When asking for advise :-)

  • I traditionally do a celtic cross. So, when other members ask for advice in another fomat that I have not used. IE: Horse shoe and other spreads. I can not interpret unless I know atleast when you write 1,2,3,ect... What are the cards postitionings are, like the 1st card is it present, or future? It really makes adifference.. So, I'll try to help out when ever possible. Make your questions short and to the point. OK 🙂

  • SekhmetGodess, I did an online tarot yesterday and during the shuffle the knight of cups fell out. like what does that mean, it just said to read about it because it could be important..My question was general am I on the right path.

  • It just felt out like random? Hum? That does sound a bit strange.

    Ok , in a general reading a Knight of Cups is about dreaminess and

    a knight is a figure committed to action and involvement. For this knight the challeges is how to reconcile these two qualities.

    These conflicts deal with your inner conflicts ( or inner world). Are you having a conflict? About which way to go or proceed? Are you reevaluating a past or furture decision. Is there some one that your considering to take part in your furture? But are relucant to show your inner emotions.

    ( I don't walk on water, but is this what your are looking for in an answer?)

    If so, this conflict comes from the ego rather than the unconscious place. I believe you already know the conflict. Your challenge as the knight of cups is to figure out how to reconcile the two.

    If this made sense to you let me know. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGoddess..Yeah it just fell out..I was telling my friend how it had happened to me as we were doing a tarot reading for her on the same web site and it happened again [to her] I don't remember what her card was but when we read about it, it did make since in her case...when I did a one card pull i asked it to show me what card represented a person to me and the knight of cups came up..could it be a sign of some sort? I guess I have to say yes to all the above..I dont understand what you mean when you said it comes from the ego rather than the unconscious place..I feel kinda dumb.. I was just really confused, so thank you very much for helping me to understand..I didn't realize cards could fall out in a computer schuffle..

    Love & Light D

  • Well, no . No question is stupid. How else would we all learn? Ego, Like some one says your letting your ego get the best of you... Or your Ego is in the way. Unconscious means your doing some thing but don't realize it. Where your ego knows exactly what your doing. Ego is like your pride. Unconscious is like ya did some thing, but did it with out thinking about it. Did I help? Or confuse you more?

    I hope you understand.

    And a computer program is only as good as the person who made the program. So, I do know. Its just a program. Are people perfect ,no. So, remember a person made the program. Right?

    Peace & Unity

  • SehkmetGoddess

    wow talk about a light bulb clicking on..I get it..Thanks so much

  • ok my friend and I are debating here..is the ego the conscious level and the unconcious is just that.

  • Well

    Yea, that sounds about right. Yeap.

    Peace and Unity

  • Thank You

  • Wow,

    Your up early for this night owl. LOL

    Are you coming to Tarot 101 for a new discussion?

    Peace and Unity

  • Yeps, also here for a chat! i really like your forum !

  • SkehmetGodess

    ya I'll be there, have to keep learning..lol..I think I'll take today off LibrasLair gave me brain drain..ha ha..actually she's a wonderful woman full of info that I'm trying to take in..

    Love & Light D

  • Yes.. i think it is funny with these kinda people, when they say or claim to be able 2 look in the future, in a prophocing kinda way. I learned realy enough from the past now, 2 say i know where i am going in the future, And just made a real healthy start just Yesterday.. Whishing all the people the best here, butt signing out !

  • we ALWAYS take for granted

    the ones that we love

    we think there always be there

    and so treat them as such

    If we'd really make an affort

    to show em that we care

    the love will shine treu

    and the hate will dissapear !

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    What's up?

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  • Heeeja!! thnx for asking that!

    I am feeling.. realy fine now, haha, just woke up.

    Well it was a bit of a drag here lately, not being able 2 go out 2 the outdooor party's where everyone definitly was, but also realy my own fault, cause i just didn't safe a dime for that!

    It'feels like al the worries i told u about few days ago, are taken away in a steel container and just shipped 2 another continent..

    Hope u are doing fine aswel, no hope u do great !

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    Thanks for the well wish. I am glad to hear your feelin better. Life is what it is. I'm just trying to take one day at a time.

    Peace and Unity

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