I need a reading please..

  • I am going through an emotional hard time right now.

    The person I am in love with is in jail right now and he might be there months, atleast a year, or much longer than that.

    There are people and circumstances in the way of us being together..

    I would like a reading about love, about him and I, and about the future with us in it. I would like to know if after all these hardships and sufferings we will be together in the future..

    If it helps my birthday is February 19th, 1994

    & his is March 4th, 1969

    Please no comments or preaching on the age difference.

    I would really appreciate a reading on this issue..

  • Dear Piecesgirl4life

    I feel that you and Mr March have a past life connection. One in which this time around you will either seal the relationship or you will learn what you need from it and surrender it for your highest good.Time apart will lead you to know that you can make it on your own and become a more independent woman. You are smart is what I'm being told and can learn quickly. You seems to have a skill either writing or art, you have to have a day job of course and do I feel.

    I sense that you will have a deceision of the heart to make when the time comes for Mr. March to be released. He is a man that seeks power and respect only perhaps has allowed himself to veer off the right path and become involved in the dark side in which he now knows will not give him freedom or respect , he can move forward only with help from within and people that can lead him away from the life he knows now. He can have a change of mind and only love can make him a better man and want to be one. He is a good hearted man and I feel him as being one that enjoys laughter and fun, the outdoors hold an allpeal also with him. He could become a life coach for teenagers with training.

    Blessings to you,


  • Thank you for your response Shuabby. You gave me some insight for my situation.

    Can you tell more about the past life connection you felt between him and I?

    I have wondered if we knew each other in a past life because how deeply we connect with one another.

    If I seal the relationship or just learn what I need from it and surrender it for my highest good, either or, I have already grown tremendously as a person with have knowing him in this life. He and I feel it a blessing to have crossed paths.

    I am glad I will be lead to know that I can make it on my own and become a more independant person with time apart from him. I tend to depend on other people to make me happy and satisfied yet I know that it is only myself that can bring me my own happiness and fulfillment.

    Him and I being apart and separated will make our love for each other grow each day and be even stronger than it is now.

    You're right, I am smart and can learn quickly. I love art and enjoy literature, poems, and writing but I can't draw and I have a little bit of trouble getting my thoughts onto paper plus I don't think I write well. I don't think I have reached my full potentials yet or have learned or realized what my skills in life are.

    I probably will have a decision of the heart to make when the time comes for him to be released.

    If it has to do with the heart, I am sure I will choose him.

    A psychic once told me that in my past lives I have had the choice of following my heart or following my head. In all of my other lives, I have chose to follow my head instead of my heart. I feel this time around I can and will follow my heart.

    I want to be the person that can lead him away from the life he now knows. I want to be the person that makes him a better man. I know I make him want to be a better one. He surely has all of my love.

    My heart, soul, and spirit, everything within me, loves him so dearly.

    A psychic on this forum gave me a reading with her spiritual oracle cards months ago having to do with with "love and the person I am in love with." This is what she got for me:

    "Inspiration.... your love, light and wisdom touch the hearts and minds of many. you will be instrumental in helping another person change the course of their life. miracles, inspiration and healing result.

    faith... there are no obstacles in your way. follow your heart. the path is safe, the way ahead, clear. have faith!"

    What do you think about that?

    I would really appreciate another reply from you Shuabby.

    Sending positive vibes your way! 🙂

  • You say you do not write well, yet in this answer to me you have done and excellent job.

    I think no matter what I think or say you will follow your heart and Mr. March will be a life experience that you plan on enjoying on each and every level.

  • Thank you 🙂

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