Taurus Girl-Calling Out To All Scorpios!!!!!Please Read

  • Hello everyone, you may have read my previous post about this particular situation but for those who haven't I will replay my situation for you but to those that have read this I am now speaking from a different perspective and insight. (Taurus girl-May 6th 1992 9:28 pm)

    3 months ago me and my Scorpio ex boyfriend (November 1st 1991) broke up over (it was brief and brutal for me) very mysterious and vague circumstances. We were together for a year (4 months on/off and 8 months long distance) and he was very sweet, passionate, loving yet brutally honest and emotional. I loved him and cared for him and I can honestly say he felt the same way (he routinely told me that and was the first to say so)

    Our long distance relationship was very special and amazing we rarely had problems outside the typical calling issue at times lol but he was the same person nonetheless and we actually continously made plans to see each other with him initating it sometimes and me doing it sometimes. Our feelings grew over time and eventually we found time to see each other-I was going to school up there in NY and he planned to let me move in with him and even pay since I was going to school (but I wanted to chip in just because I dont like for people to do everything for me)

    A month or so prior to moving in with him, he kept warning me that NYC might be getting a little too dangerous and expensive for me because of the inflation and of things he's said been going on. Then he told me of a crazy not so nice roomie situation he didnt want me involved in but my stubborness (it was my dream school and I didnt care) prompted me to continue with the move in. Then everything got crazy once he told me some people shot at his house and said he needs to move immeadiately. Weeks prior to moving in-he told me he got an apartment approved in VA (where we met and dated in person) and wanted me to come along and kept telling me there are film schools here for me and that NYC just to dangerous for him and me. Disappointed (he was the only guy in NYC I knew and trusted), I transfered schools and once told him, he was estatic and told me he couldnt wait to move in with me and even kept talking to my mom about the great news. He even said, if I wasnt with him or we broke up, I would see a grown man cry.

    A week later , he ends up in VA (he hadnt moved in the apartment yet) to live with his family (he and his family has had a tumultous relationship) until he got to move in the apartment with me. The next day he texts me he's sorry but he's leaving again. I try to calm him down and comfort him, so I call him and ask him what happened. At first, he's emotional and kind of stubborn and tells me things dont work out for him whatever he does. Then all of a sudden he flies into a rage and becomes moody and insensitive when I try to give him suggestions and ask him what happened with his family. He merely tells me that he got into a fight with his family and got kicked out and that he doesnt have time to sit around and figure out what he needs to do and needs an immediate solution. He also tells me that there's one reason he'll stay in VA but it wont do him any good right now. I start to cry and he tells me crying wont solve anything and he doesnt have time to worry about that right then.

    Upset angry and hurt, I just get off the phone because he said he needs to save his battery. He txts me 5 minutes later saying please stop crying I see you doing it. It wont help you. So like an hour later, I txts him I sorry about what happened but I love you wish you the best and hope everything works out for you, txt me whenever you want to talk. He doesnt tell me thank you but god dont you get it my phone is dying I really need it stop it. I dont text him at all later.

    The next morning he txts good morning. I tell him about his battery and he gets upset and says I thought I said good morning. I call him and tell him Im sorry about our minor disagreement aobut you leaving and I hope you know I still love you. He says you see how you felt and I saw how I felt (think he got the words confused lol) and tells me he'll call me on the next flight to Miami (where he was going) I txt him later saying he needs to get his emotions together and sort his head out and not call me yet but I tell him I love him and hope you feel better. HE texts me great I have one bar and call me to banter about his battery. ANGRY and HURT, I dont call him at all (the last txt I sent afterwards was I was just trying to tell you nice things before my phone got cut off because I didnt know what would happen to you)

    A week later I tell him my phone is back J just in case he needed to talk or txt. HE STILL TALKS to me about the time his battery went dead!!!! So I finally tell him how silly it was of him to still talk about it. He txts me deuces and tells me he has enough on his plate. FED UP with this I tell him I was just trying to be supportive and told him it was his loss. I also told him he needed to hit me up when he needed spelling lessons since Im not going to be disrespected by a guy that couldn't spell deuces in the first place.

    It has been 3 months since the break up and I have had no contact with him since that day. Ive resisted my urge to see if he's ok only because he couldnt appreciate it when I did really care (And still do-but as a person not a boyfriend) since then Ive been working on myself and have improved in a great way not to say I was immature at all. I am just reflecting on everything now but I do have some unanswered questions and would like some imput on this situation.

