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  • I feel I must heighten my protection levels to a higher one than I have had to use in sometime. Have either of you worked with seals or angels in more than just guidance? If so, what type of physical spiritual prep is needed. I feel I do not remember many of the steps initially.

  • GreyStar,

    The amethyst I posted yeserday and the one I am poting today are both very good at keeping the chakras aligned and balanced. Both are also good for protection from negativity as well. I'll look for an specific stone for this a bit later.


    Gem Lore: Aquamarine is a stone of courage, its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind, also it harmonizes its surroundings and protects against pollutants. This is the stone of courage. It enhances ones ability for rapid intellectual response and helps one to remain impeccable through assimilation of knowledge concerning ones beginning and the reality which one has actualized. It provides a shielding property for the aura and subtle bodies. It encourages the innate ability to always be prepared. There is a flowing quality to the energy of aquamarine. At the same time, it also vibrates a structure so that balance and order are maintained. It provides for alignment of the chakras and balancing of the network of grids connecting the physical and ethereal bodies. Aquamarine stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra, facilitating communication of a higher quality than the mundane. It enables one to travel deep within the self to understand the complexities and to concurrently remain centered. It emits a gentle and compassionate energy and supports taking responsibility for ones action and encountered situations.

    It is also the birthstone for March.

  • Seal as in the mammel or "to seal" or "break a seal"?

  • For psychic protection and release of negative forces (form inside and out) use obsidian.


    Gem Lore: Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize. Obsidian is a stone without boundaries and limitation. It is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity. Obsidian’s greatest gift is insight into the cause of disease. It aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept and promotes physical digestion. This is an excellent grounding stone often used to focus ones inner vision when an answer is needed for the required course of action. It provides a shield against negativity, transforming negative vibrations within an environment. Wearing obsidian further disperses those unloving thoughts which arise from within the self or are directed toward ones physical form. It is quite useful in healing, providing both the healer and subject with clarity of the cause and effect of the disease.

    For angels look at the post from yesterday on angelite possibly. I'm working on angel communication myself so not much help there from me.

  • Greystar...I have only worked with the angels in guidance and protection. Another stone that I have that is good for working with the angels is Celestite. According to the Crystal Bible, "it takes you into the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelic realms. It jump-starts spiritual development and urge you toward enlightment. It is a useful stone for stimulating clairvoyant communication, dream recall, and journeys out of the body." It promotes purity of the heart and attracts good fortune. It heals the aura and reveals truth. It is a stone that brings balance and alignment. It also assists in conflict resolution and maintaining harmony in times of stress. Placed on the third eye, Celestite opens a connection to the universal energies. Celestite is an excellent healing stone, dissolving pain and bringing in love. It treats disorders of the eyes and ears. It is an effective healer of the throat chakra.

    I have a crystal that is almost like this. For some reason, I love rough crystals and will try to get all my crystals in rough form. However, I will note....there are some crystals that are not safe in rough form so you can only get them in polished form. As with not place this crystal in direct sunlight as it will fade.

  • thank you all for posting about stones & crystals. I love all types of stones & crystals and have them all over my home & carry them with me wherever I go in a pink satin sachet. Most of my stones I get at the flea market ( they are very inexpensive & you can pick & choose which everone you need) I put them in my left hand & feel the vibrations & that is how I determine if that stone or crystal is calling to me. the pictures that are posted are beautiful

  • shadowmist,

    We meet again, good to hear from you.

    I am always on the lookout for cystals/stones where ever I go. Like you I want to touch them and hold them before committing. (sound like a relationship,LOL) There have even been a few times, I picked one up that I did not realy have a "feel" for but later it turned out a friend or family member was the one who needed it. That's always cool.


  • Alright, I am going to post two quick one's that I have not personally been in contact with. I made my list I am using here from several sources, so sometimes they are short as I try to garner the portions that most of the sources all agree on; unless I have knowledge of working with it personally. If you are interested for more on a particular stone, please ask.

    AuntBuck, thanks for the assistance. Since I am having a bit of trouble with my eyes lately, perhaps I should dig mine out.

