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    Dearest Light Family,

    Welcome to my first article for 2011. As many of you know, it has been my normal practise over the past 12 years to write and upload my article monthly. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011 was for me personally the opening of 2011 in a powerful and profound way. I was vacationing in the Cayman Islands with my family. On this night my niece and I found ourselves standing on the seashore at 3:00am looking at the stars and knowing everything had changed. It was a moment of complete stillness with electrical pulses streaming across the waves being felt deeply inside every cell.

    Fast forward as time seemed to melt, work demands increased and here we are now in March!! It seems almost dreamlike to think back to last week let alone January. Such is the increasing light and its affect upon our ever changing reality landscape. I appreciate your patience and know that each one of us is navigating the current energy trends and expressions of our reality as we perceive it to be. Now more than ever the lens of our "observation" effects change instantly.

    2011 opened not only a new decade but also a potent corridor of vibrational energy that is whipping change into a daily expression of transformation. Monumental shifts have and will continue to take place over the next several months within every facet of our personal and collective consciousness. The awareness of our sacred heart and being in that heart space is paramount as we navigate the coming changes. Physically many including myself are feeling the energy of our beloved Earth shift; along with the powerful solar energy from our Sun. Higher frequencies of light are continually creating space for change. Anxiety, sleep disturbances, hot and cold, muscle twitches, headaches, low ebb, increased hunger, loss of memory, buzzing, vibrating, depression, elation, flu like symptoms etc. For me personally while I am still feeling inward and quiet there is an excitement inside that has always been there and a deep sense of wonder at how things are evolving. I do find that if I don't sleep well, my body won't allow me to push through like I could before. It takes precedent now - and schedules, deadlines take a back seat.

    I titled this article several weeks ago and considered changing it - but it feels accurate given the myriad of energy expressions we are surfing. It seems evident to me the polarized point of being and doing is very much part of our personal and collective journey in 2011. The conundrum of "being and doing" hinges around our beliefs of time.

    Time is illusory in part because past and future are intimately and dynamically connected to this moment now. Many threads of potential exist in what we call our future. I have written this before but it bears repeating - time is not linear but circular, our past, present and future spin concurrently through the cycle or illusion of time. Our reality is holographic and is made manifest by the thoughts (morphic fields) beliefs and choices made on a moment to moment basis. It is malleable and everything is connected holographically.

    From the beginning of this year 2011 - much has been written about the year coming, what it will bring and lessons or experiences we can expect. There are many predictions at the beginning of each year, based on the potential energy at a given point. How we "feel" emotionally, colours our thoughts, words, intentions, actions and this in turn focuses the potential energy into manifestation. From my perspective and that of energy is it malleable and nothing is carved in stone - what occurs in a grand scale is an expression of our collective thoughts and the increasing frequency or vibration that is mirrored in the events. Without question change in a grand way is underfoot. Weather anomalies, earthquakes, floods, dictators being ousted, unrest, economic challenges, solar flares, the list goes on.

    2011 will refine ever more intently the question - What do you truly want and how does it make you feel? This is a powerful play to observe especially when we consider from the quantum perspective... Observation affects Reality - meaning the mere observation of anything is affected by the observer. We create our reality by what we expect to see and more often by what has occurred in the past - like a closed circuit loop. That is changing in 2011 and quite intensely in the month of March as we release resistance and shift our perspective.

    March is often said to enter like a lion and leave like a lamb. By virtue of its name it congers up action and movement. We are certainly witness to movement in every corner of our planet in every possible construct. Movement and change is under foot. Most of us are feeling it as anxious energy or uncertainty just beneath our conscious thoughts - often waking up with this feeling. For some it erupts in fits of anger or retaliation for others it opens the question "is what I'm feeling mine? Asking this question helps us disentangle our energy from the collective morphic fields and remain grounded in our personal domain.

    During the month of March there is and will continue to be a heavy bombardment of energy coming from the collective, planetary alignments and the affects of change. OK that isn't really news but what we do with it and how we surf it will render this month as a lamb with the force of a lion in our heart.

    During my recent Whale/Dolphin meditation on February 27th, the whales and dolphins spoke to us within our heart on allowing and how change from the "observer effect" occurs. While we were working on the area of the recent earthquake in New Zealand, the totality of this information can be applied into every area of our lives. For those who would like to listen to the entire meditation:

    Often when dramatic events occur in our personal lives or that of the planet, many unite in groups and pray for the healing, fix or remedy of the situation. While this is heartfelt and admirable, from a quantum perspective this is tricky. Everything is energy and within everything is the polarity or mirror of all things. To pray for peace keeps you in the relationship with war. Sending healing to "fix" an area or event is also tricky because it keeps polarity bound within the problem set.