    1. Do you think he still cares and do you think he ever cared?

    2. Do you think I handled the relationship and the break up in a good way?

    3. What is your take on the situation and what happened?

  • Hi there Asia

    Kiba and Mikyo here (Scorpio guy and Taurus Girl as well) We sort of want to give you our insight into this relationship problem of yours.

    we're going to address your 3 questions without readings or anything but if you want them we will do when we have the time.

    1. I get the feeling that he did care in the beginning but somewhere along the line he lost it. Something may be bothering him and he feels that he needs to do this alone. (I tend to do that)

    2. saying about handling the relationship, I think u did pretty well with that. By telling him that u still love him, I know how u feel when u say that. hard but u have no choice. it hurts and i believe that might give him a wake up call on this.

    3. he might be chasing after something and keep something that he wouldn't want u to know. What really happen we can't say for a certain. For your info scorpios are secretive and loners. they dare not trouble others so they take on the thing alone.

  • Thanks alot guys, and I guess the readings would be nice. Do you think he stilll cares but just very self absored at the time because something major is going on (he told me their are things I dont tell you because you get mad...and I also told him I hate the fact that he is secretive about some things especially when I share alot of things with you.)

    What i dont get is he was becoming more and more loving throughout the relationship and when this happened he became something else. Im on my road to recovery and Ive been doing well but this bothers me from time to time. It seems as if he was trying to protect me from something because everywhere he went he tried to convince me to go (ie like telling me to go to VA instead because NY is too dangerous) but in this case he told me to stay there its better for you.

    Some weeks ago, I saw that he recently got a facebook (I had a feeling I needed to type his name in that day) after he always said he never wanted one or was even interested.

    Neither one of us had contacted each other in 3 months do you think he might contact me?

    What do you think is his deal and do you think he got the facebook because of me (he knew I had one lol)?

  • By the way I am May 6th 1992 and he is November 1st 1991 if you want to do those readings.

  • Excuse me for butting in, I'd just like to add something.

    Be mindful of any hope you are holding onto Asia118x. Don't let it blind you. Compassion for him is an admirable thing, but don't forget to be compassionate to yourself 🙂

  • Awww thank you Piscean Healer, I remember exactly what you said about picking those scabs lol. And Im doing pretty well, Im just asking for Scorpio insight. I posted this a little after I had posted the forum you responded on. But thanks though and good news....Im getting into modeling everyone hopefully its gonna work out. (Ive been getting into a lot of things just to improve my self as a person. Im not gonna let my compassion for him blind me because so far Im doing good but Im just asking questions for now lol

  • Asking is perfectly normal. Glad to hear you are looking after yourself 🙂

  • I bet Ive been through alot through the years and my past experiences and this relationship has taught me alot about myself and has helped me improve for the best. Thank you everyone and Piscean Healer.

    @KushikamiKiba may you guys please answer my questions and give those readings. Thanks for the insight guys, I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Asia u mind letting me know the birthtime of your Scorpio ex? Cause I can give u a little clue about his personalities~

  • to answer your first question on whether or not he will contact you

    Our answer is he most likely wont as it seems he's trying to avoid you altogether.

    Now why he got the facebook account

    He needs it for a different purpose that involves more than one person, looks like he's getting some form of help from a group of people and facebook is the preferred tool

  • @Mikyo I dont know his birthtime but his birthdate is November 1st 1991 and @

    KushikamiKiba can you tell what his problem is with me Im just confused as to what happened will I ever know and do you think his hurting from the breakup or whatever else is bothering him because the breakup made no sense to me whatsoever?

  • And if you want to do a reading on me Im May 6th 1992 9:28pm

  • Unhappiness for the lost love seems like the best phrase to describe your dilemma with this guy. He just ended the relationship with no good reason and that left you stagnant and confused. Have you ever quarreled with him when you two were together? Looks to me that one of you rejects changing for the best of the relationship and the emotional factor itself is not there. Sad to say I believe his reason for leaving is just that. He fell out of love and he's unable to tell you that. He forces it into hiding as most of us scorpios do. Its time to really get on with life, you both have parted ways and it appears there is little chance you'll ever come across each other anymore

  • I think Im just forced to move on although I have to say this is a rather painful experience for my first relationship especially since I cared for him so much. Thank you for your insight even though I dont think I would ever know what happened. We barely ever argued at all in fact things were getting better and better before this happened. Do you think that was him stalling the fact he didnt love me anymore or do you think he fell out of love because we were in long distance (even though we were patching things up and moving in together and also we dated off/on for 4 months in person before the long distance stage)?

  • Before i say anything else i to have feelings and telling me to stay away from a guy i like is one fo the hardest things in the world to hear but i just get the feeling you need to let this fella go.

