I need somone to help me understand more (psychic)

  • i have confirmed to myself that i do indeed have psychic potential. the potency of which i do not know yet, this is all happening so fast that my head is spinning and i get the feeling that i could benafit greatly from others wisdom and insight on the issue. i am a pisces, born on march 5th 1991 in salt lake city utah at 2:00 pm (according to my birth certificate) i know little concerning the subject of my inquirey. i am looking for someone to guide me through this process, i know that i have a long ways to go, alot to learn, and i have some changing to do but if your reading this maybe your the one i need. please get back to me as soon as possable. thanx Alexander

  • I know where you are coming from. When I was a little girl I knew I had something different. Write to me at this screen name @ hotmail (use subject line: TAROT so I know it's you) and I have some specific people that maybe you can talk with. There is an author Debi Katz, "You are psychic." good book but also to ask the univrese to send you people who can help you.

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