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  • My own story for aventurine use goes like this:

    I had decided to get to know some of my newer stones on a personal level. I picked several and took them to my area of solitude and one by one held each one in my hand. The aventurine was the one that pulled to me the most. (I felt this as a desire to hold it longer or not wanting to let it go, that sort of thing)

    So I started to meditate on it and while I was doing so, this persistent pain in my foot was interfering with my meditation. So, I gave up the meditation and thought, “What the heck.” and put the stone on the top of my foot and picked up the romance book I was currently reading. Well, lo and behold within about 10 minutes the pain subsided enough that I noticed its absence. I put the book down and thought about this a minute and realized (now that the big pain was gone, other pains along the same leg began to make themselves known. I slid the aventurine up my leg to the most prevalent and then on to the next and the next. By the time I was done, I realized how much this old untreated pain in my foot had caused trauma throughout my entire leg. These were deep seated pains in the structure of the bone (not the muscle)

    The original injury to my foot had been a hairline fracture between the big toe and the next and the doctors said there was really nothing to be done for it and it should heal on its own. I though it did but it took forever (like 6 months) but every time I stubbed a toe it came back and took just as long to go away. I had been dealing with it for about 7 years the night I tried the aventurine on it.

    I did this same treatment every night for about a week. (Always placing the stone in the windowsill during the day to clear it.) The started sleeping with it near the foot for about a month after that and I have not had it come back. (been about 5 years)

    I did try it for other kinds of pain like muscle tension etc. but so far only found it to work on bones and bone aches. (much gratitude for that)

    I gave one to my sister recently for her ankle and knee she was complaining about (her doctor told her it was her weight and she would just have to loose weight to fix it.) I told her my story and how to use it and she accepted it nicely but I could see she was not very confident about its ability to do anything for her. The next time I visited (month later) she complained again, I asked if she tried it and well “No, I really think it is blah, blah, blah… Then in another month, she says, “Wow, I didn’t really believe you about the stone. The pain was so bad one day I just thought what the heck it couldn’t hurt and I can not believe the pain is gone!”

    So, if you have one of those sort of bone problems…”What the heck! Try it out,”

  • I do bad knees, I will try it, thanks!

  • "participants have felt a "wash of love" fall all around them."

    Had them near during Meditation and it was very powerful, did not make the connection. Hmm

  • poetic,

    could be, I keep the one I use for healing separate and use it only for that purpose and have since bought more for other purposes. I wish a psychic/rock fair would visit my area soon. I so want to get out. Sounds like you had fun.

    The only reason for my added story was that bone healing was not an attribute listed anywhere for that stone. I did find one site that listed it good for "DeepHealing"


    If you have story of your own to share on a particular stone and how it worked for you. Please add it. Real stories from real people make it so much easier to work with and understand a stone and its nature.

  • Ibeleive

    Thanks a lot for sharing that about aventurine and for answering my query.

    One of my favourite stones right now is sun stone and lapiz which has pyrite in it to the extent that it looks less blue and more gold mixed with blue and green,resembling representations of earth!Then there is this azurite mixed with malachite that is a beautiful mix of blue geen...I can only call it art:).I use an apophyllit cluster sometimes to send remote reiki healing.

    May I be greedy and ask a question for myself.Please suggest crystals for ibs.I have tried green fluorite for occassional painful cramps and holding it on the abdomen does ease the pain.

    Poetic, I love citrine,but Ive found ,that for some reason it helps me more if I keep it near me than wear it.I use citrine to clear other crystals.Funnily,whenever Ive bought and worn citrine I bump into someone who seems to "need"(just an inner feeling!) it and I have given it away!

    Love and Light

  • Oh btw,sunstone is my feel happy and positive crystal!

  • Suramya,

    Funny you mentioned Apophyllite. I skipped it. I do have a little information on it but was really so unfamiliar with it that I decided to not post it. I will correct that now. BTW, how does it work out for you on that front?


