Any Aries moon signs in the house?

  • Hey guys!! I just thought I would try to start a topic all about Aries moons. Maybe you guys can help out and put your input and try to get a forum going!!!! 🙂

  • Hi deffy27,

    I am a Gemini with my ascending sign as a Taurus, and my moon is in Aries. What does it mean to have your moon in Aries?

  • This is just some of the things I found on an Aries moon. If you go to google then type in moon in Aries you can find all types of things. Oh and there is a really good book called "The only astrology book you will ever need." That will tell you about your ascendant moon and actually your whole chart. That is interesting you are a Gemini, Aries and Taurus. I am a Virgo sun, Aries moon and Gemini Ascendant. Good luck!!

    Personality Profile:

    Those with the Moon in Aries have a fiery heart that always knows Spring will come again, no matter how things appear. And while they do feel intensely, this keeps them from lingering too long in an emotional mood. The Aries Moon is tempestuous, courageous and a great lover of personal freedom.

    The Aries Moon can sense the truth of a matter right away, and grows restless for others to "get it." If they seem pent up, it's only that they're ready for the next big challenge. They'll be most alive if at the edge of trying new things and meeting new people.

    They don't mean to harm when they cauterize emotional wounds with a verbal blowtorch rather than apply a soothing balm. Their words might be brusque, but often their medicine is the blinding truth that otherwise would go unsaid. In relationships of all kinds, count on them to keep it real, fresh and honest.

    The Moon in Aries has a lit up quality that can make them sought after social companions. They'll be able to jump-start those at low ebb with their shiny charisma. But they'll need stimulation in return, or you'll soon see them looking for the exit. The one thing they don't stand for too long is restrictive or boring situations.

    They'll need a romantic partner that won't be easily cowed by their bluster. After a cathartic argument, it'll be time for making up, and then the smoldering passion of the Aries Moon will re-emerge. If you can handle getting singed now and again, it'll likely be an unforgettable time.

  • Hi Deffy27,

    That is interesting! Oh now maybe I understand why I have to analyze all situations. Gemini is an air sign and Taurus is an earth sign, I believe Aries is a fire sign. Gemini is a thinker, Taurus is a doer and Aries is a fighter. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Taurus is ruled by Venus. Aries is ruled by Mars. Oh my what a combination that is.

    If it all only were true. I would be a mover and a shaker. Fight to get my way. Maybe in times past. Now I think Taurus has kicked in during my later years. Passive but I do plod along to get things done. I do still think deeply about things and I do analyze everything. I do try to get my point across when needed. My fire is left smoldering and just one more pale of water will put it out completely.

    Virgo: Your birthstone is Sapphire. Planet is Mercury, your element is Earth. Your compatibility is Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Your day of the week is Wednesday and your color is blue.

    Virgo Characteristics; Energetic and enthusiastic, Virgo puts heart into the smallest of tasks. Playful and joyous.

    Virgo can make the ideal partner and a close friend. Their major weapon is silence, it is thus easy to tell if a virgo is upset or not. Virgo likes to respect the privacy of others and has a very practical, hard working side. Balanced, giving and generous. Virgo is very compassionate yet beware, Virgo is not afraid to dish out criticism where it could be needed. A force of character can mean that Virgo can be impulsive and direct yet Virgos will always recondite their errors.

    Ascendant Gemini, The same as for the zodiac sign: The gem stone is the pearl, the color for the month is white. Planet is Mercury, and compatibility is Leo and Virgo. Day of the week is Wednesday. The colors that suit this sign are yellow, brown, and blue and white.

    Gemini characteristics: Dual natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. Gemini is a thinker and an annalistic. Affectionate, courteous, and kind and generous and thoughtful as long as nothing is encroaching on their future plans.

    When they have something to do they are focused on that one thing and no one or nothing can distract them. They do require attention, and admiration and time. Reflecting every change in their surroundings, like chameleons. They are very social creatures, as they are intellectual. Can communicate with others and can touch on many subjects during the conversation.

