Dumbest Questions Ever

  • This is so basic as to be ridiculous, but I have never seen it actually addressed anywhere.

    After a reading, must you restore the cards to their original order (the order they were in before you opened the pack) before reshuffling for the next reading?

  • I guess for starters...there are no dumb questions. All questions are legitimate so don't think that asking something that is confusing for you is a dumb question. There may be several people out there that would like to know the same answer. :0)

    I never re-sort the cards. I have had the same deck for years that I use and I have never placed them back in order as they came out of the box. I have however, gone thru the deck at times and placed all the cards right side up since it gets to the point where I feel like there are too many reversed cards. I would have to defer to more experienced readers here but in my opinion, no you do not need to place the cards back in original order.

  • I've done the same as AB -- at some point when a lot of reversal keep coming through I'll turn them upright. I've never felt the need to place them in the original order.

  • I just done the same with mine as AB and Laie4 a couple of days ago but i have heard somewhere that if you put them back all in their same suits and major acarna altogether it can cleanse the deck of any negative energy

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