Mad Pisces Man

  • Hey guys, I am currently dating a Pisces for the first time in my life and we are having our first real fight. I said something that apparently really hurt his feeling and he will not respond to my call or text so that I can say I am sorry. What works best with a man from this sign?

  • Let him be for a little while. He needs his space to get his mind around what happened.

  • Thanks!

  • As a Pisces man I agree with fishyOne. I don't like conflict, so when I argue with a loved one I will submerge myself beneath the surface and retreat for a while. When I come back up, I'm usually feeling stronger for it and ready to accept and give forgiveness. In fact, don't be surprised if he is the first to say sorry 🙂

  • Thanks, I really appricate the insight. Since this is my first expierence with a man of this sign I will take your word for it. I will just give him his speace and hope soon than later I hear back from him. Thanks again! Any further insight you can give me on understanding your sign would be great.

  • even though I am a pisces female. The coming inside ourselves is a common trate for females and males. We tend to like to go inside our heads and analyse, think over. Especially if we say "please let me be" or "give me some time alone" we mean it! Dont push us then, because it could backfire. But always show you are still there, sudden coldness will make us think you might not care as much. Attention we like and even though sometimes we tend to seem very tough on the outside, on the inside its all mushy and cloudy.

    Dont worry, he will come around. Show you care, show you understand his needs, let him be but dont push. I think we all no matter which sign like to see that others understand the need to be alone for a moment

  • We can torment ourselves. We are our own worst critics. Our love can sometimes come across as all encompassing, a sort of universal love for all of humankind. Like a school of fish we know we're all connected, but we also know each individual fish is just as important. You are just as important.

    If you ever feel his love is a bit "wishy-washy", do tell him, but gently. Appreciate his gift of universal love, but explain that sometimes you like to feel singled out and put in his spotlight.

    Share your dreams with him, he'll enjoy helping you make them a reality.

  • Thanks guys! You advice has given me peace of mind. I lost a lot of sleep last night after receiving the silent treatment all day and was feeling really negative about the situation, but after reading these posts I feel like I am able to be patient and trust he will come around.

  • Live your life and try not to look at your phone every 5 minutes 😉

    pisces are extremly sesnsitive and emotional. sometimes we even blow things way out of proportion. sometimes it is done to get more attention but need for space is ( am speaking for me now) not a break up its just that - need for space.

  • Same for me fishyOne; need for space

  • Thanks again fishy one. I hate to be ignored and he knows that so he knows this is driving me crazy. I know Pisces do not like conflict and I am not a big fan myself, I just like to talk it out instead of drag it on. It all started because we have only seen eachother 1 time in 2 weeks when normally we see eachother almost everyday even if only for 20 mins. I got defensive and sent him a nasty text message only to recieve a pretty hostile one in return. I immidiatley tried to rectify the situation but have not gotten a response since. Sorry to go on about this but you seem to understand because when I read what you write I feel better even if just for a few minutes.

  • We Pisces need to talk it out with ourselves first. Sometimes I forget I haven't actually talked it out with my loved ones at all and come round as if it happened weeks ago!

  • Write it all out if it will help you get through whan you are feeling that is why these forums exist.

    I think it is good you show that it wasnt as bad as you wrote it. I understand where you are coming from.

    My thoughts is that maybe the lack of time he had for you was because of some other situations in his life and the text from you just made his little world in the clouds tumble down for a bit.

    I am sorry I dont have the pisces male point of view here. All I can do is try and help you from what I know 🙂 I have never dated a pisces male so I can not know for sure how they act.

    Trust me, I know how ignoring hurts, its one of the wors "hurts" there can be, for me atleast.

    I still do belive that space here is only space and that you should give it to him because I think there are other issues in his mind right now (hence the lack of time) and well I think he can tackle one thing at a time.

    IF he doesnt get in touch within a time you would consider "normal" maybe try again, leting him know that what ever he is going through you would like to be apart of and that you dont want to pressure him but that by being excluded you dont feel good. Just leting him know you are there for him and are willing to just listen and maybe not even give advice, just listen and be there

  • I think you are right about something else going on his life because he did send me a text a little while ago but he is not himself. Still seems very standoffish, like something is up. He seems so distracted, I want to just back away because if he is stressed out I dont want to be another source of that stress, but I dont want him to think I dont care cause that is clearly not the case.

    Writing it out definately helps, but a crystal ball sure would be nice.

  • He is I guess opening up a little. Yes, do not push him. I know how frustrated I can get when I ask for space and dont get it, instead I get 10 more people asking "whats wrong".

    Maybe just try to show you would be there for him if he is willing to share what is bothering him.

    Tell him you dont want to be another cause of stress and that you hope he shares his burden with you.

    maybe family problems, who knows.

    let him come at his own pace

  • Many thanks, I cant say it enough. You have been so helpful the last few days. I saw you to are going through some heartache. I wish I could offer advice for you, like you have for me but I only know one Gemini man and he has never been a romantic interrest for me. But I am here to listen if you need to vent, god knows you have listened to me.

  • No need to thank me so much, I like to help if I can 🙂

    thank you for wanting to listen though, I used my little topic to let it all out and yes It is helpfull to write it all out.

    I truely hope your little mad pisces man comes back to you and that you resolve your problem.

    See I never fell for a pisces I guess it would be too emotionally mushy, but the flackey gems to catch my eye

    Hope you are feeling better, and that he gives you a call/text some time soon. I really know how you feel and the waiting gets hard, I know, stay strong and keep yourself busy

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