Determinded to keep him! Aquarius Guy/Scorpio Girl

  • I am not one to fall into a relationship or date period. I'm still young actually, and I always feel like I have so much on my plate as it is to bring a partner into my life. I'm not one to share my problems either, but still... I always believed that when you were in a true relationship his problem was your problem and vise versa. Well I recently started dating this Aquarius guy and I'm a scorpio. I met him online and hadn't had a chance to see him face to face yet. He lives really close but the only thing stopping me is money. Except recently I'm not so sure things are going so good... It's really difficult for me because he's so far away, and I'm sure it's difficult for him too. I also can't help but get this feeling that I'm going to be dumped... It happened once, but that was when we first started dating and it was just... a bit confusing for both of us, I guess. And what really -really- sucks... I don't remember ever feeling this way about anyone!!! And trust me, I've had strong feelings for one other guy before... just recently got him out of my life for good and I'm trying to keep my Aquarius... I'm kind of scared because my heart has never hurt so bad out of fear, love, excitement, longing, and lust.... I fear I may be the one that is doing wrong in the relationship... I do not want to lose him... and I know I probably just rambled a little (it's actually 3 AM my time and I can't barely see but needed to get this out...) So yes... if anyone has any suggestions or -anything- that can be of help... I would greatly appreciate it!

  • You both need to try and meet each other for this relationship to really flourish...until you have spent time together your true feelings for each other will emerge. Your online friendship has set a foundation ....

    Aquarians are not the most romantic of the signs - they tend to hide their true emotions and can appear a bit cold hearted...but they are friendly, socialable people and they do value their independence within a relationship. The best way to keep your Aquarian is to be loyal and trustworthy, be fun to be with and make an effort to like his friends, be socialable and try not to be too intense/clingy!

    Most of all , make the most of what this relationship offers, take it step by step, day by day.....and enjoy what may come your way.

    All the best

  • Hello fellow Scorpio! I was married to an Aquarian man for 11 years, but sadly I lost him quite suddenly last August. He was a very talented, creative and intellectual man. Definitely guarded with his emotions though. We had a true soul connection, and yet missed some of the intimacy that I have just recently found with a Gemini man. I can tell you that our pairing was wonderful creatively (we played music together), and our son is quite a wonderful mixture of the two of us, but we could really argue too! He could be very cold-hearted, and hit below the belt at times. Not a fair fighter...

    Definitely meet him in person though, and spend some time with him before you make any decisions or judgements. Good luck to you!

  • Oh, if you cling-you lose. Your confusion will not be clarified until you meet him. But most Aquarians are cool customers and bristle at the threat of the loss of personal freedom. At the same time, they can be the most loyal and giving of friends. But you may not know his true feelings even if you do meet. Don't know if this has helped you, but wish you all the best...

  • PS...I was involved with an Aquarian who told me I was "too emotional", if that gives you a hint.

  • Hi, My advice is not to get your heart set on ANYONE until you've met. Also, give it time to get to know each other. If you don't, your setting yourself up for disaster. It's natural to feel awkward because, if you think about it, you both are strangers--you met online. I was on an on-line dating site. I went on two dates. I thought it was totally un-natural. A lot can be said for meeting someone on your own. Personally, I think it works out better. There are some that actually get married. I heard E-Harmony is good. I just don't have that kind of patience. And I think it takes patience to meet a total stranger and sit somewhere half-panicked wondering if they are going to like you. It's also possible to develop an on-line friendship and then not be attracted to the person once you meet. So, what do you do. My advice is not to count your chickens and play it cool.

  • Hi! I suggest meeting with the guy personally, and give yourself enough time for knowing him well -then you can decide more about this relationship. Acquarians need much liberty and freedom, and usually fall in love very slowly, as they think love and emotions can be very complicated.Sometimes they seem to be cold-hearted. So I advise to be diplomatic, be curious of him, but stay honest... Avoid clinging, and too much insisting and do not become jelaous of him.

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