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  • RC,

    Amethyst regulates energy so it can be calming or stimulating depending on the case. Rose quartz emits peacefulness so either of both would be good for her as long as she is old enough to be safe with smaller objects. On the other hand, maybe if you carry them, she and the dog wont bother you as much.

    Can't wait to hear more.


    I was trying to compose my thoughts on how to seriously answer RC, when your post (just above the reply box caught my eye. No kidding I am ROTFLMAO. You're so bad.


  • StormySkyLioness,

    We meet again, so much in common, it amazes me.

    Love to see your pictures.

    You wrote:

    "I also have Amuthist that was carved in to a bufflo..."

    Lord and Lady, the Buffalo is one of my spirit amimals! I so want to see a pic of this one. I'm a bit jealous. Okay, alot. I have looked for just the right carved buffalo for many years and I haven't found the one yet.

    Looking forward to it,


  • Ibelieve, your experience with stones is remarkable. I love it. I have been an admirer and collector of stones since I was a kid. I've shared them with others, introduced my niece and nephews to the fun of collecting them and learning about them and done the same with other generations since. I'm no expert by any means but I have a healthy interest for sure. In preparing for our most recent move I managed to dig out some stones that had been packed away and sort of lost for a long while which I suppose on some level rekindled my interest. Finding out there was a local rock show in town last weekend sealed the deal that this is something of importance for me now. It's funny you suggested amethyst and rose quartz. The amethyst has long been my favorite stone and I have begun carrying both of those stones only recently along with a tigers eye. Sounds like the advice of many was upon me without my even knowing it.

    And Tooter, you are just ornery. Being a genealogy nut a headstone amps me up often with excitement for what info it has to share about an individual in my research.....but you my friend, you are just too funny.

  • Today I am submitting one of my favorites. This ancient substance is not really a stone of any kind but the petrified sap of ancient trees. Amber, what a lovely name. As an old soul, I can relate to it, as a tree lover, I am drawn to it.

    I wont have the chance to write more as I am off to another city for some appointments today. Enjoy.


    Gem Lore: Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization. It is a stone dedicated to the connection of the conscious self to universal perfection. It helps one in the art of manifestation to bring that which is desired into the state of reality. It stimulates the intellect and opens the crown chakra. It also transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love. It aligns the ethereal energies to the physical, mental and emotional bodies, providing for an even flow of perfect order on the Earth plane.

    Oh yeah, for those interested, it can assist in research of the Akashic records

  • RC LOL when i seen that i could not resist i know how my grand kids get and sometimes i feel like knocking them in the head with a rock LOL

    Ibeleive this tread is neat and you are giving a lot of good information that Amber makes me think of jurisick park the movie and being a carpenter working with wood use to on most of the wood maily pine it had a lot of sap on it but not any more that's why the wood don't last long i guess sat in wood is like blood is to us .But i love this i like learning new things.

  • Perhaps my revisiting my interest in the stones is mother natures way of saying I need to ground a little more and pull energies from the earth and the gifts she has to offer us.

  • Ibelieve,

    I some of the stones and etc I have collected/over the years. I would love to know more about uses and etc.


  • You when we see water running down a rocky stream there was never no doubt it was good to drink and when yo think about the rocks and water and minerals and that knowing of that water is good to drink to me its like a inner thing that is instilled in us ,i hope i can remember a lot of this information you are giving it is great .

  • I have a small piece of Amber. It's beautiful. I have always been intrigued with crystals and actually got into the healing properties of crystals long before I even knew about this place or found Reiki. I just "knew" they were special.

    I have so many that I start looking at them going what is this one??? :0) And for those times...I have my hand little Crystal Bible. Tooter, if you get a chance you should go to the library and check out this book. It is a great source of information including, making elixers of minerals. It is pretty thorough in letting you know which ones can be immersed directly and which ones you need to encase in a glass before putting in your water. I also suggest going to the book stores and looking at the discount bins. I have gotten some really great books for under $5.00 doing this. I also make periodic trips to Goodwill. I usually buy my books there if I can. I hardly ever go out and buy a book full price. 8-)

    The other thing I forgot...I can charge my with Reiki and that is very helpful also. I will cleanse my crystals under tap water or bottled water if I have it and then set it out in the sun for charging. I had a malachite pendulum that I used to hang outside for charging. I could definitely feel the difference in using it when I left it outside to charge. If you can't leave outside, window ledges also work good for this.

    So...what's your favorite crystal? For a long time I was in love with moldavite which is a tekkite (metorite) like what you found Tooter. It was a pretty powerful little rock but I could never hold on to it. I have bought several pieces and they disappear. I even bought jewelry with it in there and they have disappeared out of the jewelry. It was kind of a scary rock for me because it will put you on your path...even if you don't want to be there. It was explained to me that if you were on a 3 lane freeway and you wanted to be in the slow lane but were supposed to be in the fast lane, it didn't matter how many times you moved to the slow lane, the moldavite would always move you to the fast lane if that was where you were supposed to be. :0) Anyone else ever had any experience with this stone?

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    Is there a stone to ward off negative energy? I love reading in this post. Most helpful and I must confess, interesting.

    Is there a stone to help a person get a job? Just curious.

