Please help with reading

  • Hello,

    I recently starting using the tarot cards to try to get some vision about my current problems.

    I did a 3 cards spread regarding my current relationship which is in quite a strange position...we just got back together after a very dark and side time together, and now we try to find trust among one another and try again..

    My tarot cards came as follows:

    Past: Queen of Swords

    Present: XII Chariot

    Future: 2 of Cups- Love (but it came upside down!!!!!!)

    As I read about upside down cards I starting to freak out. I am having doubts in my relationship but I want to be open with love and trust. Am I taking these cards too seriously? Because now it doesnt get out of my head the idea that this relationship could be doomed. Am I reading this correct? It feels right most of the time but like everything it takes time and confused. Please help!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • i also have to add that I am new to tarot. my friend had a deck and I just picked it up, thought deeply of my question and then spread them on the table picking three cards and laying them on the table in order 1, 2, 3. one for the past, 2 present, 3 future (upside down).

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