Reading request for me im so down :(

  • Does anyone see when and what i will be doing for work? My name is Sharon 02/06/1986.

    Just feeling so depressed lately. Any help would be great.


  • Dear Saw,

    Just a clarification for me more than anything before I can ask your angels and respond. Do you feel depressed over your chosen field of work? Or lack of work? Or both? Thanks, and I'll get back to you later once I get a bit more clarification from you.

    In the meantime, ask your angels to come into your life and begin to help you put the pieces back together. As I write this, they are telling me to tell you that you are a jigsaw puzzle full of pieces, and it's simply a matter of reconnecting them to make you feel whole again.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Thank you for your time Beth.

    I feel just stressed out and semi depressed i guess over not having a job. Im overwhelmed looking for work and where i should be looking for work as in what type of work.


  • I will do a tarot reading for you by tomorrow.

  • Hi, In your reading I drew 5 major arcana cards. This means that besides looking for work (and your reading points to the fact), you are and have been learning major life lessons. A lot of this is fate working and may very well be out of your control. Your center shows you as being young and hard-working. You have a great desire to learn.

    Your past was showing that you should trust your inner-feelings, intuition. More learning, information needs to come to light. In your recent past, you have been faced with making decisions. Could be moral decisions. If you don't make this decison and leave everything status quo, then there's going to be major upheavel. Re-align w/what truly matters. Chaos until you get on right track. Could point to partner. Do you need to correct any mistakes, involving right and wrong, decision can be transformational.

    Near future shows growth and movement. Actively pursuing vision. Assertiveness coming from you. Maybe help coming from male.

    Your reading speaks of relocation. There will be movement. Knight of Rods and 6 of Swords.

    Below your situation is the Sun. I view this as a very good position for you. Good health, prosperity. This is one of the things that you bring into the situation.

    The reading speaks of you as being a very good worker, very capable. You are knowledgable of career and can take advantage. Don't let games distract you. You have a keen mind. You are prepared. There are wands w/swords. This indicates that your use of words is important. You need isolation to accomplish this or work on something.

    Shows this as a phase that is building character. The Sun paired with 7 of Cups indicates someone else paying the bills. In the You position shows you as grieving over a loss and moving away from it. Did you lose your job.

    Hope this helps. I had to do more research on this one.

    Cards: Center--Page of Coins


    High Priestess

    Above--The Tower


    Near Future--Knight of Rods


    You--6 of Swords

    Environmnt--2 of Rods

    Hopes, Fears--5 of Rods

    utcome--7 of Cups

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