    Gem Lore: Apophyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical and thespiritual realms. During out-of-body journeys, it keeps strong connection with the physical body, allowing information to be transmitted from the spiritual realm into the physical. (Tarot member “suramya” sometimes uses a cluster of apophyllit cluster to send remote reiki healing.) Clusters come in various colors but most polished stones are clear. However, can form "natural pyramids" when subjected to rock tumbling. A big plus for those of us who are into pyramids.

  • Suramya,

    Now for your question (Its not greedy, it’s what I started the thread for, my way of giving back):

    Ibs: abdominal + digestive + colon + brain (when I looked ibs up article said: The most common theory is that IBS is a disorder of the interaction between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract, although there may also be abnormalities in the gut flora or the immune system.)

    Abdominal: Chrysocolla (whole digestive tract)


    Citrine (One of its properties is encouraging sharing -quit giving it away you silly goose, buy 5; one to put with your other stones to keep them clear, one for you, one to give away, one for your friend with the CFS as I forgot to add it to the list the last time and a spare till you find another extra)

    Moss Agate (another of those lovely green stones) also good for stress and thus the abdominal region

    Sunstone (Yes, your “Happy Stone”)


    Bloodstone (also intestines and immune system)

    Brain function:

    Lapis Lazuli

    Sunstone ( your “Happy Stone” again.)

    If you don’t have one, buy a moss agate and a bloodstone.

    Put a pouch together (so you wont give them away) with your chrysocolla, citrine, sunstone, lapis, bloodstone, moss agate and add the green fluorite as it helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. Then carry it around with you, lay it near your abdomen at night while watching tv or sleeping. Even with the citrine in the pouch, I would suggest laying the rest of the set out in the sun once a week to clear.

    Your malachite is particularly useful for cramps. So use this for the abdominal pain but do not put it in your pouch. Use it separately and sparingly as it is a very strong activator of risk taking, live in the fast lane and wind you up, which could cause the ibs to worsen. Do not wear or carry it around with you.

    Here’s the really cool part. You asked your question in the same post where you mentioned everyone of these stones (except for the bloodstone, moss agate and chrysocolla, which I mentioned in your last post for your friend)


  • Wow Ibelieve Thanks ever sooo much!

    I already gifted the person citrine fr cfs:) I also already bought an extra citrine today holding tight to it to keep it w me;) So you are pretty clairvoyant.I have blood stone and chrysocolla .and all of these except moss agate ,which I can pick up..Thanks v much again.

    Just curious about how you know so much about chrysocolla? Is it a stone you have worked with much?

    About using apophyllite,I just did it by instinct holding it close to the hands while sending healing.I do not know if this is a authorized or documented practice.The idea is also to remove the healer from the healing process.By using the crystal or enlisting its aid, what im really trying to do is to remove my ego(not an easy task!), and try and be a pure channel for reiki energy /universal love to flow.It felt right .I am sure there are other crystals that can be used similarly. Btw,I know a healer who wears smoky topaz for protection.Perhaps ,obsidian can be used similarly? Am a beginner with crystals and its great to learn from your thread.

    Hope you write about moldavite which fascinates me!

  • Suramya,

    Chysocolla, it’s a pretty green stone, I love green.

    I have always loved stones, crystals and rocks. Studied the mineral and geological stuff. Later I studied magical properties of same (which I do not include in this thread unless asked or are part of the general metaphysical properties listed in other sources) and then healing and then kept studying. I love the earth and history and although trees (another favorite of mine) are old, nothing is as old as rocks.

    (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I study herds as well. No time for a new thread at the moment.)

    Anyway, I bought a chysocolla for my son due to a gluten sensitivity to help with digestive problems. But I have not worked with it much. I may try out its ability to inspire creativity when I decide to get back to writing, we’ll see.

    You wrote with regards to sending Reiki Healing: “About using apophyllite; I just did it by instinct.”

