Can someone please do a draw for a question i have?

  • Does he love me? We're not in a relationship, but have had a thing for quite some time now. A little over two years...We seem to be warming up to one another more, at least he is to me. It seems like he's expressing more of what he really feels, but is it love? Will it last?

  • I tried to ask what you needed to know most in this situation in regards to both questions...

    Is it love?

    you have not been listening to your intuition or have been trying to ignore something that you know deep down is true; this will cause problems for you.

    Will it last?

    Someone not willing to face the loss, and thus prolonging the pain. Denial of what is happening.

    It would be better if you went to someone personally, or did a reading of your own... but my personal feelings know the answer to your questions... and you are trying to make it what you want it to be...

    After two years, and no commitment..... I think you know what it is.

    I could be wrong tho... look to your heart, it knows the answers....

  • But for two years...neither of us have made a move. it's been at a stand still. But, every time I've needed him, he's been there. My old relationships haven't lasted for whatever reason...but everytime I got out of one, I went right back to him. I don't think it's a conscience that we've been through this whole two year thing...

    That's what feels right. It's just that I'm terrified...I'm afraid, for the first time in my life, to express emotion because I'm afraid, even though he's never done this before, that he'll explode with anger in my face. It's weird, but because of it, i'm afraid to do something. I'm going to do something though. I need clairification. A lot of it.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • If there are no current barriers keeping the two of you apart, it may be that in a past life you were blocked from being together. It is interesting that you fear his anger over emotional questions yet you have apparently never experienced it.

    I would suggest taking your relationship into a new area - perhaps a relatively neutral one, if you're scared of losing this entirely. Not knowing what is the usual area for you, my suggestions may not be that apt. Possibly come up with an event you'd like to attend some distance away and suggest that he could go with you because you don't want to travel so far away alone. Ask him to a family dinner or event. Or suggest he come with you to do some challenging or sports-related thing you've never done before, suggesting you need the 'moral support' or whatever. If you're at a standstill, doing new things in new places may help that standstill to end naturally... or it may show you there are some limits in place, rational or not.

    The problem with these "stuck" relationships is that they are often giving us some essential emotional support - so we don't want to kick it so hard it breaks rather than loosens up - yet they aren't giving us everything we genuinely need, so we are always left in an emotionally weakened state when all is said and done.

    I hope this helps. I really felt moved to mention the past life potential to you and registered just to do so.

  • The past life thing was reallly helpful- In a weird way I sorta felt the same. I know something must be done, not unsaid again...because it's too great not to take a chance. Should I be discouraged though? I keep hearing all these things people are telling me, like how I'm just probably a game to him, and I'm beginning to get discouraged I guess...should I be?

  • ieatmpthrees, maybe he doesn't really know how you feel, or he is unsure. I in the same type of situation. I guess do your friends help you out at all, or have you asked them to help?

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