    Thank You

  • To ward off negative energy I always suggest obsidian. It's a beautiful stone that has very protective properties. As far as a job goes...citrine is my favorite for attracting prosperity. I just did a quick search and pyrite, smoky quartz, and tiger's eye are also good.

    I had a friend that was having money problems and job issues and was just struggling financially. I bought her a nice citrine stone that she carried everywhere with her. She now has two jobs and is able to pay her bills and has extra money to enjoy the things that she likes to do.

    Hope this helps!

  • To all,

    What had happened was…I was tired after coming home from my trip on tuesday. I read your messages and responses to one anther but did not feel up to replying at the time. So I cut and pasted them into a word program for later. Well since the website was unavailable yesterday and the next due to a virus or company selling a virus or whatever it was that moved me from the page whenever I tried to access it…I had lots of time to compose my thoughts and it inspired lots of insights in your messages. Well they seemed like insights to me at the time. So I have lots of long posts. Hope you get something out of it as well. If not lets put it down as meaningless wanderings due to boredom and anxiety over whether I would ever get to talk to you guys again. If you do get something out of it…then I guess I could say it was quite prophetic of me to have cut and pasted all the messages and have the day off so I could respond with all my insights. Gotta find the good in every situation. Right?

    Thanks to Missbeth for the advice on how to get back in here.


  • RC,

    Sharing is so much what it is all about. You might never know who you touch or how you touched someone but it starts with sharing. I am constantly giving out stones I buy for myself. I give them away and I think, I’ll get another for me and then I end up giving it away as well. But when I give freely, I feel good about it.

    There is always someone out there who will get the thing they need at the time of need and it is amazing and incomprehensible how the Universe achieves this with so many of us asleep. I do believe you came across your stones and the show was in your town for a reason and quite possibly this topic I started as well could be synchronicity at work.

    I wanted to join in rather than sit on the side lines; to be a valuable part of the process rather than just butting in with my two cents. Then I noticed people talking about stones and crystals here and there in various topics and I thought, “Hey, I have this whole list I put together linked to pictures; why not share?”

    My intention is to give a little back and I felt secure enough in this topic to throw it out there. I am not an expert either, Similar to you, I have always loved them and been drawn to them. I research them, have lots a books on the subject from different perspectives and then played with them myself and yes, I like to make lists.

    I’m a firm believer in finding your own meaning. I start with experts, jumble all their differing information into the mix then see how I personally feel about it.

    I can offer some general info to get someone started or answer specific questions but truly in the end it comes down to what the stone means/does for you personally. When we get to Aventurine, I’ll continue that thought.

    As for rose quartz and amethyst in combination; they both bring peacefulness to the mind. Tiger’s Eye promotes the flow of energy through the body and grounds it This translates to a re-circulating of the energies so they are always fresh rather than stagnating. Amethyst regulates the energy to bring it in balance. So your combination appears to be just what you needed. Your higher mind is at work.


  • Greystar,

    I look forward to the pictures. If you have a specific question that you would like to know now, I’ll answer it. I was doing it in order so it would be easier to look one up later on down the road rather than search page after page.

  • Tooter,

    The point of the topic is to pick up some infor or garner some interest. You don’t have to remember it all. You can come back and look it up, copy and paste the parts you want or ask a specific question. Especially if you have a Unakite and can’t wait till I get around to it. LOL


  • Amethyst

    Gem Lore: Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. It is not really strange that it does both as it is a regulator. (Think natural Ritalin.) When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding. This is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both spiritual and ethereal levels. It is representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body. Amethyst also bestows stability, strength, invigoration and innocent peace. It is also a stone of meditation, being excellent in conducting the energy of calm to help one to both enter and maintain the desired state. It opens and activates the crown chakra. It is also protective.

    This is just a small potion of what amethyst can be used for. I could talk about it all day. Good all around crystal.

    Please note: Amethyst will fade by prolong exposure to direct sunlight. Cleanse/clear it by way of running water or burying in earth.


  • Aunt Buck,

    Great advice on both the obsidian and the citrine.

    One other note on citrine. It never needs clearing and it will clear other stones as well. (Keep in a bowl with your other stones) If however you charge a stone for a specific use, you want to keep it away from the cirtirne as it will clear the charging work you did with it.


  • I know a lot of you are going to like this one. I don't have any myself, I'm still looking.


    Angelite enhances telepathic communication & enables out-of-body journeys to take place while still maintaining contact with everyday reality. It is formed from celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years. It’s a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It gives protection around your body. Promotes compassion & understanding, helps you to speak the truth when it is difficult, alleviates psychological pain, enhances astrological understanding & facilitates contact with angels. It can unblock energy pathways & is used for relief from throat inflammations & to balance the thyroid. Angelite also repairs & soothes tissues & blood vessels. It is very useful for weight control.

  • AuntBuck,

    Moldivite as you said is a very high powered/high vibrational stone with the combination of terestrial and extraterestrial fusion of energies. Use it with a good grounding stone nearby during meditation like Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, or Obsidian.

  • Aunt Buck and Ibelieve,

    What stones help to keep chkras cleared and provide protection and draw out a negativity that is trying to attach. Aunt Buck this goes back to what one of you guys saw on the healing thread. I have removed that which was being used to do this I am pretty sure. Do you guys see an amulet or stones that could greatly improve the protection?


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