    Weather he's playing games or something is truly up. Something isn't' right here and it doesn't seem like a healthy place for you to be. I wish i had more happy optimistic things to say right now for you but it just seems like it's better to keep your distance. :

  • Hi Asia118x! As a Scorpio, I think I can help you here. Hopefully I can give you answers.

    As an empath, I think I can offer more of a personal feeling since you gave very detailed descriptions of what happened.

    Keep in mind, though, while almost every true Scorpio shares the same traits, we are all still individuals and each of us has our own circumstances.

    Ok, I had to read just YOUR posts a couple of times to get the actual feeling of what happened.

    I can first say that it wasn't you. And, that you probably couldn't have done anything to save the relationship. I think he did really care for you. I also don't doubt that he still does, but probably not in the same way. I think he still thinks about you. But, to contact you would mean reopening a chapter he has probably tried to close.

    Scorpios are very secretive and mysterious. We never tell anyone everything. I have a best friend, whom I've had as a child, and I tell her maybe 90% of everything. I also only tell my own husband about 60% of what is going on with me. Both of those estimates are probably still too high. It has nothing to do with trust, it is just our nature not to disclose everything.

    Also, Scorpios are very physical. We want to be able to physically share our feelings with someone else. Without the physical connection, then we will start to disconnect emotionally. This is the main reason why long distance relationships don't last with Scorpios. There are the exceptions to the rule, but generally long distance relationships are not successful.

    I think that you handled the breakup very well. Dragging everything out probably would have made things worse. The more you push, the more we pull away. So, ending things the way you did was probably the best.

    Scorpios are all or nothing. So, if you two haven't talked in 3 months, odds are he probably won't contact you now. It's hard to say how he would react if you tried to contact him now. We tend to be very cold when not interested, so his response, if anything, may not be what you are looking for.

    I hope this helps a little. I know I missed some parts of the story. I could probably write you a book on here about what happened, but I just tried to summarize. 🙂

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Thanks I was sure about the physical part you was talking about and I knew that very well. It's just very confusing that's all because he wanted and decided to go long distance with me and on top of that right before the breakup we were about to be together physically and move in! I was deeply hurt when I tried to help him how he reacted (I think it was a way to conceal his true feelings because he had so much going on).

    Sometimes I think we are both scared to contact (too much pride and hurt from the breakup to do so) but sometimes I think he busy getting his life together and probably doesn't even think it's gonna work being that we not in the same place. Little does he know I got a great offer to goo to school in Miami for free with my own condo. I didn't want to at first because I was like I don't want to run into him but then that's not worrying about my self so I was like forget it! I'm goin to live life. The only thing is if I do run into him I dont know will happen.

    What do you think about everything that I just said?

  • Also I don't know of this makes a difference but I have a Scorpio friend of mine who contacts me like every once in a while randomly like aftermonths lol idk why but the reason why Im stating this is because Are all scorpios like this and do you think he might be the same way? (Im sorry for asking all these questions-it was my first relationship and I never really got closure from it-Im getting myself together and doing a great job just in the process of forgiving him andmending my heart together)

  • I'm sorry Asia 118x but I honestly believe this guy is bad news. He doesn't seem to have much respect for you. And the fact that he was only home with his parents for a short time and got into a fight and had to leave also makes me think he is not a stable person. It sounds like he has a lot of anger, resentment, and self-esteem issues. I know you are "in love" with him, and love is extremely blinding, but you seem like a smart, sweet girl and I am confident that this guy would end up hurting you even more if you were to get back together. I'm sorry if this is not what you want to hear but it is my honest opinion.

    Keep you head up girl. You will one day find an amazing guy! Work on yourself in the mean time and make sure you take it slow with the next guy you like. Rushing into things is almost always a recipe for disaster.

    God bless!

  • Asia118X,

    1. Do you think he still cares: no.

    and do you think he ever cared? yes.

    2. Do you think I handled the relationship in a good way? No.

    and the break up in a good way? yes.

    3. What is your take on the situation: good news are in the air.

    and what happened? whatever you begin now has good prospects to develop promisingly in the long term.

    Just remember one thing: never do anything that disturbs your happiness, because nothing is worth that. Happiness is the only thing, the only god to be worshipped. People are so stupid that they are ready to lose their happiness for any trivial thing. Somebody says something and their happiness is disturbed. Somebody has insulted them, they think somebody has insulted them -- he may not have deliberately done anything -- and their happiness is gone... as if they were just waiting for this man to insult them or say something. They were ready to throw away their happiness at any excuse. Just remember that: there is no excuse. If one is not happy, one is responsible.

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