    They can become moody and withdrawn. At this time they are contemplating the situation as to why they have become this way. It does not last long as once they figure it out they are back in the lime light and quick witted as usual.

    What I have mentioned here is what I have read in books and from the internet.

    Aires moon, I will leave it as you have described it. Thank you for your interpretation of Aries moon.

    Your friend,

    Queen of Wands

  • Wow thank you for you interpretations!! That was all so interesting. I love reading about these kinds of things. I like what you have found. I would like to know what sight you went to to find out about the Gemini things. Have you looked into that book? It is called "The only astrology book you will ever need." by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. You should check that book out. I learned everything I need to from that book. Thnx again. I will try to find more interpretations on your sun and ascendant as well just for fun if you would like. LOL!! Talk to you soon.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I found this, but the sight I found it at could be extreme spam. I got a some pop ups looking at this sight. If you wan't it though it is

    Moon in Aries

    Keywords: Impetuous, Gallant, Quick tempered, Independent, Self-centered

    Those born with the moon in a Fire sign want to turn their feelings into physical experiences. They do not initially view their desires from the standpoint of practicality, emotional commitment, or as a lesson to be learned. Before anything else there has to be action, some form of instant physical gratification.

    As lunar Fire sign personalities, those with moon in Aries go after what they want (or think they want) with passion and energy. They can soon lose interest in relationships with people who don't demonstrate the same passionate enthusiasm. Their adventurous spirit makes it difficult for them to settle down and accept the responsibilities and drudgery of daily routine. On a short-term basis they can become passionately involved with people and projects, but long-term commitments can make them feel trapped. Restless and impatient, they have quick, sometimes volatile, tempers. Fortunately, as quick as they are to get angry, they are just as quick to forget the incident that prompted it.

    Aries moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way, finding one means or another to accomplish their goals. They are meant to be the master of their own success or failure in life. Some of them relish this challenge, while others are all too willing to blame their mistakes on everyone else. Their easily aroused emotions can be dangerously misguided, especially when they act with undue haste, aggressiveness, or anger. Their dynamic self-assertiveness can make them resentful of all authority but their own, and aggressiveness can make it difficult for them to take direction or advice from others. They can become self-indulgent, overconfident and just plain foolhardy, or, they can turn into inspired leaders, and become tireless in their efforts to accomplish things in which they passionately believe. The spirit of their generosity can sometimes be overshadowed by careless disregard for the feelings of others.

    Women with Aries moon can often be unflatteringly aggressive in romance and other situations that require a subtle approach. However, they are emotionally well-suited to meet and conquer many challenges that would destroy less hardy types. Men with Aries moon may expect too much and give too little in romance, but they are emotionally equipped with an enterprising spirit, and what is often a uniquely clever and original approach.

  • That horoscope site actually wasn't that good. Sorry about that. I wish I could erase the last post, but if it was worth reading then more power to ya!!!

  • Hi Deffy27

    I found this site for aires moon are we allowed to give out other site information. I do not want to get into trouble here. It's similar to what you are saying here. Except it mentions that people with this moon sign are interested in the study of the occult and mysticism. Something that I have not read in your post other then that it is really the same. I searched for aries moon sign. You have to give the year of your birth and then check your birth month and go to one closest to it.

    The other info came from a book call the Sun Signs it is an older book and I forget who the author is.

    There is a very nice site. I am going to have you do a search for it as I am leary about giving links here. I do not want to get in to trouble. search for birth stone and flowers of the month.

    That is were I got the info about Virgo. Nice site and it will tell you your flower of the month and birth stone. There are lots of sites around the net. Some yes you should be careful when there.

    Whoowa on the aries moon sign. If I was like that I would have everyone around me in toe. They would run when they saw me coming. Would be nice to always have my way about things. However not in my real world.

    Well you have fun checking things out.

