this helps.

    love and light


  • This post is deleted!

  • Alenabrz...I was wondering the same thing. I have cats...they would get up on the counter and think it was a toy and given if it hit the ground and rolled.... even more fun.

  • Have you looked under the burner pans on the stove? Some have lids that lift up so you can see underneath, just have to feel...unless of course you have a smooth top.

  • hi soontobemrs

    I have taken a few days to focus on this for you and still have the red and gold stripes as foremost in my mind. I do understand how you must feel about losing this ring really i do, maybe (and i know it will be hard) you could put it to the back of your mind for now and concentrate on your hubby to be and the life you will have together and i'll bet it will turn up out of the blue. Leave it up to your angels for the time being and enjoy what is around you.

    Sincerley Angelboots x : )

    Needless to say if anything should come through i will of course post to let you know

  • This may not seem productive soontobemrs, but I get the feeling your ring will show up when you least expect it. Likely after you have come to terms with its loss and let go somewhat of the emotional attachment you have to it.

    Easier said than done, I know.

    Try and focus on those happy feelings and memories the ring evoked in you. They are still very much real and alive in the form of your fiancée. And let go of the guilt that you have let him down, that's just silly 🙂

  • Hi , I'm so sorry that your ring is misplaced for the moment. When you took off your ring to cook , stop 7 remember yourself actually taking it off & placing it down & remember where you specifically placed it . Was it on the right side of the counter ?

    After you took it off , exactly step by step did you do next ?

    I was thinking it might be inside a towel or a pot holder , or down inside the drawer beneath it . Take everything out of the drawer beneath it & look 1 piece at a time.

    Is it possible for extra safekeeping , you were busy , multi-tasking & placed it inside your purse or a piece of china for safekeeping ?

    I beleive you will find this . Just re-create that night one step at a time .

    For instance , did the phone ring ? or did you go to the restroom ?

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