    Good instincts. I don’t write down everything every book or site says about stones as it would be too overwhelming for everyone. But after you stated this, I can say that The Crystal Bible states “Apophyllite is regarded as the stone par excellence to assist Reiki healing. It facilitates taking the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness, and at the same time takes the healer out of the way, so that the transmission of healing energy to the patient is purer.” I found no other sources referring to this quality but with your recommendation add it to the list. (I’m not up on Reiki so there are probably a lot of stones uses for it that I do not know how to apply.) Maybe you could start a Reiki information/learning thread!

    Topaz is an incredible stone. Magical uses include protection, but not generally listed elsewhere. It does have many qualities a healer could use like being an empathetic stone that recharges, re-motivates, and aligns the meridians of the body and I will write more on it later. Obsidian on the other hand is a very protective stone with incredible grounding abilities.

    Aunt Buck wrote some things earlier about moldavite and I will get to it as well. I’m trying for alphabetical order so people can do an easier search later on down the road.

  • Okay all these stones my head is spinning already, so much to know! Being honest, I need to try the healing with the Aventurine. Hi Suramya, I saw that Sun Stone it is beautiful, okay confession here, I had cleansed my stones, ask for blessings, took the one's that were supposed to be lucky with me to play my free play, NADA, I got a little p.o'd and put them back in the car went back in with out them and won a hundred bucks. I probably need to be more patient, someone play the violin please.

    So much to know, to learn, to grow. So now there in a little box and I have asked them for forgiveness because I actually threw them in the car, bad girl.

  • Whats good for good energy in the home?

  • I knew I had something to say Beth, just remembered, wouldn't it be nice to plan a trip to go to Arkansas where the Atlantean Crystals are buried and being activated now for the Acension? Let's go.

  • Poetic dear,

    I have tried every lucky stone I could find to promote luck with gambling to no avail. I still take them, but with your story, maybe I should leave them in the car. LOL. I will try that next time and let you know how it goes.

    I even did a wonderful abundance/luck spell once for the lottery. Did not win but my husband and I both ended up on mandatory overtime for the next three months. I undid after that and asked for some free time instead. Now I am unemployed and he is retired. Gotta learn to tone it down some. LMAO.

    Good Energy for the home? As in peace and harmony or something else??

  • Poetic,

    Arkansas is on my mind much lately. Give me some time, pendulum work/ley lines and energy vortex's are next on my list of studies. I have been putting it off for years (while gathering supplies and books for it) and feel the need to go for it now. So yeah, Arkansas real soon.


  • Today, I finish off the A's for myself. NO, I did not list every possible "A." If you have one I did not list and actually want infor on it, I will be glad to do so.


    Gem Lore: Azurite (think “azure/blue” used as blue pigments for centuries) brings about clear understanding and new perspectives, and expands the mind. So good for any psychic development use. It releases long-standing blocks in communication and stimulates memory. It was sacred to the Egyptians who believed it was an aid to spiritual communication. (Of course they used it for those beautiful blues in toms and as make-up.) Malachite is a later stage of oxidation of Azurite; maybe call it a daughter of azurite. (High copper content.) Heat, sun exposure, bright light and weathering will diminish its color. In addition it will crumble in water. So cleansing it is best done with sage or sweet grass smudging. (Unless you are thrilled with this stone for healing and like smudging I would not recommend it for healing uses. And since it shares the same healing properties as malachite and copper both of which can be easily cleansed. I prefer to use the them) That being said, I did find one reference to reduce abnormal cell growth and therefore has been attributed to possible use with cancer patients. But can not verify that with any specifics.

  • Beautiful!

  • Metatron is huge on Stones/Crystals/Gems, etc. Here is a link on Arkansas.

  • Very cool, I am about two weeks behind on the stuff.

    I rember reading something similar back when the birds all fell out of the sky as well.


  • True

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