• im stuckin this self piddy!!

    Im having a bad time right now. so many obsticles in my way. So it makes me think of the past and the things peoples i miss.

    my ex-bf and my ex-friend. I MISS THEM!! and i wonder if they feel the same way..or there right about me.. IM CRAZY!!

    do i need to find a new love to be able to move on? if so, i cant find a man that is worth my time!! no one is good enough!! WHATS WRONG WOTH ME!

  • Sweetoty, please learn how to spell and how to use proper grammar. 🙂

    Never try to replace someone with someone else. The feelings for your ex will just be suppressed for that period of time but they will come back later.

  • we all end up with typos at some point. go back to and review one of your post's to understand my point.

    I missed to add that this was directed to someone with a strong spiritual intuision that can " feel" my situation.

    Im not suprresing any feelings. Its been a year since the break up and all. Im giving my self time to heal and grow before i jump in to another relationship, i just simply miss them but im wondering if its becuase im not dating or anything. We are all human and need human touch at one point. so, i asked.

  • Okay.

    I was only trying to give you some advice.

    Oh and for future reference, it's not appeasing to the eye when you don't type properly.

  • ReeseyReese,

    very uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you think!


  • Sweetoty, is it the actual people themselves you miss or the security of being in a relationship as opposed to being alone? Because those are two different issues.

  • thank you My Journey 😃 i had something to say but it wouldent be APPEASING.

    Tha Captain, hhhmmm, i dident look at this situation in that point of view. It did cross my mind as i stated on my first post above, but it becomes more clear when some one else points it out..

    with an objective outlook on this situation i see that its more based on the security of having a "good" friend to lean on, and a boyfriend to just be there to care about me. It sounds needy to say that but im human.

    Okay, now that i understand this i can manage and clear out this negativity that is just bringing me down..


    thank you again and blessing. LOVE AND HUGS 😃

  • Sweetoty, you just want what we all want.

  • Sweetoty,

    no your not crazy 🙂

    i find i do this to myself, "sometimes when I'm not focusing on today and whats good in my life all that other crap comes back to bite me in the butt.."

    you said it best "we are only human"...Gosh I can feel lonely in a crowd 🙂

    your a loving person Sweetoty, and you just want to share that love with someone else..

    sending you love,light,peace and laughter attached with hugs...

    Namaste Sweetoty


  • My Journey,

    (sigh)... that was very lovely and warming of you... 😃

    you realy do send love,light,peace and laughter attached with hugs with your massages....


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