Please help me find my engagement ring!

  • Please can someone out there help me find my engagement ring. I lost it last night. I remember it being on the kitchen counter (I took it off to make dinner) and thinking "I must put that back on" then I don't remember what happened. Me and 3 of my friends and my fiancé have torn my flat apart looking for it and am so distraught I can't sleep or eat!

    It is white gold with a sapphire in the centre - surrounded by diamonds with diamonds on the shoulders too. I normally have a really good sense of intuition and just "know" to look for things in weird places and always find them - except now. I have completely drawn a blank and panic is setting in. It is the most important thing to me and I don't know what to do.

    I am really hoping someone might know something.

  • Here is a picture - in case that helps

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  • Sorry here it is

  • Dear soontobemrs,

    I just have a suggestion for you if you haven't found your ring. Nothing is ever lost in the eyes of your angels. The best finder of lost items is an archangel by the name of Chamuel (sham-you-el). Outloud or silently, ask him to be by your side and help you find your ring. Then, whatever nudges you have, or even if you feel like you are to look in a place that you already looked, look again. If you aren't getting any nudges, ask your angels to help because you have your own personal guardian angels, and say you need more signs to help you find it.

    All the best to you in your search!

    Miss Beth

  • I tried that last night - still nothing. I'm so upset!

  • I think that fact that you are upset is blocking you from hearing what you need to hear. Do some calming breaths. Another thing that just came to mind...don't ask me why....take a relaxing bath. As you are soaking....(good smelly bath salts, maybe candlelit) take some deep breaths and relax and then wait for the messages.

    When you are upset and frustrated you will block any messages that are trying to come through. You know how when you are doing a project and you just can't get it to go the way you want and you keep at it and at it and it gets more messed up or you can't see what you are supposed to see so they tell you to take a break. Walk away from it for a period of time and then come back with fresh eyes...this is what you need to do with the ring. Don't panic. It will show up. :0)

  • Do any of you feel that it will show up or are you just trying to make me feel better? I only ask because my gut instinct is telling me it's gone, and that's upsetting me even more. Does anybody have a feeling s to where it could be? Or where I should renew the search?

    Thank you all so much!

  • Saint Anthony is also good to invoke for help finding lost things

    hope it is back on your finger before you even read this 🙂 🙂

  • soontobemrs,

    Was there anyone else in the house while you were making dinner or afterwards? Besides yourself?

    I assume you've already checked places such as inside the dishwasher, inside the drain of your sink, and other places in your kitchen as well.

    Also, how much time elapsed between when you noticed it on your counter and when you noticed it disappeared?



  • Hi Miss Beth,

    No one else was in the house before it went missing - I was alone. My friends and fiance helped me look for it afterwards so there were 4 other people in the house after it went missing. My Fiance and my bridesmaid spent the next day looking for it also while I was at work.

    I think it can only have been 10 minutes or so between me seeing it on the counter and then realising it had dissappeared. Which makes it even more baffling!

    I have completley taken my kitchen apart - its simply vanished!

    Do you have any idea where I might find it?

  • am not sure if i am helping or not as this never happened before, i have been thinking about it since your original post and i see red and gold stripes curtains or pillows and i see the ring around those colours never ever happened to me before so i hope it helps


  • Hi Angel Boots,

    My kitchen and living room is actually the same room (open plan) and it is decorated red - I have red cushions on the sofa and a red and yellow (gold?) tea towel hanging over the oven door! But I have looked in both these places again and still found nothing? Could you expand on this? I feel you may be onto something!

    x x x

  • the first image on reading this was the oven door it has a lip on the inside ?

  • if you have washed the teatowel it may be the inside of the washer i see then sincerely hope this is helping cos its freaking me out a little !!

  • Hi Angel Boots,

    That is so strange! I did just take the oven apart with a screwdriver and there is nothing there 😞

  • am so sorry i will try to focus more and keep you updated if anything else comes through. Please dont expect too much as it is all very very new to me.

    Best of Luck

    loving light


  • Dear soontobemrs,

    I have never tried to find a lost object before. At least through divine intervention lol. I have always asked my angels to find things for me, or point me towards it. Let me ask them now if they can give any direction and I'll type what they say below:

    did you check your spice containers? I don't know if this would be your cannisters? Or maybe something that you had out you were cooking with?

    That is what I heard though I don't know what you have for spice containers! Let me know if you find anything!

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Hi Beth,

    I did go home last night and look inside all my pots and jars again. Still nothing. We have taken everything out of the kitchen cupboards and checked every single item as we put it back.

    I can;t understand how something can just vanish. I am utterly heartbroken!

  • Hello soontobemrs,

    I'm sorry you haven't been able to find your ring yet. Perhaps it will help if we can ease your emotions.

    Why are you so "utterly heartbroken" over its disappearance? What does your engagement ring mean to you?

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