Will I ever have any more children?

  • Will I ever have any more children?

    I have asked this question to two different psychics.

    #1 - yes - I see a boy in your future

    #2 - absolutely yes - 3 more

    OK, so here is the deal

    I have 3 biological children. a 14 yr old boy and 10 yr old twin girls

    I have 3 stepchildren (all boys - 16,12,8)

    So I'm not sure if psychic #2 was picking up on the 3 step children..or future biological children..

    In December 2009, I had surgery, a huge cyst along with my right ovary and fallopian tube was removed. WORST physical pain I have ever experienced in my life.

    6 months ago, my doctor told me I had another cyst developing on my left ovary and it needed to be removed also. A full hysterectomy was the suggestion.. I am 32 yrs old..

    The doctor agreed to "wait and watch" to see if the cyst continues to grow - He said I "CAN" get pregnant but with 1/2 a reproductive system, I have an every other month chance.

    So do you see ANY future biological children for me?

    Also, any reading on why the cyst developed in the first place?

    Question: Am I "trying" to get pregnant?

    Answer: NO - But not preventing it either.. (no birth control, etc.)

    But ever since I was told a full hysterectomy, just the thought of having the option of another child being taken away

    Has made me reconsider this.

    Thank you in advance for any reading

  • Just to show you can procreate is a bad bad reason to have a child - it's like you want to prove you are still a functioning woman. You already have six children in your life - focus on raising them as well as you can. That is your true test of being a woman and mother.

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