Blmoon how can I connect?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    First, I wanted to say thank you for all you do. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you but have a tremendous respect for you and your lightworking ways.

    My personal psychic gift is primarily clairaudience, where I hear our angels and have for many years. I don't see a thing though I've tried and tried to open my third eye to clairvoyance. It may be my Ego, but I keep thinking I need to "do" something to connect more psychically, to raise my psychic antenna to new heights, and wondered what you may see on this front.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance you may have. Angel blessings manyfold to you.


  • I thought you already connected quite well! Everyone is a little different in their process but a message is a message is a message. Not sure what you think you are not getting. When I say spirit says--it can include angels guides or spirits in general--as you know the voice comes very fast at you so I don't always ask who they are. I get images and words--often key words are shown as a big sign. You have to honor your own method and you are right--we all can tune in better. I don't push it--I only respond where I connect--so if I had higher expectations and tried reading for everyone who asked Id feel like a failure. Maybe your expectations are too high. When I read your post--I felt the spirit connection---you heard the message. When something feels healing it is the touch of an angel. I feel you already connect with spirits not just angels.Images may just not be your process but you sure have good ears! Embrace your gift--it is as unique as you are! It's the end result that gives it purpose--does it offer healing? I'm off to bed but you can ask me more if I missed your real concern. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thank you so much for your insights. I do have very high expectations of my gift, and have just assumed that my gifts would expand as well. But my hearing is quite honed...and I would feel disjointed if I just got a key word. You've learned to use the words and your images to paint a picture for those you read for. I use words and sometimes feelings to describe what that picture is. I will feel tears for example. I don't know the person I am reading for obviously, but our angels and spirit guides sure do. In the course of a reading, I will just feel the angels searching for the right words to impart their extreme love and empathy for a person. And I feel their sadness for this person. I also feel a lightness of being when listening...light fills my head, hard to describe, and I know I am centered.

    I definitely can be connecting to spirits and angels, but haven't differentiated. To me, the divine guidance is the divine guidance. And the message comes from our Creator, at least where angels are concerned.

    Can you zero in on any specific spirit guides for me? I've never asked about them, and I'd be curious who it may be. Or maybe it's more than one. I definitely know I'm an old soul, and while I can't see a spirit no matter how hard I try, I feel them and hear them! Or if you see any key words for me, what they are? If anything, it's a validation from a peer and fellow lightworker on our journey together.

    Thank you. God bless. And I don't say that lightly.


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  • Hey sorry to jump in here Beth, I'm told we all have different gifts and all of them can be developed more. I had a dream recently where God/Sprit says they are gonna be giving me two gifts, gifts to see and to hear, still waiting and not gonna worry, maybe there is a reason we don't get them all? Beth you are a like me in a way, I always want more or all. Funny too some people think of there "gifts" as curses, guess it's human nature, good luck on your journey either way. (My two cents).

    "Blessed Be" Both of you's...

  • Dear Poetic,

    I can understand the curse/gift concept. Not a curse literally if you will, but I can see with the gift of seeing for example, you may see things you would rather have not seen. I do know that you can ask to only have the gift in a way so that you are not shown things too scary for you to handle. In my case, I was doing readings once at a fair...and I always pray for guidance beforehand, and asked that I not be told anything scary or anything about a murder. I had a lady come up and the angels were skirting her issues...they would answer, but not directly. I didn't know what was going on, but would repeat what I was told.

    Then, a bit later, I just asked her point blank what the issue was. And was told her daughter had been murdered. Oh my. That was such an "aha" moment for me because my angels were honoring my request...and doing the best they could under the circumstances that I was in.

    Thank you for your input Poetic!

    angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • Yes it's amazing because we have the "Free Will" thing going on, they say all we have to do is ask, you will be getting questions answered instantaneously, starting today, according to a new channel. Exciting times are ahead. I'll link the post.

  • Beth I know i wasn't ask and some think i don't know any thing and that is OK but i want to offer because you just don't know how much and how many doors you opened for me and where it has taken me from your unselfish giving to myself and so many more i am very grateful.

    One voice that has never changed threw out my life is my Fathers voice and i never have any trouble knowing his voice . But there have been others and some try to deceive.But when you said that Micheal was one of my guides made me very grateful and to say he is always with me was even better and since you and me have talked there has been a whole world of changes.

    It started with a dream then a vision and in this vision was a women that was also in my dream and her name is Andrea and i feel in Love with this women and you might say i feel in love with myself ,threw searching and searching i tried a meditation that i was guided to and i got to meet her and threw this meditation i also found out how to make sure it was my guides .

    She was my higher self my Twin Flame but i also got to meet Micheal and Gabriel,also Marsaie,John. All of these have been and are my guides at some point but Michael and Gabriel are all ways there and most of the time Andrea . I could write a book own the experiences i have had and it has been very personal with them even at times when we talk is just like them setting across the table from me and a whole lot more and i see them just as clear as if i am looking in the mirror at myself .

    That is why i said what i did when you brought the message to me ,i have learned my guides very well and we have a lot of talks and i know Micheal very well and i know there are some who do not want me saying some of the things i say because its bad for business but i do and say what i am ask to do just as they ask me to say it and when .

    I do not clam to be a physic and will not clam to be one ,my main purpose is to do my Fathers will and the job i was ask to do a long time ago and to do what my guides ask me to do and its not about fear or instillling fear its about informing just as it is given and when it is give to do that.

    I am not here to build a reputation or to make me look good it is not about me ,its about learning and getting rid of what is blocking off the sunlight of the spirit and being in Truth and connecting to the light so i can better serve Father and Mother Earth .

