You are all so amazing and inspirational

  • Hi one and all, i just wanted to say that although i have only been here for a month and i am still getting to know my around the site i have found each and everyone of you to be so extremely helpful and yes i will say it again inspirational. Even though i do not really know anybody here and visa versa i truly feel the love and depth of feeling from you all, to the point where i can lay in my bed at night and think about you individually and marvel at how truly beautiful the world is with all of you in it.

    I do however feel terrible that i am unable to reciprocate in the same way, i am still finding my feet with myself and it kinda scares me to delve into myself. I dont know why. I have had some experiences with spirit yet feel i am holding them back or they are holding me back until i have made sense of myself. Does that make sense ??

    I am a topsy turvy kind of sagi by that i mean i do not seem to focus on one topic/idea/book/song/film/person for long, or at one time. It can often sound as though i am jumping between 5-6 discussions within one conversation. Which although it makes sense in my head is rather confusing for the listener or reader.

    I am now at a crossroad i believe in 'finding' who i am, and sourcing the courage to be true to myself. I am 44 years old and still lose myself in others and am so frustrated that i am unable to talk my way through problematic encounters with others. And yet when i hear sound advise from many of you here i find i am unable to actually get started with it, is my head lazy? How do i literally deal with my past, i know it will never go away, but how do i deal with it in order to be true to myself. I have been told that i think toooooo hard and over analyse everything, i have sought help through doctors and counsellors and even hypnotherapy, i thought too hard about the latter and went and did a hypno course, i am qualified and yet i seem to have no confidence in being able to 'perform', and yet my love is to help others with their problems and inhibitions.

    Anyway, i just wanted to let you all know how much i appreciate all the work you do for others here and that hopefully through your love and kindness i will one day 'find' my authentic self and be able to do the same for others aswell.

    Oh and a big fat thanks for letting me blow off a little steam !!

    loving light and prayers to one and all

    Angelboots (Karen ) x

  • I'd like to echo that sentiment. I am truly astounded by the level of help offered on these forums. It's so honest and genuine.

    As for you Angelboots, I think you are closer to your genuine self than you realise 🙂 You just need to find and place those final missing pieces. Coming here and reaching out is certainly a step in the right direction.

    At the end of the day we are all teachers, we all have our lessons to impart. Trust that you have knowledge and experience in areas that others don't. Hypnotherapy for example. Offer your advice, share your knowledge and know that you will grow as a result.

    Also, going by what you have written, instead of looking at this as something that will eventually happen, think of it as something you are going to make happen. Does that make sense? Make the conscious decision to find yourself today.

  • thank you PH sometimes you just need to hear it out loud to actually make it happen

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