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  • Hi Tad,

    Thanks for the answer concerning my old bagua versus my new personal chart. Now I understand how rooms would be jumbled and not have a similar orientation using my old bagua.

    Please help me again.

    Do I place the personal chart over the entire house and activate the 9 sectors on the overall floor plan?

    Do I repeat this action for my second level also? and where would I stand on the second floor level? I figure I would just duplicate locations from the first floor.. but not sure at all.

    At any point do you go room to room with the personal chart and try to activate all 9 sectors in individual rooms? With my old method, I've been working room by room.

    Your advice is to put my art in sectors I want to activate. Wouldn't my personal art best be placed in wealth, career, or dream sectors?

    Thanking you in advance for your additional help. Nelmar

    BTW, the second reply addressed to me was an answer for another person.. I hope they read and realized it was their answer.

  • Hi Tad,

    This is a post script to my last message to you. I am so excited about your report and the fact that it is so personal. I am understanding it more and more. I want to incorporate as much as possible from this into my home. After this week end when you will not be available for questions, is there anyone that I might turn to for more questions in the weeks to come? There are so many terms and so much information in astrology and feng shui that I am not familiar with.

    Thank you again in advance for your answer and thank you so much being available to help.


  • Hi Tad,

    Tonight as I read and studied I realized that I still feel unsure about my chart wheel and floor plan direction. One last question for my reassurance.. I stand in the middle of my house facing south (which would be looking at my front door entrance) and hold my wheel with top (which says Fame) pointing toward the south. Then I take my floor plan and place it over my wheel. My question is... Do I place my floor plan over my wheel with the front door facing south?

    My thinking is that the south wall of every room is the Fame wall or area? If I have this correct, I can then find the other areas. My house faces due south and my back garden is due north...

    Using this new chart wheel has me going completely opposite of what I was doing before. My Fame wall was on the north of my house.. so before I start switching things around, I want to make sure I am using the correct placement.

    Thank you again in advance for helping me.


  • Hello Nelmar,

    Forget the orientation of the front door only, although in your house the front door entrance is from the south! Use the report to see what certain rooms signify to you and work on the ones that describe qualities that you want or need to trigger. Everyone is different in that sense -- different priorities at different stages of their lives. Find what is essential for you now and work towards a more complete picture of your house. Work with a room and see how it feels to you.

    I think the intention of FS isn't necessarily to activate every sector of every room (that would almost certainly be overwhelming), but rather to activate those that are meaningful. I believe in studying the building, looking to see which rooms are activated by which planets in your chart and starting to focus there. It follows the way astrology works, that certain planets are naturally more significant than others in a chart reading. Find the important ones and work with them first.

    As your entrance is from the south, what do you see directly in front of you when you enter? That would describe the house and the entry for your energies and wealth. Are there blockages, or do you see through to the outside of the house? Work with what you see.


  • Hello Tad,

    Once again thank you for your answer.

    Today, I drew overlapping spokes out from the center of my floor plan and labeled them so I can study the floor plan and report. I'll go back and put the planets on the drawing... however, I have no knowledge about which planets are more significant on my chart. I don't really know how to find the important ones as you suggested.

    Upon entering the front door to a fairly small (but not dark) entryway (wider than deep: about 4' x 14'), a portion of the living room is visible to the right and the stair well to the left. A few steps take you into the living room past a small front hall closet. A short hallway (with open banisters and stairs on the left) leads down to the open breakfast room. Part of the breakfast room bay window (filled with colorful glass on four levels of inserted shelves) is visible from from the entry way. The bay window area is on the north wall and includes travel, career, wisdom areas from my new chart wheel.

    Possibly there is blockage from the corner closet wall in the entry way. The back door is off set from the front entry and barely visible and part of the bay window is visible from the front. Terra cotta tile covers the entry way and the floor throughout the downstairs areas and adds a wonderful open feeling as you enter also.

    The most important sectors would include career (as I'm about to begin a new business), helpful people, wealth, and of course health.. but the others are important also..

    I did find your web page, enjoyed it very much, and hope to email you. If you are not available for in depth help, maybe you will be able to recommend some one for me to contact.

    Thank you,


  • Nelmar,

    Unfortunately cannot endorse any private Feng Shui consultants, but you can try checking your local listings. You can also hare your report or questions in this forum and see what other Feng Shui enthusiasts have to say. Thanks.

    --Tarot forums admin

  • That’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who participated in our special Ask the Author event with Tad Mann. If you don’t already have your Feng Shui Astro Location report, get it now to learn what all the talk is about for yourself.

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