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  • Hi...

    I am wondering what books, candles, scents, etc...Are the best to get right now to hlep mentor myself in providing a calm, positive home and atmosphere wherever I go. I want to inspire my kids with positive energy. Right now I am overflowing with anxiety and distress and I know and have been told over and over to push the negative thoughts away...but sometimes it's hard. I have a candle I light in the early mornings and say a little "push the negative away..."

    I feel like a spinning top and my kids are such empaths that they take it off me ten fold.

    Thanks in advance!

    Molly 5/8/72

  • Oh..It's a time frame thing...waiting on the unknown that will unfold in the next month...Just need some help to learn to hurdle the humps better. 🙂

  • MollyKathleen,

    Lavender is very calming and comforting. I suggest making sure you are getting either the herb as sleeping sachets or something utilizing the “essential oil”, otherwise, you may just be getting a manufactured scent that does not have the same properties and for a lot of people these manufactured scents only cause more irritation.

    If you have some amethyst and or rose quartz; you can use them for soothing and energy regulation. (Depending on how young your children are and as to whether they can handle small objects.)

    For negativity already in the house, smudging is always good.

    One practice I have been using for years for providing a calm, positive home atmosphere is visualizing the white light of protection. I do this almost every night.

    When I lay down in bed, I ground myself and feel a part of the earth.

    Once I am calm, I visualize a shield of white translucent light pulling up from the ground on one side of the house. (I usually state in my head, “I place the white light of protection over my house, my home and my family.”)

    Continue visualizing this shield pulling up over the roof and down the other side, looping under the foundation and meeting up with the other end.

    Now you will have a full sphere of translucent white light encompassing your entire home.

    I then state in my head the following:

    “This protection expels all negative energy from my home.” (I visualize smoky grey tendrils being shot out of the top of the shield and drifting away)

    “This protection also repels any negative energy directed towards my home.”

    “All this negative energy is to be dissipated out into the aether” (old thought of what space was made of and where energy comes from) I only do this so I know this energy is not going straight to some one else’s house to wreck havoc.

    “This white light of protection also attracts and welcomes positive energy and blessings to come into my home and provide a calm nurturing atmosphere”

    At this point I mentally state:

    “I heap a multitude of blessings upon my son.” (imagine him receiving these in his sleep and seeing a calm and wonderful smile creep upon his face.)

    I do the same thing for my husband and then finally for myself, by this time I am all smiles.

    This takes about five minutes and has the added benefit of putting me in a calm mood for going to sleep afterwards.

    Doing this every night will rejuvenate it and allow it to continue the protection throughout the day as well.


    PS: If you bake, an apple pie in the oven creates a incredibly calm atmosphere in a home. Lots of realtors/managers use this trick to make prospective buyers feel homey when they visit.

  • Very good! I live out in the middle of I was wondering what kind of things I could get sent on line. I am printing off what you wrote. Thank you soooo much! It's such a visual picture you bring to life what I can do.

    Blessings and peace to you,

    Can you suggest a site to order these items from?

    Thanks so much!


  • Very good! I live out in the middle of I was wondering what kind of things I could get sent on line. I am printing off what you wrote. Thank you soooo much! It's such a visual picture you bring to life what I can do.

    Blessings and peace to you,

    Can you suggest a site to order these items from?

    Thanks so much!


  • For crystals you can try for the rest, since I do not buy online I realy can't recomend but you can find smudge sticks and lavender sachets and oil at amazon but may be expensive.

    Otherwise, search the web for wiccan, spiritual, shamanic or metaphysical supplies.

    Lavender can be bought as an "herb" that you then place in your own bags (can be bought as well usually in the same site) as saches and would probably be the cheapest method.

    Lavender oil is usually under "Aromatherapy" products and is a preparation made with lavender essential oils in a carrier base oil (jojoba or almond are the better carriers) Unless you know how to make your own preparations using essential oils I do not recomend buying the actual pure essetial oil. (Which isn't an oil at all but an extremly strong essece extracted from the plant. Which is why it is mixed as only a few drops in a full bottle of carrier oil or in a bar of soap or a lotion.)

    Most of the site will have smudge sticks. I use white sage which is the one most used. I have seen some that are white sage and lavender combined but know little about it,. They may be trying to soften the smeel of the white sage which smells like marijuna. So don't smudge just before your mother in law comes to visit LOL. Buy the small sticks and I carry a plate around with me when I smudge to catch any of the live ashes that sometimes fall off as you move around the room. has articles on smudging and many other useful information like feng shui which can really help as well.

    As for the white light, you can do that for free and start tonight. Maybe wait till tomorrow for the apple pie. I'm can remember the trick but they managed to bake it all day, like maybe at a very low temperature or something. But you probably will want to eat it so maybe just bake it up. If you don't bake (I don't) I just slow boil some cut up apples and cinnamon on the stove then later after the house smells nice, I add some suger and corn starch and put it over a waffle or pancake with dinner.

  • Great information! Thanks! You both have been a huge help to my needs. I have been lighting a white candle in the mornings but didn't know where to go from there.

    I'm excited to try it all in hopes of positive surroundings.

    Blessings and a huge thanks! (Have a fridge drawer full of apples...know just what to do!)


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