    Then I am going to post my Aventurine story.

  • Aragonite

    Gem Lore: Aragonite is a reliable earth healer and grounding stone. Attuned to the Earth Goddess, it encourages conservation and recycling. It is one of two common naturally occurring crystal forms of calcium carbonate.

  • Atacamite

    Gem Lore: Atacamite forcefully opens the third eye creating the powerful visual images and a strong spiritual connection. Atacamite is a comparatively rare mineral, formed from primary copper minerals in the oxidation or weathering zone of arid climates. So it will carry copper qualities as well. It purifies the kidneys removing fear and promotes elimination at all levels. With its calming green color it is also beneficial for the nervous system, overcoming stress and frayed nerves at a subtle level. Atacamite help us to be more self-motivated and can also enhance our confidence and our enthusiasm. It can help us to attain the level of independence that we require. Atacamite is also useful in removing energy blocks.

  • Hello, I also believe. I have been inspired too share and I am grateful. Some time ago in the Cabio mountains of New Mexico I was invited to go on a walk and gather anything that caught my eye. I was given a napsack, rockpick and a smile. At first I had no idea on how to receive the natural energy I was consuming.Until I realized I am standing on a cavaran and inside was a sensation of warmth, vitality,and the sense of being! On that day I did not find rocks, but they found me. Atoo, believes and shine on for those who are searching.

  • Ibelieve,

    What is this green egg made of? How do you download the pic to here?

  • I will have to play around as the pics are on my phone camera.

  • GreyStar,

    Cant answer that one, the pictures I upload are from my computer. (My phone is so out of date it does not take picture and it has an antena to boot. I am thinking of adding a micro steam engin to it so it fits in at a steampunk/scifi convention. Maybe people will quit snikering then. Probably not.)

  • Too funny. My hematite necklace bit the dust today. I've never had this much trouble with jewelry in my life. I'm about to start just putting stones in my pocket.

  • Dear ibeleive

    Thank you for starting this thread.I too am drawn to crystals and meditate on them in the hope to learn more.I know someone who has CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome).Can you suggest crystal/s for her please?!

    Thanks,love and Light

  • Dear AB

    I have a celestite geode that I love gazing at.It reminds me of mountains:snow and Streams and is very calming!

  • suramya,

    Thank you.

    For your friend I would suggest Chrysocolla and although it is not a stone, pyrite (fools Gold)

    There are lots of stones that add vitallity but most of them want to re-direct it to other goals. The two I suggest help in adding vitality to fight fatigue of the body. They also work on increased blood flow, lung problems, muscles and digestive tracts which are all symptems of CFS.

    Adding smokey quartz with these two can help. It amplifies the energy of others stones and helps dissolve negative energy and emotional blockages. Helps balance yin/yang. Excellent for grounding. Helps mental clarity and helps overcome depression & other negative emotions. Most of all quartz in general helps strengthen the immune system.


  • Hola all! I did manage to get my rose Quartz Crystal pendant, I bought a Hematite ring, some Amanzonite and I think Turquoise. The store that I went to was having a Psychic Fair this weekend, I said no thanks all my friends are Psychic's just about and they thought that was funny!

    Well AB I saw the Citrine and that was the only one that kinda called to me, didn't buy it though, will go back for Citrine and the Amethyst.

  • Today's stone:


    Gem Lore: Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. Also stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. This stone is used to activate and clear the heart chakra. It is an excellent protector and provides a shield to block the entry from those who wish to "tap-in" and use the energy of another. Aventurine provides for balancing of female/male energies, enhancing ones creativity, supplementing motivation in activities and augmenting the pioneering spirit. It also reinforces ones decisiveness, amplifies ones leadership qualities and is a willing participant in instinctive action. It facilitates balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It has been used in rituals of the medicine wheel to show to the spirit guides, the participants have felt a "wash of love" fall all around them.

    Nice to know about the shield for tap-ins and the medicine wheel uses. Haven't tried it for these things before but will give it a try.

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