• I have been reading runes for more years now than i can count. More so as a medation tool than for readings for others. I made my first set of runes out of pebbles from my mothers garden as a pre-teen. and inscribed them with Elder farthark in metalic gold premnant marker/pen.

    But haveing lost them sence then in years after when moving frequently as a teen. I curently have a set that a old friend had helped me aquire.

    I have always felt a conection to the Earth Mother. as a young child i would cloect smooth stones from when ever i went.

    I was just wondering if anyone else here has felt an affnity tword Runes, or stones, in genral from a young age as well.

    I grew up in a Christian/Prodestent (but not overly strict) Family, but as i got older started resurching other religions as a hobby, and also because i wasa bit of a Knowlage-of-Any-Kind Addict. lol (and still very much so am) but i ultilmitly settled in to my own hybrid knitch, of Eclectic-Pagan, and a strong beleif that in some way all Religions have the same Energy Sorce Core, that conects them in a shimmering Cosmic Web. 🙂

    Well, I hope Everone is haveing a Great Day Today!

    and i am quite pleased that the Weather peopke on my local new were wrong about it being a "warm but rainy Sunday" and insted it is a beautful partly Sunny SUNday.

    Love and Light and Many Blessings To All.


    ~ StormySkyLioness ~

  • Hi StormySkyLioness,

    Interesting name. I too delve in Runes, as well as most other divination forms. I was also drawn to stones quite early in youth. I still love stones, rocks, cyrstals, etc. And I love visiting the mountains especially when the are rocky. I find the cracks and crevices so intriging.

    I still use them for others but I stopped using them as a divination tool for myself as I found I had the answer before I pulled the runes out of the bag. It was quite strange eally. I'm not sure if I just got good at it or in tune with myself or both but I would ask a question, ponder it as I jumbled the runes with my hand in the bag and I would then come up with the answer before picking the rune. I would still pull it out and decipher its meaning and it would ultimately conform with what I came up with.

    I like your idea of using them for meditation. With the affinity I hve for them; that sounds like a great way to get in touch with myself on a daily meditation. Thanks for the thought.

    My set is store bought, fired clay. I have wanted to make my own set for years and still iend to do so at some time or other. Motherhood kind of got in the way, but now he is at an age that we could perhaps do it together.

    PS: After a lazy rainy dreary yesterday, I woke up to snow again here. Blah blah blah. Come on Spring!!!

  • Hello Ibelive.

    Oh i love the mountans too. i have family far away that lear near moutans, its so beautful. I thought it was so amasing how the weather would change so drasticly with just a small shift in higher or lower elivation.

    My Rune set is store bot as well, with help from that old friend of myne. They are made of smooth Tigers Eye stones.

    Oh and I suguest when ever you get to make your own Runes, make shure the stones you pick out have eather positive or nutral energy to them. or at least t hat they feel comfertable in your hands. I think it would be a wonderful Mother, Son project to teach your son about runes, that is if he is truly intrested in learning about it. I my self do not have children, I prefer the company to pets (i have a beautfull short hared black and white cat, she is like my child lol)

    But i can see that you are a very careing mother. 🙂

    Well thank you for comenting on my post. I hope you hve a wonderfull day. and Hopefully Spring time comes Very soon to you!

    Many Blessings & Love and Light.


  • Thank you for the thoughts on stone choosing. My son and his friends are into the 8 ball oracle that is out on the market again, so I thought it might be a good time to through other divination tools into the mix. He used to love playing with my runes when he was little.

    I love cats. I have always had them around and then my son came up with allergies. I still kept my cat but in a separated portion of the house and outdoors. Then when I got married (to his father who gave him the allergy in the first place.) I had to leave him with my sister. And now no one will let me have one again. BooHoo, I miss them soo. Give your cat a good hug for me and tell him I said hi.


  • do they make thos magic 8 balls still? lol i rember playing with one of thos in the 80's. my hubby even found me one at a old donated ods and ends store, its so worn that u can hardly read what its prodections say any more. i had no clue that they remade them.

    I had a bad cat alergy for most of my childhood in to young adult age, i still love cats and thankfully i grew out of that alergy, i was worried that it would come back when my husband brought our cat here when he moved in, but thankfully i am no longer alergic to kittys because i love my cuddly babygirl kitty. I will give her a hug for u. hopefully your son will grow out of his cat alergy like i did.

    thank you for the responce.

    many blessings & love and light.


  • Yes, they are in all the stores again. What goes around...

    Thanks for giving kitty a hug from me. I do hope my son grows out of it. He loves them too.

    After posting, I gave the runes a try again and they were helpful. Thanks for reignighting my thoughts on them.


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