Capricorn Male Issues. Please help me out

  • I've got it BAD for a Capricorn male and he sees me as his friend only. I'm a Leo by the way.

    I have felt a connection to him since I first met him. I really love everything about him.

    We talk a lot (just on a close friend level) and he has told me he's here for me if I never need him, and I told him the same thing. I bought him a small gift awhile back because he was going through a tough time and he said he couldn't express how much he appreciated it. But for some reason he calls me "buddy" a lot (sure sign I'm in the friend's zone) and treats me as a friend instead of anything else.

    I do know he's been having lots of drama with an ex Scorpio who pulls him in and tosses him aside every so often.

    I just wondered if there's anything I can do or say to make him see me as something besides his "loving Leo" and something more.

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  • My ex is a Capricorn.....and he has very defined lines in who he has as freinds vs. dating/relationship/other extracurricular activity his life. When they are your friend they put that above all else. The problem lies in the fact that if he's already slotted you as a friend getting him to think differently about that......and that in itself is tough. If you think taurus is stubborn you aint seen nothing yet. I will tell you, when it is/was someone he couldnt have THEN he started to show an interest. Flirt with him let him know you're interested a bit then for lack of better words play hard to get. If he doesnt go after you then .....well, you may not have a chance at anything but for a while. Sorry I wish I had better news but based on what I know of the caps in my it's going to be a bit of work! Good luck!

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