    We are much more effective by doing less and being more by:

    1. Drop into our sacred heart - the pure heart space where no charge and do doing exists

    2. Observe and feel the area, event or experience in question - WITHOUT charge - just observe

    3. Ask an open ended question - What needs to happen for this feel different. Notice it is open ended - not limited to the problem set. Far more change can occur that anything we can think of or limit.

    4. Let the question GO - it drops away or sometimes feels like an expansion in your heart- moves outward in all directions, formless and able to tap into all potential beyond 3D vibratory patterns

    5. Notice what feels different. Notice what seems different. We no longer feel or look at it but as it. The perspective shifts from being the Observer of the Reality to Observing from the Reality.

    Conceptually this is small shift that allows each of us to change our reality or elements within our reality instantly. The difference of viewing or looking at something verses as something is subtle but powerful.

    It is a form of shape-shifting but from the perspective of allowing and trusting that change has occurred by how we feel.

    I recently read Rick DiClemente's March Astrology Newsletter. I always enjoy Rick's writing by this one was exceptional in my view. He explains beautifully the relationship of the current planets in play and historically the affects. It is a must read to understand the planetary alignments of March. To access the newsletter, simply click here:

    At the beginning of this year I mentioned how Jan 4, 2011 was a significant portal or gateway for our planet. Here is an excerpt taken from Rick's article on the historical nature of that date in relationship to the current planetary alignment for March of Jupiter and Uranus. I found this quote filled with synchronicity and a great tidbit on Quantum Physics.....

    "January 4, 2011 the Solar Eclipse at 14° Capricorn, lined up with transiting Uranus (while triggering Pluto) as it made its journey over the last few degrees of Pisces and headed back towards Aries and into a new zodiac.

    Remember, Aries is the beginning of the zodiac!

    The changes that exploded on that day were heavily detailed in last month's newsletter: All hell broke loose, The Tucson Massacre started it off, the great confusion world-wide about people losing their Astrological Sun sign due to a new invader called Ophiuchus (the 13th sign of the zodiac) and then Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin and on and on.

    Briefly: What happened is that it was realized that the great physicists and scientists including Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Curie and others met at the 5th annual Solvay Conference in Brussels in 1927. The outcome of that major think-tank was that QUANTUM PHYSICS was declared to be the standard of science and physics. It had been around for quite awhile, but in astrological and social terms, that was its BIRTHDATE. It was accepted socially.

    84 years later, or one revolution of Uranus, brought us to JANUARY 4, 2011! This is no minor happenstance since Jupiter was present both times at the same degree! It was a Jupiter/Uranus return. What does this fancy talk mean in astrology? One complete orbit of Uranus is one big deal, especially within science or the collective mind. Quantum Physics was now the standard and had "punctured" the COLLECTIVE MIND OF OUR PLANET. We became a quantum world overnight, in a manner of speaking.

    Hello, to the end of the Mayan 26,500-year calendar (next year.) Now, we think in quantum terms. We don't know how it works and certainly are aware of its "uncertainty principle," but now we no longer hold tightly to rigid Newtonian gravity-based solutions. We've seen too much, we've heard too much, we know we live in a universe that is beyond description and is just too unpredictable.

    So, this complex story continues. As does Uranus, as it will make its ingress into Aries on March 11, 2011 at 7:49 pm Eastern. And Uranus is the ONLY planet that hits exactly mathematically. While many people will not have fireworks that night, but look and see, many people will have their entire life change at that MINUTE. This is true. They will only know it when they look back in time on their calendars. This was very much the case the last time Uranus changed signs: it entered Pisces on March 10, 2003. Many, many people have reported to me radical change in their life that occurred right around 3:53pm that Monday afternoon."

    March ushers in a powerhouse of energy and change along with our ability to create realities within the change. It is a potent timing and one that sets the stage for the following several months. For us in the Northern Hemisphere it signals the ending of winter with the Spring Equinox on March 20th and in the Southern Hemisphere is signals the coming of fall with the Fall Equinox.

    In closing March like every month that follows will have its own energy signature or song. We can play that song or change the notes and harmonically make a different song. It's up to us how we feel, how we choose, how we be. The following quote from Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks is perfect:

    There are as many different worlds as there are perceivers or Beings or individuals. You are not here to create one world where everyone is the same, wanting and getting the same. You are here to be that which you want to be, while you allow all others to be that which they want to be.

    --- Abraham

    Enjoy "being" in whatever form that shows up for you and enjoy "doing" from within your sacred heart during the balance of this exceptional month.

    Keep Shining your Gorgeous Light!

    With Love and Blessings in Service


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