• Hi Miss Beth ~ How are you? I had a dream about my Father in law. He called out my name. I know you are suppose to pay attention when that happens. I'm wondering what it is he wants me to pay attention to? Also I'm wondering about a friend that passed S.C. I was so sad he was 50ish & seems to young. Any messages other than those of course would love to know them. My grand daughter spent the night with me & she had a wonderful dream - big red heart in the middle, an Angel on each side of the heart, she is standing in the middle top of the heart, Mary is on the left, Jesus is on the right & they are holding her hands, God is above her. She drew me a picture that morning. She is six & I have always encouraged her to remember her dreams right when she wakes up. Isn't that a beautiful dream. Wanted to share that with you. Many blessings to you. Love ~D

  • Hi D,

    Great to hear from you! I've been absent for awhile and just had the guidance yesterday to return. So here I am! Thanks so much for your question. First, I loved your description of your granddaughter's picture. That is a keeper for sure.

    About your question, I checked in with your angels and they said to tell you that you need to zero in on dreams that repeat. If your Father-in-Law visits you and says your name, for example, three times (or more!) he is trying to get your attention. You can talk to him before you go to sleep and ask him to come through your dreams if he has a message for you. The key is repetitive dreams.

    On your friend who passed...rejoice your angels say. Rejoice in his passing and returning back to his heavenly Home where he is welcomed by all who have loved him. Young is a relative term they say. For your friend, it was simply his time to go. You are feeling sad because you miss him. You miss his physical presence in your life. But know he is not gone. His spirit is alive and he is ready to move on and continue his own spiritual journey...just on another level of existence. He says "Boo" to you."

    Now I asked your angels again on the Boo term because I've never heard that one before lol. And was told yes, he says Boo. I type what I hear so there it is!

    Thanks so much for your question!

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Welcome back Beth 🙂

  • Thanks Danr! Great to be back.

    Angel blessings!


  • This post is deleted!

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    Beth welcome back.


    loving silver wings

  • Hi Julianna,

    Thanks so much. Great to see you still are here as well!

    Angel blessings to you dear friend,


  • Welcome back Beth 🙂 Its good to see you here.

    Bee XxXx

  • angel hugs

    miss beths angels, Yes I read most postings and usually respond with


    in some form.

    I find it safer not to request anything.


  • Oh yay!!!! I am SO glad you are back. Very much missed around here!

  • Thanks AuntBuck and AngelBee! Got your email Auntbuck and came on over lol.

    Angel blessings to all!


  • Hey MissBethsAngels Would you like my email as-well? let me know and i will try and post it. 🙂 Many Blessings to you Bee XxX

  • Dear AngelBee,

    Gladly. Try and post! My screen name is my site name if you need to go that route.

    Miss Beth

  • Hi Miss Beth, I posted about my sister who passed recently and thought you could provide a message as I've been told you are good at that. My post was a sudden death can you help Mar 4th it was posted.

  • Ok Miss Beth- It is 🙂 Email anytime 🙂 i check them often.

    Love and Light Bee XxX If it gets deleted i will email you from your sight. 🙂

  • If all else fails Beth and AngelBee...I can connect you. Angel we are on Paths and I have Beth's email address. I can PM you over there if this gets lost.

    Beth...I asked in my email but I'm really curious what messages the angels have for me. I mentioned that I know they are around and I love the comfort that they give me everyday. I guess I just want to know from them if I am missing something in my path. I have been on the threads with Captain for issues around weight, love and money. Any guidance from the angels on those subjects? :0)

    Thanks Beth...I am so excited to have you back. Missed greatly around here!

  • Hey AuntBuck- That is fine. Thank you.:)


    MissBeth- I also have a few questions for you too, and looking for guidance also.There are some things id like to know. But would rather email you about them. If you have the time to do that, it be most appreciated. It is so great to see you back again. I was under a different name before. You left. RebeccaAnn was my other name. I hope you enjoy the sight again- its filled with amazing people- as you may know. Love and Light Bee XxX

  • Ms. Beth, boy did I miss you and never forget you, I still have some of your old postings, Welcome Back! Last week I had a dream and someone said they are 3 Beth, I'm one, I believe is one and now you are back.... Must of been a Premonition!

    Hope and pray all is well!

  • I too noticed how some people are coming back again. 🙂 I am glad. it must be that time of year, spring time. 🙂 Lots of old faces, and new ones. Great, Its good too see.

    Bee X

  • MissBeth welcome back. So glad you were compelled to return we have missed you so.

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