    Your friend,

    Queen of wands

  • Hi deffy27,

    I'm a Leo,Leo moon sign Aries, just a wee bit of fire wouldn't you say..sometimes i will read the Aries horoscope when mine doesn't make sense because of being a double Leo

  • Hi also, Queen of wands

    A lovely name:)


  • Queen of wands is that book from Linda Goodman? If it is I think I have read that book before. Very good book to read.

    MyJourney, LOL yea you are full of fire. LOL!! Are you saying that you are a Leo ascendant, Leo sun and Aries Moon?

  • Oh yea Queen of wands, I think I found that. There is like a chart with colors on the right side? LOL. I am trying. 🙂

  • Hello you two,

    MyJourney welcome to you, and deffy27, Thank you Myjourney for the compliment on my screen name.

    Deffy yes I think so, I do not have my book in front of me but the name sounds familiar. I can give you just the name. Without the complete link you should know how to get there. it is a really nice site has poems on it for each month as well.

    MyJourney you are a Leo the lion. With a Leo ascendant sign. With Aries moon. I would think you are a fiery one. I am glad you came here as I was thinking deffy27 and I were the only ones with Aries as our moon sign.

    Deffy27 I was checking around this site and found my old saves of tarot readings etc. I did an Edgar Casey reading from here a long time ago. I read it last night. It has to do with the now and reincarnation. According to that reading I would be well suited in the ministry. That I was very spiritual. In my Egyptian past life I was a psychic and mystical. In my Indian past life from India I was a teacher.

    It was interesting to read. It said in this life I would best suited to be a minister and a servant of the people. One who should be involved in the community. It was interesting I do not know if they are still giving that kind of reading here. It cost karma coins in those days. That is how I found out about my Aries moon. It gives all the planets that were there during your birth time.

    Well you both have a sparkling day and talk to you both soon.

    Your friend,


  • Hello fellow Aries mooners! I am an Aquarius Sun, Scorpio ascendant, and Aries Moon in the 5th house, conjunct Venus, inconjunct Pluto and square mars. It’s adventurous, independent and creative; with a short lived fiery temper when provoked; warm when engaged but can be impersonal when not, acts impulsively, impressions and reactions are quick. When I was younger the impulsiveness of my moon got me into more trouble more often than not. As I grew older I learned to temper my reactions but every once in awhile I still act out impulsively.

    “The Aries Moon can sense the truth of a matter right away, and grows restless for others to "get it." This is very much me. I get very impatient when I have to explain the obvious, my voice raises an octave and the expression on my face changes to one of disbelief. My face is expressive and emotions are clearly written on it except when I choose to hide it. If there isn’t movement in a conversation or in the information that is being conveyed then I lose interest. There is courageousness to this moon; it’s not afraid to express its emotions because the desire of wanting/needing to know outweighs the fear of any rejection.

  • Hey Aquabubbles, how are you? LOL, you seem to know a lot about the birth charts. I was wondering if you could teach me some things that I have a hard time learning in books. Like what does conjunct (planet) or inconjuct (planet) mean? Or what does RX mean? I have some of that in my chart. Or what does midheaven mean? Or North nodes and South nodes mean? You see what I mean? There is so much to learn about your self or someone else through birthcharts and Jeez sometimes it gets over whelming. Especially I think cause of our Aries moon signs. 😉 Loves to learn but always has to be doing something at the same time. LOL!!! I thought of something I was going to say to you last night and when I woke up this morning of course I forgot. Well hopefully I think of it. Talk to you soon!!!

  • Oh yea I remember what I was going to talk about now. Anyone can read this but I think this will interest The Queen of wands. Have you ever read that Virgos and Taurus's actually have there own planets? Yea I forget what they are called but I guess Virgos planet actually means thunder which makes more sense to me than to be sharing a planet with a Gemini which is a very mental planet. But I am a Gemini Ascendant so it makes no difference to me.

  • Hey deffy27, I’ll try to help you as much as I can at a high level, but astrology is a never-ending study and there are so many directions you can take off into. There are some online courses out there and also some very good books that will help you build a foundation if you’re interested.

