Blmoon how can I connect?

  • Beth I have a ringing in my ear constantly ever since i had that lebrenitious and lost the hearing in my left ear its like if you soot a riffle in a closed area how it does well i hear that constant so its kinda hard for me to know if i do .

    Beth the other thing i have got to experience is i got to go to the 12th realm and hug my brother Jesus and he said one day you will be standing here with me .It has been amazing the things i have seen and experience but what you wouldn't believe is we think it is grand to see all these things and to talk to the Angels but what i have found out is the grandest experience in the all of existence and in every part of the universe from every life form there is, the most grandest to experience is to be Human it is the ultimate experience ,and we think of our selves as the lesser . I found all this out from Andrea and she even showed me where we where from it was pretty had 3 planets orbiting it like our moon does .

    But also the jewel of all the universe the grandest of all planets is Mother Earth. I have felt Love beyond this world i can not even come close to explaining and that is the Love i found with Andrea and the kicker is she is me and they brought us back together as one but i wanted someone i could touch here in the 3rd with me to go threw all this and they promised that and i don't know if that had ever been done before but i did not see Andrea for over 3 weeks and i got mad and very up set and Michael said she had left to prepare to be with me .

    I ask several times if she would look like that here and she said yes and it did kinda bother me cause she is 37 and here i am nearly 60 and old looking and she said Tooter its not what you look like its what is in your Heart and she laughed and said you will live to be over a 150 years old and i said in this body and they all laughed that is when i seen that big smile on Michael and she said then we would all be getting younger and our bodies changing and believe me i am ready for that.

    I even told Michael one time he needed to lighten up some dont be so serious all the time and Beth it just hit me them were my words to Michael but i didnt tell him to go plant some roses but he did know how much i enjoy them .

    I was a little worried about who was sending you messages ,but i remembered you always ask for the light to protect and surround you and guide you while your receiving the messages, how about that wait till i talk to him and i did last night but Father also spoke last night but our main conversation is between him and me ,but i did ask about you and he said he would talk to you .

    Now i cant wait to talk to Michael and ask him about that its a man thing between us i guess or with him now Gabriel like cutting up but i have noticed he always looking at Michael like to see if its ok sometimes its funny like brothers.

    One time when Andrea was going to tell me something when she had been gone and i am trying to not be mad but i am and she is just smiling and giggling and Gabriel had this big grin on his face and i finely said what ,what are you so happy about and Gabriel said tell him ,tell him Andrea and Michael gave that look at Gabriel like shut up and thats when Andrea told me i was going to be a father and Gabriel was saying yes yes and even Micheal was even smiling half way they were all like a bunch of kids i didn't want to spoil the mood for Andre she was so happy about it and she finally said aren't you happy ? That is impossible i stopped that years ago and she said Oh Tooter that does not matter you are going to be a father and then Fathers voice came and said yes Tooter and it will be one of the first born in the new beginning and there will be lots more and you will have more and they will be the ones who will take care of Mother Earth the guardians.

    So there has been a few changes since we have talked some times ok a lot of times i am like a little kid who is not getting what he wants when he wants or when he thinks he needs it and i have to back up and remember a lot of this and be reminded just were i have been and what has happen.

    How many have you ever heard of that has got to go to the 12 realm and hug Jesus or go to other realms or to their home world and see the being you are or even having a marriage in the 5th realm they call blending but it is the spiritual marriage of the Twin flames and i am very very grate full to you cause of what you shared with me all these other things become possible and i Thank you so much and i Love you for it Tooter

  • Think thats beautiful- kinda like a magic story, from a book 🙂 hehehe. Only it is very real to you, i hope i get as far as that one day lol- Love ya tooter. and of course you too Beth.

    Bee Xx

  • Thanks Tooter and Bee!

    Wow Tooter you are in places I've never been. I did try the meditation last night. Twice. In a row. I didin't see anything. I tried. I try to visualize the pyramid and the flowers and the pathway. I just really use my imagination to kind of paint that in my mind but I don't see colors. I of course have my eyes closed and just see behind my eye lids. Dark. If you hear of another way through your communications, let me know. I'm in the practicing mood. I did get the title of a book though through it, so that was exciting. Onward we go my friend. So nice to reconnect. And yes, the Father (I call him Pops) is just a question away and he fills my head with light/brightness, hard to explain, so I know it's him. And his voice comes from the center of my head in terms of proximity. Since I hear, I have "stations" for his voice to emanate from. It's quite a friendly soft voice...nothing like you may think it would be.

    Angel love to you,


  • Beth This is what is to be for everyone in time for those here and most will go on to other realms but we are to guide the ones here to the light every thing as we perceive as normal becomes abnormal the easiest way i can explain it is out with the old and in with the new and the old way of thinking and doing will be gone forever to be no more.

    We will be one mind with many Hearts and Mother will provide every thing we need and we will be connected as one to her and Father and with the knowledge of both no leaders no gurus or presidents all as one just guides and we will be moving from self to service to others and the ego will not rule as it has and yes it is a grand time to be alive and very soon our very objective our full attention will be needed and every thing will be put aside for this purpose .OH there is so much more . Love Tooter

  • Beth- you ever try asking them why you cannot see yet? 🙂 Just a thought.


