Picture Reading, Captain??

  • Hey Captain,

    I tried posting a picture a while ago on your thread for it and it didnt work very well. I am trying again. If you can read it for me, I'd really appreciate that! Thank you 🙂

  • ok here we go, scaled it down some

  • Chocolatemoose, your face is full of doubt - about yourself and whether life will be kind and gentle with you, if you will ever get what you want. But this doubt is actually keeping you from getting what you want. You doubt the people around you and those you get involved with in love. Unless you develop some more faith in life and start believing you have the strength and courage to survive any situation you encounter, you will always lag back a bit at the back of the line while others push ahead and get the prizes.

  • wow! how insightful 🙂 I thank you for getting back to me and yes I do keep myself back from things quite a lot. I just dont know how to trust people.

  • You don't actually need to be able to trust other people. You just need to trust yourself to be able to handle any situation in which you find yourself - good or bad - and to be able to use your intuition to tell you what to do.

  • You also have to release your fear of making a mistake, and the fear of letting go and really feeling deep emotion. You really have to trust life to do its best for you.

  • You have a point. I just feel really confused about a lot of things at this point in time and I am just too afraid to make a move and take a step forward. I really need to change my attitude about this, I agree. Thank you so much for your insight.

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