Venus in Cancer

  • Does anyone have any insight with this particular placement? My man has venus in cancer and we just had a long convo about his previous gf and EVERYTHING that didnt go well with their relationship. Im kind of surprised at this as I thought cancer was a secretive sign of sorts.....well that combined with his scoprio moon made me assume that. And while I expected some info I got like front row seats to the past....... 🙂 Insights anyone?

  • I am a cancer but I am in no way secretive. I have no problems sharing my emotions and my past. Venus I believe is just show they are with relationships on a romantic and friendship level. So he has Cancerian traits when it comes to it

  • Thanks are you in relationships then? If you dont mind me asking? He's not big on sharing emotions.....he's a gemini....but i was rather floored at the influx of info from his past. Any info is appreciated. 🙂

  • My man also has Venus (and sun) in Cancer. Men with Venus in Cancer are more domestic, traditional about love, protective of their loved ones, sensitive to their environment and other peoples’ moods. The venus in a man’s chart represents the qualities they look for in a mate, so in Cancer, they would seek a cancerian image of a women.

  • This is what I was told about men and relationships:

    1. look to his descendant to determine what he is attracted to in a woman.

    2. look to his moon for what he needs emotionally.

    3. look to his venus for what he is physically/s*xually attracted to.

    The most important thing is his moon. If it comes down to a choice between physical attraction and having his emotional needs met, he will always choose the emotional needs. Remember we are talking about LOVE, not a player!

  • My love is a Gemini, moon in cancer and Venus in Leo. I am a cancer, moon in leo, Venus in Gemini lol. See the similarities??? We are supposed to be the worst couple according to our sun signs but we love each other so much.

    How am I in relationships?? Well... If u couldn't tell I'm a female but starting off I am a huge player, charmer, and flirt. I have always got the attention or phone number of a guy I am attracted to. That doesn't mean I like him in that way just yet but I do it because I like the attention guys shower me with and I could see them as a possible date. But once I date someone, I am 100% faithful and will treat u like gold. But I am also expecting a serious relationship.... I won't date someone unless I can see myself being with that person for a long time.

    When I get into arguments, I hide in my shell.... I hate disagreements and confrontation. And to me, a relationship gets sour fast with too many arguments. I want everything to be good, no games

    played, no toying with my emotions especially. When I hide in my shell I want my space, I want to be left alone, I will come back to u when I am ready. If I don't.... Then it's pretty much over.

  • thanks so much all!!! He has recently been very "let me help around the house", let me help/do this and that for you, and I was happily surprised. As a taurus I can definitely appreciate a man that can help around the house but he has as of lately been VERY consistent in telling me and showing me how much he's happy around the house. funny cause i never pictured him as the sort....we were friends for a while and this other side of him is nice to discover. And I have ntocied how much he loves the consistency inemotions.....he seems to flourish under the consistent love.....dont we all??? lol

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