    So the basics on aspects; there are 30 degrees for each sign.

    Different astrologers use different orbs. Different orbs can be used for different aspects. Planets are applying or separating. A wider orb would be used for applying planets and smaller orb for separating planets. Applying is when the faster moving planet is moving towards the slower moving one. Separating is when the faster planet has already moved past and is moving away from the slower moving one. The major aspects…

    A conjunction between 2 planets means that they are at the same degree or within orb of lets say 7 degree. So, a 2 degree Aries Moon is conjunct a 5 (up to 9) degree Aries Venus. A conjunction would bring intensity or focus; the way those 2 planets work together are instinctive, taken for granted, it could work favourably or unfavourably.

    A square is 90 degree between 2 planets - inner conflict, challenging, tension, action orientated or dynamic aspect.

    A trine is 120 degrees between 2 planets – natural talent, flowing energy, lazy aspect.

    An opposition is 180 degrees between 2 planets – awareness, adjustments, balancing, compromising or sacrificing.

    An inconjunct or quincunx is 150 degrees between 2 planets – similar to opposition but it demands change whether in attitude or in habit.

    A sextile is 60 degree – opportunity, ease

    Rx means retrograde.

    I know what you mean by overwhelming though because when I became interested in astrology I tried to learn it all at once. That’s the Aries coming out; we want to know it all now! It’s best to work on the basics and then build up step by step otherwise it can be very confusing. Good luck!

  • Hi deffy27,

    No I have not ever heard that can you find out which planets they are?. Do you mean with in the constellation of lets Virgo? That is interesting. I know for myself if Mercury is retrograde things are not good for me. I know if Jupiter is in my sun sign the world is my osyter, anything I set my mind to comes to fruitation. It comes around I think every twelve years. When it was ever in my sign I could accomplish much and it all worked out very nicely.

    The only thing that I know of is the planets that are associated with each zodiac sign.

    I will use Gemini that is mercury which is quick silver. To me I think this that those with that sign get on to things quickly and learn quickly. Mercury is liquid and it can take on any shape like water can if that makes sense to you. However you cannot pick it up as it is always moving. I think that is where Gemini might get that they can flow with any given situation, or conversation. Yet they cannot be pinned down. Gemini is communications They always have a lot to say. As you can see here.

    As for Gemini yes it is mental air element thinkers. They I think with what I have read in the past do a lot of that. Their mind is always going with thoughts. We know Gemini has a dual side. Like one side of the brain says yes let’s do it and the other side says lets think about it and figure it out first. Also too they can be holding a conversation and at the same time be thinking of something totally different as they are conversing with someone.

    Taurus's planet is Venus. The planet of love, I would think Taurus as compassionate, caring and sensual. I would think that Taurus would have a fair judgment on a decision of a situation because of their compassionate side and would want to make it work out best for both sides .Plus they are the bull and we know how stubborn they can be.

    Aries the planet is mars if I am correct that is the planet of courage and strength and noted for war.

    These are the ones that you would want on your side as they will fight for the situation as long as it is logical. They are the ram so might be a lot of head butting there.

    AquaBubbles, Nice to see another Aires moon person. I know someone who is Aquarius, Scorpio and moon Sagittarius. All I can say is Oh Brother.

    Well you all have a great day and enjoy the nice weather in your area.

    Your friend,


  • Queen of wands, Hi, I actually learned that about the planets in the book "Sun Sibugns" from Linda Goodman. Yea trust me I know all about head butting with a Taurus LOL!!!

    AquaBubbles, Hi, Thank you for helping me out. I do have another question if you don't mind. I knew RX means Retrograde, just what does Retrograde mean?? You are right. I always wan't to learn everything all at once and then my virgo sun gets in the way and I am analyzing everything I am trying to learn so it is really hard for me to learn with out wasting hours analyzing every little detail. GGRRR!!! 😉

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