Captain - May I have a reading please? - thank you~

  • If you have moment Captain, can you do another reading for me? Thank You!

    I was wondering if you see any improvement in our situation? My birthday May 28th 1964, his July 1st 1966.

    Here was your reading from February...

    Your husband is an oversensitive soul who may have felt unloved as a child. Emotional setbacks and traumas in his life have left him with a certain wariness and feelings of unworthiness. To protect himself, he has learned to be guarded and secretive when he is troubled. He feels you may only look to him for financial support and that the relationship is turning sour. You have a need to be in control of your situation and your husband has a big fear of disapproval and rejection so he tends to put on a false front of contentment and go along with what you want. But it makes him feel bad and inside he is very unhappy. He is in a process of soul-searching to find out what he really wants from life. He feels he cannot confide in you because of his fear of rejection and disapproval. Your husband seeks self-worth through others and what he really wants is for someone to understand him and his emotional needs. He wants a relationship that is mutually empowering, completely dependable, and is based on passion, rather than loyalty. So yes, he might be looking for someone who will give this to him - I don't feel he has found that someone yet.

    Do you have children? Because there is a contradiction in your husband that if he doesn't have them, he wishes he did but, if he does have them, he wishes he didn't. He may wish he could channel his creative instincts into an artistic endeavour rather than into children. Your husband loves deeply - maybe too deeply - and his needs can be so complex, so intense, so gripping that the only way he can overcome this 'possession' is to walk away from it.

    You are both very self-protective and it is important that neither of you retreats into a shell of isolation but rather talk things out and express your true feelings and worries. Try to rely more on what is felt than is said. Trust your instincts and develop a more open atttiude towards an emotional connection with your husband. Learn the value of surrender as opposed to the value of winning. I feel that work issues are also bothering your husband but that he doesn't want to burden you with his problems. Be his rock of support and make him feel safe about showing his soft, vulnerable side. Make him feel sex*y and worthy of love. Your husband must learn to forgive and forget all the slights he has suffered in the past and to replace any aggressive or fearful attitudes with joy and acceptance. If you are to be his salvation, you must ground him in earthy, practical ways and lift him out of the emotional 'swamp' he is splashing around in. Help him find his passion and encourage him to develop any creative talents he may have. It may even turn out to be a profitable venture.

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