Am I raising my husband's "Biological" children?

  • Am I raising my husband's "Biological" children?

    I KNOW the first child is his biological child, there is NO denying it.

    Now the 2nd and 3rd child.. I have huge doubts.

    #1 - they look NOTHING like their father. Not facial structure, hair, eyes - nothing.

    Not even baby pictures have similarity...

    #2 - Both children were conceived right after "mom" got caught cheating with another man. This happened twice. (one of the children is 12yrs old and the other 8yrs old)

    She convinced my husband, she wanted to make their marriage work and be a family again.

    In order to do that, she wanted to have another child and a fresh start.

    Ta-Da - She conveniently got pregnant immediately. Or was she already with another man's child, just pretending it was her husband that got her pregnant.

    And again.. This happened TWICE..

    Please let me know if you pick up on anything.

    Thank you in advance

    I have brought this to my husbands attention. He says "It doesn't matter if they are or not"

    He has raised them (we have full time custody) He doesn't want to find out if they are biologically

    his. He says it wouldn't matter - But he just doesn't want to know.

  • He's right - it doesn't matter. All that matters is that the innocent children are raised with love. If you love him, you must respect his wishes on this.

  • Creativestock,

    I agree with TheCaptain but, I wonder, why does it matter to you?

  • Dear Creativestock,

    I'm compelled to chime in here...from an angel message perspective. I'm hearing the following message to pass on to you...

    "We ask one thing of you, and that is to stop putting yourself first. You are filled with a sense of loss...and are directing that on the living. That is simply not a fair thing to do. We know what the children are in your you? Do you know that they are there to teach you during your spiritual journey? Do you know that they too have spiritual journeys that they are on, and they need you just as much as you need them to complete them? The biology of a child does not a parent make. Goodness. The children are just as much God's children as you are his child. Each of his children is a miracle. You of all people should know this. We beseech you to spend time connecting with your Creator, your Higher Power, your faith. Your fears are controlling your life these days...and all that should be at the helm is love. Your heart should be filled to the brim with love of yourself and instead we see it lost amongst your fears. Faith banishes your fears. Walk with faith. And let it begin the healing process."

    Although a short passage, I personally feel quite drained after writing this. I just sense a lot of turmoil creativestock. Not something that can be resolved in a little forum posting I understand. But churning turmoil. I'm so sorry all of this is going on. But know that your angels love you, and will do anything to help you. First, though, you must ask them for help. Simple to say, harder to do. But once you do...your life begins to change for the better.

    Miss Beth

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