    But i was guided to offer this to you so you to can experience what you seek and they want you to experience this also but that is your choice and i am just a messenger also but i am grateful to you because you helped me so much . Here is that place about the meditation and the how . Love Tooter

  • Hi Tooter,

    So wonderful to hear from you! I'm so thrilled you've met Michael and I envy you for seeing him. Trust me, I've looked and looked and can't see a 7 foot tall angel anywhere lol. Just like you feel like you are good friends sitting around the table chatting, that is exactly what my communications are like. I feel like he's my big brother and is there just to give advice or direction as needed.

    I'm curious when you are with them and seeing them and hearing them in your own ways...are they speaking to you about your own life and direction, or offering up sage wisdom for others? I am being totally selfish now because I'm curious what Michael would tell you in one of your chats about me.

    Psychic gifts are what you describe. And to me, they are there for you to use to help others heal in any way you can. They can give you more personal guidance of course, but how fun. I will go check out the meditation site you listed. Did you use this yourself and then what happened? Any step by step advice? I would wish all of us the same gift you have of seeing our angels. What do they look like when you see them? Do they even fit in the room! lol

    Thanks so much and I'll check out the link you gave.


  • I really hate to butt in guys but can any of you give some insight to my situation in my 2nd latest forum thank you so much i would really appreciate it.

  • Beth i am so glad your back and i will try to answer your questions you ask the best i can ,on the meditation i did it just as it was described to do and since that first time i made that area comfortable for me and things i enjoy like flowers and water falls i made it inviting and it become a place i enjoy going to.

    Now as far as Michael ,he does not smile much he gives a very slight smile i have seen him smile big one time and he is not a conversationalist he is direct and to the point and does not elaborate, i always see him and Gabriel with uniforms own Micheal's is a dark color and Gabriel is a lighter color and most of the time Michael is holding his helmet and he is dark headed with hair a little past his shoulder and in my eyes he is around 6.2 or 6.3 tall and Gabriel is shorter with blond hair curly.

    Michael is the one who usually brings the messages and Andrea ,one time Micheal had his helmet own and i ask him why and he told me we have other wars to fight also and that is all he said about it .Gabriel on the other hand shows a lot more emotion by smiling and even getting excited about things .

    I know we all think when we talk of angels we think of wings own them but i have never seen wings on them ,but i have seen the sky full of angels and they parted to show me all the ones who have come here to be apart of this event and there were thousands of ships of all different kinds .

    But my experiences sometimes are like you going to a stranger own the street and tell them you talk to angles and most will think your a nut ,but the main thing is you know you do and i know the experiences i have had and yes they are incredible but the message has never changed about we are to become one mind with many Hearts connected to the all as one . Hope this answers some of you questions and if i can help more just let me know . I might have to be out for awhile i am out of time own my internet service but it renews the 19 or maybe before i have a new card coming . Love Ya Tooter

  • Beth i went back and read you post again but try and answer or explain do i or can i see them anytime ? NO its like they come on their time and sometimes i can ask and they are there and there are times i just think it and they are there ,but they never come unless i ask or unless they have a message most of the time when Andrea contacts me Michael and Gabriel are there i haven't seen Marsaie in a long time or John he wasn't there but just a little while when Andrea was gone believe me its been a wild ride .Tooter

  • Dear Tooter,

    And here I thought Michael would be a blonde! Funny about our impressions. You are so right about his seriousness and his directness. Yet...he has an ornery streak as well. The slight smile I can see him doing...but he has a wonderful sense of humor as well. When he's in the teasing mode. He tells me he is quite serious about his job...and that is the side of him you see. I love to talk to him myself because he is no direct...just calls it like it is. And when he needs to cut to the chase, he does. Saves a lot of time I guess getting to the message at hand.

    I will definitely do the meditation link you provided and get back to you. Do your ears ever ring? Mine do quite often and I remember reading awhile back that it's our angels and spirit guides communicating to us...I view it as working on their "connection." But, I just tell them that I hear ringing in my ears and to tone it down a bit...and whoosh, it's gone immediately. When you speak to your "contacts", do you telepathically hear their voices or do you hear them "out loud" in the room with you?

    I hear you on people thinking you are nuts on the street if you just walk up and say things to them. It's happened to me, and oh well. I know the connection is true, just as you do, and I must admit I was worried about you last year when it seemed you were speaking with some pretty dark entities. Michael was whom I suggested you ask into your life for protection as he is the master protector. And he is with you. So whatever all that was last year, is gone. Thank you Michael!

    I'll let you know how the meditation goes.

    Angel love to you,


  • I hear the ringing in my ears and last night the pressure hurt and when I said something out loud it stopped. I was thinking of Arch Angel Metatron last night and how to me it seems he is kinda almost haughty, super Intelligent.

  • Ooh, I had ringing in my ears earlier in the year. If only I had known then what I know now!

    What about cold hands (and feet). All my life I have "suffered" with cold hands. Is that significant?

  • Sorry PisceanHealer...cold hands and feet are not related to "tuning" with the divine. I have the same symptoms however lol. Just told it's circulation from my angels, and they say it applies to you as well. Nothing to worry about. Just wear layers they say lol lol lol.

    But definitely on the ringing in your ears...just acknowledge it and ask it to stop. it can come at the oddest times of the day and you aren't doing a thing remotely connecting with the divine. They just hone in to tweak their tuning channel!

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth

  • 🙂 And super high Vibrations and sometimes the Earthquake feeling.

  • Asia,

    I don't know what your posting means...what do you mean by your "second latest forum"?


    Miss Beth

  • lol thanks Beth 🙂

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