Hi i cannot read for myself need thorough insight on this one

  • Because I screwed up and entered this under another post, and cut and paste didnt work you may be seeing this twice. believe me once is enough. Sorry

    Dearest Light,

    Please advise my on my relationship with C. I met c when I hired him to paint my home ,three years ago. We recognised eachother immediately. We searched and searched our memories of this lifetime and found no connection. I have not lived in this part of the state for very long.

    When we speak, about anything, the connection we have is indescribable. We have the same belief systems, we have the same loves, passions, we even have the same favorite joke. We belong to the same metaphysical societies and have attended many of the same lectures, classes, concerts and are both ordained by the same church. All at different times.

    We share the identical life goals, as a matter of fact we have given talks on the same subject during the same time period, without knowing each other. Interesting picture, huh

    Although our lives are bent on the same spiritual path, as many souls are. It can be a little unnerving to have someone so close to your soul. When we are together our clairvoiant energy doubles. People have observed a light around us when we are together. My youngest daughter, 24 and a very straight laced, educated woman, saw this light and said "omg what is this, what is happening " She kissed me good bye quickly, she said her lips were itchy and tingly the entire ride home.

    what is the future of this relationship. I need to know.


    and many thanks


    Sadly he was in an accident in Oct which culminated in a broken neck. He is just returning to work part time. Presently he is in Florida with his family. We are both married to other people that we do not like, however we have kept our marital vows in tact.

    I have not seen him for a while, my soul misses him.

  • Twinsoul, I am being told this is a 'mirror' soulmate who has been sent to you to reveal to you more about yourself and your effect on others. I don't believe this is meant to be a lifelong love relationship, more a teaching experience. There were aspects of yourself that needed to be shown to you and this person did that for you. He - and you - have other work to do apart. Together you would tend to forget your mission and other people and only focus on each other.


  • very true captain he has been my finest soul teacher to date i do work less when he meanders around and my work is the purpose of my life here

    looking for other opinions as well as yours want to get a grasp of others on this forum if you were in the US id offer you a job lol best to you captain my blessings are with you

  • To clarify, it would be best to keep this man as just a good riend and source of support. Any closer a relationship will interfere with the work you both have to do apart. You will often have much physical distance between you as you work, but that will not be as important as the emotional and mental closeness.

  • thank you my dear captian that was sweet i am glad we will remain friends best anyway hes a bit of a drunk lol

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