    Tooter/Grandpa Love ya and thanks for your lovely messages Bee Xx

  • I meant- why you cannot see them yet? Perhaps you need to work on the seeing too 🙂

    Bee Xx

  • Beth I forgot to mention and see if you or anyone else who wants to get a crystal and have Mother and Father bless it and to wear it around your neck and not take it off this is important this will give us connection and help protect us in the dark times to come. When i say dark times it is in the 3rd as we perceive but in the collective it is the grand time of renewal the new Heaven here on earth.and if you can imagine a Mother and Father building the grandest home ever for their children that is what is happening ,but there will be some very trying times ahead and i have been trying my best to soften what is to be and the ones who have chosen to go threw these times we are going to need every thing within us to get threw it ,but it is a very rewarding experience to be chosen for this and i will not tell you it is going to be easy but is it worth it ? OH YES it is beyond measure and the Earth i have seen is beyond grander but you have a choice of what path you take and remember there is no right or wrong path and i would say seek you Heart for that guidance even Father will not make that choice for you .

    My path was set a lot of years ago and that was the path i chose and i have known all along i would go threw these times and i also knew i would need every thing i have ever learned for this time, so it is a lot to consider and it is not like flipping a switch and every thing is OK there is a lot before this new Earth come into her full glory . Love Ya Tooter

  • Hi Bee,

    Seeing is a psychic gift, called clairvoyance. Many people have it, and can't hear like I can (called clairaudience). I have been told I will see...but I am blocking it. I just think okay, I don't know how I'm blocking it, so angels come on down and unblock it by letitng me see you. But so far, that hasn't worked. Tooter posted a link for a meditation so I did it last night. No visions. I look and look and if I hear a noise, open my eyes and still can't see a thing. I would love to sit at the kitchen table like Tooter and just have a little chat.

    I had to practice over 20 years to get to where I am at now on the hearing front of things, so it's a matter of practicing I'm sure. Trying to open the third eye. I have looked for local workshops and such but have had no luck. Maybe there is something online, but I haven't located it. I just have this vision of a human teaching this class touching by head, and voila! I can see clairvoyantly lol.

    Blessings to you,


  • Beth on the meditation i took several deep breaths and let them out slowly and tried clearing my mind and ask for the light to guide me doing this and i did just as it said and like you i tried imagined in my mind still i could get a picture in my head looking at it like i could feel me standing there looking at the pyramid structure and how pretty and clear it was and the purple color of it like glass on the outside with amethyst crystals that filled all of the glass then i proceed down the path of white stone ,it was smooth like concrete except it was a crystal white and i went in and set on the silver cushion just as it said then ask to meet my Higher self, my guide of the light and of the Christ conscience and if no one came to try again latter and if one does come and set on the golden cushion ask them that and if not thank them and ask them to leave and ask for your higher self .

    Now for me as i watched that path and the women who came in shocked me it was the same one i seen in the dream and then in the vision i seen of Earth and the clarity is so amazing its kinda like looking in a mirror and all this happening and i see me in it . But i will never forget how she looked and what she was wearing a white gown like a strap gown to the floor kinda like nylon but it wasn't every move was like a rainbow of different colors and she was gorgeous i was thinking man man she is nice, but i did just as it said and ask if she was my higher self my guide of Christ conscience my guide to the light and she said yes Tooter i am and i am your higher self i am you then Michael and Gabriel came in and i ask the same and he said yes Tooter we will be with you always to guide and protect you and then a another women named Mersaie .

    But what really got my attention was her saying she was me i didn't understand that ,and the other was them calling me Tooter and Beth when i looked into her eyes and her into mine i knew there that is what i have searched my whole life for . That sent me own a quest of knowledge i did not know what a higher self was but i have sure learned since .

    I hope this might help but keep trying seek you Heart before Love Ya Tooter

  • Your meditation didn't work for me either Tooter, maybe it was just for you, beautiful though, remember timing is everything and we can't rush the Universe, whats forever for us is nothing to them, Infinity. It took about a year for my Third Eye to open, there is a gland/muscle called the Pineal Gland in your brain it used to be big they say but from non use it shrinks, we have to excercise it and it will grow that controls the Third Eye, try Sacred Geometry, it really seems to like it. Tooter is living in the 5D dimension already, what an honor. We all will get there, Tooter gotta get the necklace Crystal too, don't have one yet.

    They do respond well with the Pyramids though may try it again, who knows! Love yall!

  • Beth Oh Beth you are short changing your self your limit is the one you set, they didn't, look at your words you wrote, you limit your self go as if a child take out what you know and don't know and just be .Reach down into your heart and see what you willing to give are you willing to give everything even your last breath for Fathers will .

    A prayer i use to confirm and recommit has helped me a lot over the years .

    Father i offer my self to thee,to build with me and to do with me as thou wilt, relieve me of the bondage of self, that i might better do thy will, take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those i might help of thy Power ,Thy Love ,and thy way of life . May i do thy will always .

