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  • Thank Shadowmist.

  • Hi Ibeleive, i finally found your thread lol..i see that yu are very busy so when ever you have a few moments i would really appreciate your incite....I was wondering if you have any stone, crystal, rock ideas for my partner...Hes 51 and still is tied to his childhood and his mother,hes never been married, never had children...this weekend through me to a place of anger...that i didn't like...hes a good man,good heart but the lack of, "let say emotional maturity" I'm his longest relationship, its been 2 years for us.....long story but i won't put it here for the world to see lol...i''ve made a few decisions, the past few days.I also need some kind of stone, i have my large amethyst which i keep by my bed in a large crystal bowl, with my feathers,rocks,shells that i have collected since being with my partner...

    i am zapped out of energy, which i need for myself because of my fibromialgia and chronic pain and my 11 year old daughter needs me also:(

    thank you for being you 🙂

    love and light




  • a bump incase the post gets lost again lol....

  • MyJourney,

    So you found my buried thread. LOL

    With everything going on, I just did not have the energy to keep up with it and still answer the other things that I ended up getting into. Diversity is a blessing and a curse.

    I was about to answer you an hour ago and lost my connection to tarot, then I could not get it back.

    Okay, you want something to get him to a place of emotional maturity? Release of emotional blocks? I started putting a list together but it is large at the moment cause I was also looking for things for your condition. What are your most problematic symptoms? If you want to e-mail me you can do it that way.

    I am at Ibelievenspirit on yahoo if you want.

    I did start the list but I do not want to overwhelm you and would like to trim it down to the best fit for the biggest need. Right now I have to do some family stuff but if you can clear up your specifics, I can work on it later.


  • Hi, thanks Ibeleive i sent you a call.. I'll wait to see if its correct first, then i can give you some more information if you need it...thank you, really thank you...please no rush ok...i understand you have a family,and other obligations so i am in no panic, been living like this for awhile,time to take my life back:)

    Many Blessings to you also



  • Ok sent one back to you.

  • back again have had hardly any time lately been bombarded with stuff to do Glad I found this thread though as I have a strong interest in crystal Healing as well as the fact that I make jewellery in fact I have a lovely ring which is either Chrysocolla or very old Turquoise which is of possibly Navajo making, which the powers that be made it possible for me to get, which at one time I had to make smaller to fit me as my fingers are shrinking (unlike my middle). I removed the stone to work on it and found that behind the stone was packed about three pinches of tobacco, when the ring was finished and I needed to reset the stone, I actually found a new pack of tobacco so I replaced the old tobacco with fresh, I dont even smoke so finding tobacco is unusual, because I never usually even pay attention to if it's on the floor. Seemed that it was then somehow right that I should replace the old stuff. Never did find out if that was how it should be done though as that's not something I've ever found written anywhere

  • Well they do use it as offerings and sometimes to ward off evil. Add that to the fact that you came across some fresh, I'd say it was a good bet to replace it.

    Very interesting though. I'll file it away and let you know if I ever come across anything.

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