• Dear Watergirl18,

    Thank you for your words of wisedom, I know it is true, I just somehow am taking too long to get there.

    Part of it is because I believe with all my heart he is not happy where he is and to stubborn to do anything about it.

    ALso that he has given up on our 3 beautiful sons, and I live with that everyday.

    I know I need to figure out a way to be happy with all the wonderful gifts life has given me, and I do know how loved and lucky I am.

    I am a 51 year old women, who is not the type to just date anyone or go out in search of a man.'

    I have always been a one man women and I do fear I will never find love again, but that will not define me.

    I was wondering, you talk about spirit like blmoon does, are you phycic also?

    Blmoon is a gift I was given, the fact that despite how I view my life she always gives me hope and friendship.

    I do not let people see what he has done to me, and I will and I am getting out there and making friends to fill my life.

    Blmoon has told me from my first post that he will regret what he did one day and try to come home, and I don't know if it is good that I believe that or not.

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