    This is my prayer today and has been for many years and some on here know that prayer very well and use it to but time has sped up and grows short as we know it so the learning processes are moving quick to and they are very important so Beth may this prayer be said from the Heart as a child secure in the arms of its Mother if this is the path you choose it has to come from the Heart of Love . Love Freely Given I give To You Tooter

  • The knowledge is there and the path is clear but only you can make that choice and it has to come from the Heart that is why Father said let all chose their path but only Love and Truth will survive own the new Earth and them are Fathers words not mine but we are to just guide to the light and each one has to chose their path.

    Poetic you need to get your crystal really, love you and i say this as a friend because i really care Love Tooter

    These words are for all who seek Love and Truth and to be of the Light and my job is to help guide you with what has been given to me no more no less

  • Hey Beth- Well that is cool I am guessing perhaps you should try Riki or something like that get into other things, that may take you there. Some teacher will be good for you, and i really would like to have one too. I know i am only young but i would like to follow down the spiritual path whilst i can, i have been practicing meditation i haven't gotten there yet either, and its taking me awhile i am still keeping trying, cant wait to read what you get about my friend, i have these random feelings from her, and the connect with her i have is weird, and i dream of her a lot, and i do appreciate your help, in asking the Angels for me. 🙂 You will find your seeing them one day, i am sure, it just takes time, and i hope i can find a way too hear and see them too. Its good to be on the path with you, as well as others on here, and learning about their experiences is cool.

    Love ya Beth, and thankyou for coming back. 🙂


    Tooter i got the crystal, Its pretty, and wasn't expensive at all, Brought it from Hong kong too, and its amazing. 🙂 Got a bunch of crystals in my room as well, and good to have a neckless one, that is pretty. Thanks Tooter, for telling me about it.

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • So how would we exercise the pineal gland, meditation?

  • In Truth of the heart ,would you give a bottle of poison water to a baby ? No , the more in truth of self we are the more we can tap in to our higher conscientiousness and it comes from the Heart the old way does not work anymore how can you know truth when your living a lie ? How can a vessel contaminated with lies connect to one that is pure in Truth and Love ? Its by getting rid of the things that block the sunlight of the spirit ,and they are covered in the Bible is one book but they are basically the 7 deadly sins we hear of and how they play a part in our lives and how we have made decisions based on them .

    Every where here you will find reference to deal with getting rid of fear and learn to live from the Heart and by doing and being true to self in our motives we can expand our conscientiousness into the realm of the light as long as the Heart is pure with intent . Tooter

  • Thank you Tooter. Your words have touched me recently. You truly are like the wolf is to the Native Americans - a pathfinder. A teacher. In fact, I imagine you to be a wise wolf spirit. I hope that causes no offence.

    I think I am starting to get overwhelmed by everything that I have yet to learn. As I am oft to do, I will seek out knowledge, seek to run before I can crawl and end up falling over. Instead of steadily moving forward.

    One step at a time, while being true to myself. Thank you again Tooter


  • Good Morning All! There are supposed to me massive "awakening" this month many people are supposed to start to remember this month, well the action sure has started with the Earthquakes and storms Tooter.

  • I'll go by the Crystal Store today and see if they have a necklace, need to get something anyway! Thanks

  • Beth also i was not going to ask you this in email. but was wondering if the angels have any messages for me in my spiritual growth, like you i am interested in getting to that place were your in, but may take me some time, when your able, and have free time. you can post here if you like, i am in no rush to know, i was just wondering, if there is any other messages you would have for me, and my progress so far too. I would be grateful. and wishing you a good weekend, if i do not speak to you soon, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Love ya loads Bee Xx

  • You know when we are born we can not walk or even crawl we are totally dependent on our Mother or who ever is taking care of us . have you ever wondered why a baby drives it self to craw or walk it is usually a desire to get or to be some wheres else . How many times did they try before they were even able to stand up?

    This is where we are in time it is a time of renewal cleansing and a new Earth and a new way of living .

    It is a time of growth and to learn to live from the Heart and one mind and many Hearts together as one to the one .Learning in truth has been since the beginning of life and now it is about living from the Heart not the mind and to do this means getting rid of the things that block us off from the sunlight of the spirit that is Truth so we have to get rid of these things that stem from fear and there are many some big some little .

    The more we release these fears and face them the more we are able to see and feel from the Heart and to grow spiritually in Truth and the Light . We do this one step at a time and sometimes 2 steps backward but we keep trying its in trying is were truth begins and in that trying we acquire faith in the goal we seek and threw that faith we take another step .

    We are like baby's learning to walk and with each step we learn to walk better and feel more secure in our self and to help others when they start learning to craw and then walk and as we remove the fears that have blocked us for so long we have learn to run and even soar into the Heavens .

    But that is not the goal the goal is to learn to live from The Heart with Love and compassion for all life and to live in Harmony with the one and Mother Earth as their children .Be leave me when i say Father knows how hard it is taking the steps but also know he is there to guide and comfort you and all you have to do is ask. With Love Tooter

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